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Overview Of The Zodiac Sign Taurus

The Personality of an Taurus


Taurus is a zodiac sign that’s known as an Earth element. It is often associated with the colors pink and green, while also having a connection to numbers such as 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24. Here’s more on what makes this zodiac sign unique and all that it stands for.


Taurus Strengths

  • Dependable
  • Patient
  • Committed
  • Stable
  • Responsible
  • Logical

When it comes to strengths, this is a sign that is all about setting a high standard and acting like a rock in life. It is all about stability and becoming assured with yourself every step of the way. This is seen in all walks of life whether it is in personal relationships or work life.

Taurus Weaknesses

  • Possessive
  • Unyielding
  • Stubborn

If there are any weaknesses associated with this zodiac sign, it would have to do with being possessive and having a certain amount of stubbornness. This means you get stuck on things whether it is another person or something that is near you. It can get to the point where you start to become overwhelming as a person, which makes it important to notice what you are doing before things spiral out of control. This is especially true when it comes to relationships.

Taurus Likes

  • Cooking
  • Listening to Music
  • Gardening
  • Wearing Great Clothes
  • Using Your Hands to Work

Just like their personality, those who have the zodiac sign Taurus will often have a love for consistent tasks such as listening to music or wearing the right type of clothes. It is these finer things that bring a lot of pleasure and can be fun for those who want to relax.

Taurus Dislikes

  • Feeling Insecure
  • Wearing Cheap Fabrics
  • Sudden Changes
  • Difficulties

No one likes being in a situation where things don’t work their way and that is especially true with this zodiac sign. Whether it is being put in a tough spot at work or having to deal with a sudden breakup, these experiences aren’t easy for those with this sign. It can lead to an increased sense of losing control that can seep into other parts of your life slowly. A common detail that is associated with this sign has to do with working hard. 

This means there is a love for putting in the effort and then seeing the results that come of that hard work. It creates a well-rounded and well-grounded person with a willingness to appreciate the natural beauty of different things in life. However, these individuals also crave beauty and love, which can be seen in different things whether it is good clothing or physical pleasures. Taurus is all about touch and taste, which is often seen through the decisions that are made in a person’s life.

What Exactly Is Taurus?

Taurus is noted for being similar to signs such as Capricorn and Virgo. There is an earth-based element associated with these signs and it is often noted as giving them an eye for being realistic. In most situations, these individuals can make money easily and will continue to work on the same tasks for as long as they need to until things are perfect. This can often be interpreted as being stubborn, but it is just a sign of passion for what needs to be done, which is why they make great employees at work. 

They are also wonderful for those who want long-term commitments when it comes to relationships and/or partners. While they are able to show ag good amount of commitment, they are also going to become protective of others every step of the way. Taurus is connected to Venus, which is a planet that is related to creativity, beauty, romance, attraction, and gratitude. It is these qualities that make it ideal for a Taurus person to become great gardeners, cooks, lovers, and artists. These are individuals that are going to be firm when it comes to loyalty and will not seek quick changes in their lives. Everything is going to be handled gradually and will depend on making sure they are happy with what is transpiring in their lives. It is this consistency that makes them dependable people as partners or friends. 

They are always going to be there for those that are important to them and they will often become logical voices when it is time to provide advice. When it comes to the story behind Taurus, it involves a wandering bull that wasn’t loyal to a friend named Hera. It is this betrayal that caused the bull to have to wander the planet looking for freedom. It was tough for the bull to stay happy and that starts to creep into other aspects of their life even when they tried to push forward. It left them unhappy and led to numerous struggles in a bid to change perspectives. This is why finding love for Taurus individuals is often mentioned alongside traveling and meeting as many different people as possible.


Taurus Love and Sex

Taurus lovers are wonderful and reliable, but they do require patience from their partner. These are people that are going to want to focus on touch and there is going to be certain sensuality in the process. They want to enjoy every aspect of their senses when it comes to making love. This can only happen when they feel safe and comfortable in your presence. If you make them feel relaxed, they are going to have a far better time in sexual encounters and will seek them out repeatedly. 

