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The Zodiac Sign Of Virgo

The Personality of an Virgo


There are many zodiac signs that you may be born under. One of the most unique is the sign of Virgo. It is the maiden symbol, a sign that is given to those that are born between August 22 and the 22nd of September. It is represented by the constellation of Virgo and is directly connected to the zodiac element of earth. Depending upon which type of mythology you are studying, it can be related to the goddess Demeter or the myth about Parthenos. It is typically representative of harvest time, and the personality characteristics for those under this sign tend to be similar. Here is an overview of the zodiac sign of Virgo and what you can expect if you were born under this sign.


An Overview Of The Zodiac Sign Of Virgo

This zodiac sign has the quality of being mutable. It is ruled over by the planet Mercury. There can be detrimental situations when it is in conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter. However, exultation can occur with Pluto and Mercury combined. In some stories, she was represented as a virgin that became impregnated by the God Apollo. Due to the shame of her pregnancy, she was later killed and subsequently revered as a local goddess. This idea of the purity of the virgin carries over into the personality traits of a Virgo. They tend to look at life in a very basic and infantile way which can be both good and bad. This particular zodiac sign is associated with a wide variety of both strengths and weaknesses, as well as personality characteristics that can be both good and bad.

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Strengths And Weaknesses Of Virgos

A Virgo tends to be a very analytical person. They are going to over analyze virtually anything they hear about. They tend to be very kind individuals. If you get to work with one, they are not only practical, but they are very hard-working people. Loyalty is also very important to a Virgo. In relationships, this can be a quality that most people will appreciate. They also have a series of lucky numbers which include 32, 15, 14, 5, and 23 to name a few. In regard to weaknesses, they are often very shy individuals. 

They can also be very critical of themselves. In fact, certain Virgos can be over critical of others. This tends to occur when they are working with individuals that are not as good as they are. This tends to make them worry about their own efficiency levels or even the path in life they are on. That’s why many people come to astrology, specifically looking at their zodiac sign, to determine what they should do with their life.

The Zodiac Sign And Virgo

A person’s zodiac sign is determined by the position of the sun in the midst of constellations in the sky. When the sun is in proximity to, or directly behind a constellation, this is representative of the zodiac sign that is associated with their birth. This is because the sun plays a large role in astrology. It represents the power or core essence of each and every person. 

What a Virgo will realize, after having their horoscope read, is that they have a very distinctive type of personality. Some of those characteristics have already been mentioned, but what has not been presented is their desire to be useful. They may have certain skills that they may believe are not being used properly. Despite being humble, they really do want to accomplish things in a large way to help themselves and other people.


What Other Signs Are They Compatible With?

Virgos tend to be very partial to either a Pisces or a Cancer. Although they may not share similar traits, they can counterbalance their positive and negative aspects. For example, a Virgo tends to be extremely hard on themselves, whereas a Pisces very much needs to help other people. They are also very romantic individuals which may be exactly what a Virgo needs. Someone who is a Cancer can be very emotional, or even highly imaginative, and these are things that are lacking with most Virgos today.

Career Choices For Virgos

Virgos can easily adapt to any type of work. As long as they are praised for what they do. Although they are not looking for overzealous appreciation, they need to know that what they are doing matters. This can counterbalance their need to be over critical. It’s also important for them to work in areas that are relatively clean. 

They would do very well in an office setting or working toward helping some environmental cause which may even place them on a center stage. Although being the center of attention would not be their first choice, if it mattered, this is something they can overcome. It is their tenacity toward working as hard as possible, to achieve a goal quickly, that would make them the perfect fit for virtually any job. 

Finally, they are very organized individuals. Their sense of practicality, and organization, can help any business or corporation grow. However, some of them might not appreciate working so much with others. They may be, typist, journalist, or even a writer. 

Although being a caregiver could be very positive for them, the constant contact with others may not bode well with their personality traits. They will likely be sitting on a bench somewhere, preferably in a virtually empty park, just to gather their thoughts and decide on which move to make.


How They Will Interpret Their Horoscope

Due to the practical nature of a Virgo, they may not be fond of getting a horoscope chart done. They may be more oriented toward the sciences and not pseudo-sciences which is how they may categorize anything related to astrology. However, if they can see similarities between their own personality, and that which is attributed to a Virgo, this may change their mind. This is because they need data to analyze, and when they see correlations between themselves and a Virgo, they may start to look at their horoscope regularly.

The Positive Aspects Of A Virgo

As mentioned before, Virgos tend to be very hard-working individuals. They live by the creed that good things will certainly come to those that earn it themselves. You may notice that you work with a Virgo if there is a person that is always incessantly moving. It is because they are critical thinkers, they may over-analyze every aspect of the job, and this can make them hard to work with. 

It is their observant nature, and there need to be responsible, that pushes them toward this style of working. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. They are also extremely patient and kind. If you are working with them, they will likely help you to get up to their level simply because they are faithful about the abilities of other people. Another positive aspect of Virgos is that they are very artistic. 

On the side, they may create sculptures, do paintings, or they may sketch in their spare time. They may also be musically inclined, or perhaps they are writers that are able to create literal works of art with their novels and short stories. Despite these positive traits, they certainly have a list of negative ones that you should also be aware of.


Negative Aspects Of Virgos

Some of the most obvious negative aspects of Virgos has to do with their view of life. They tend to be old-school, never wanting to try new ways of doing anything, and this can be difficult to deal with. Even though they may be the ones that are behind, they will be critical of others that are trying new and innovative strategies. 

This may lead them to becoming fussy or judgmental. In fact, they may deliberately go slower, at least in the beginning, as they are forced to do new things that life presents. These negative aspects can be difficult to deal with, especially for those that may not be ready to handle a Virgo that is overly judgmental with everyone.

Relationships With Virgos

Although they are compatible with people that are a Pisces or a Cancer, this might not be the best fit for all of them. They really do need to find someone that can counterbalance their personality. For example, if they are overly judgmental, they will need to find someone that is not critical at all. If they work too hard all the time, they may find solace living with or marrying someone that likes a sense of adventure. It is because of their need to be challenged that they may find someone with an opposite personality to be the best fit for them. They may be best suited to be with someone who is a Leo because they tend to be overly charismatic. However, they may choose a Taurus because they most closely emulate the hard-working and determined way that these people carry on through life. This may not be, however, a personality that is best suited for a long-term marriage to someone that is very different.


What If You Are Married To Virgo?

If you are currently married to a Virgo, and you do not share their personality, there are ways of working around their darker traits. If you find that they are over critical, you may want to ignore them. This tends to make them question whether or not their responses are the proper ones are not. It’s also a good idea to confront them. As long as you can present a sound argument defending your choices because they are analytical, they may realize the error of their ways. It’s always best to find out all of this before you get married. 

By both of you getting your zodiac sign analyzed, this may make it easier to decide on the best course of action for finding middle ground for both of you. Virgos are very unique individuals. Although they are determined and hard-working people, this may not be the best choice for individuals that like spontaneity. They tend to be very grounded, and often need someone that shares similar views. Those that are Virgos will be a great asset to any company they work for. 

However, as technology continues to change the way we run our businesses, they will likely not be at the forefront of navigating these new ways of doing business. Overall, Virgos are dependable and loyal individuals that can be very good friends. In some cases, they may also make the best partners because of their loyalty as long as you can keep their over critical nature in check.

Virgo Dates:
August 23 – September 22

  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Mode + Element: Mutable Earth
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • House: Sixth
  • Mantra: I Analyze
  • Body Parts: The digestive system
  • Colors: Tan & Warm yellow
  • Tarot Card: The Hermit
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