This is something to work on when you find a Taurus lover. You are going to find them to be practical with their reasoning, but they are going to show signs of neediness when it comes to love from their partner. If you want a long-term relationship, they are going to focus a lot on the other person’s mindset and whether or not they can understand how to interact in the same social environment as them. 

This is why they will often look at close friends that are around them to build relationships. They are going to have high expectations from everyone and are always going to venture towards practicality. This is going to be a big part of what they think about when it is time to choose a partner for life. 

They will want someone that is ready to give attention and is going to understand the basics of life. They are not going to want to look past a moral code that has been built into them. If someone doesn’t apply to those moral codes, they will become anxious and/or frustrated along the way. They are going to be on the lookout for physical pleasure and are not going to shy away from it. However, it needs to be connected with a certain amount of emotion for them to love it.

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Taurus Family Life

When it comes to family, a Taurus individual is going to care about them deeply and will make them a top priority in their lives. It is all about having stability in their personal relationships and that includes any member of their family. They love the idea of building routines and having general get-togethers with family members. They will even take the time to host parties at their house for the people they love. It is all about making the most of their relationships and trying to build a stronger bond with everyone. The reason they do this involves stability and wanting to make sure every aspect of their life is structured. When their family life isn’t stable, this starts to leak into other parts of their life too. Having a reliable, stable family is essential to their mental health.

Careers for Taurus

Taurus individuals will always have a love for money because it brings consistency to their life. There is a certain amount of reliability behind the money and it comes from hard work, which is natural to Taurus. This becomes doubly important when they are in a management position. These individuals are going to put in the hard work necessary to impress everyone and will continue to work on the project until it is done. 

This creates stability and is great for building a strong career. These individuals become renowned for their hard work and are often cited as being great employees. It starts to create a stronger sense of self, which leads to building a stronger life in general. This is a sun sign that is directly connected to financial health. 

These are individuals that remain ahead of their bills and rarely have to deal with irresponsible spending. They will always have funds on the side to stay safe and aren’t going to take unnecessary risks when they don’t have to. When it comes to finding the right career as a Taurus individual, it is all about looking for consistent or creative jobs such as banking, agriculture, art, or becoming a chef.


How to Win Over a Taurus Man

A Taurus man is going to be someone that is loyal, strong, and charitable. They are going to be someone that is committed to you from day one as long as they are in love. They will want someone that is able to return this emotion and continue to work hard on the relationship. It is about finding someone that doesn’t only focus on subtle hints to get the message across. 

They will not pick up on these details and may even miss out on your interest in them. This is why it’s important to build stronger conversations and make sure the statements are on par with what is going to get through to them. A Taurus man is someone that will want to take his time making a decision and will focus on building trust. They are not going to go with the first woman that crosses their path. Instead, it is about finding someone that is willing to earn their trust and is going to work slowly on crafting a beautiful relationship. 

This is what makes them such a safe choice for women. This is a man that isn’t all over the place and will always want to focus on making everything a gradual process that builds up over time. You have to realize this is a person that is going to want loyalty and will not tolerate betrayal. They are going to give the same to you as well.

How to Win Over a Taurus Woman

If the goal is to win over a Taurus woman, then it’s important to understand how to appeal to their romantic side. This means taking the time to slowly work away at them and building a positive rapport that is going to yield good results later on. It is not about the short-term with them because they don’t crave sudden changes. 

Instead, it needs to be a gradual bond that continues to build over time until they are satisfied with your presence and trust you. She is going to want to think about her choices and will take the time to make sure everything is right. Taurus women are renowned for focusing on love and loyalty. They want someone that is going to take the time to learn more about them and will be more than happy to wait for as long as it takes. 

If you are willing to put in the time, they are going to appreciate you a lot more. This is all about her comfort level and what she believes is key for falling in love. If you continue to show signs of loyalty and commitment during the earlier stages, she is going to continue to love you. She is going to love the idea of someone respecting her privacy while also making the most of fine food and creating beautiful moments together. 

This is not a woman that is going to rush through things and try to make decisions at a moment’s notice. Instead, she is going to make sure everything is perfect before moving back.


Taurus Dates:
April 20 – May 20

Symbol: The Bull

Mode + Element: Fixed Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

House: Second

Mantra: I Have

Body Parts: The Throat

Colors: Green & Light Pink

Tarot Card: The Hierophant

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