The Zodiac Sign Of Scorpio


If you were born under the sign of Scorpio, you will have very different characteristics from all of the other zodiac signs. Astrology has been around for thousands of years and is still used to help people live their lives. This particular zodiac sign is directly connected to the element of water. It also has a fixed quality. It tends to be connected to the color of red or rust. The planets that rule over this sign include Pluto and Mars. It can be compatible with other zodiac signs including Taurus and cancer. If you were born from 23 October to 21 November, you may share some of the personality traits attributed to most people born under this sign. Let's discuss what these personality traits are, along with the weaknesses and strengths that most people will have if they are a Scorpio.

Zodiac Signs And Astrology

If you are new to the concept of zodiac signs or astrology, it is the precursor to astronomy. This occurred centuries ago, in many parts of the world when people looked to the stars for answers. They realized that individuals had very different personalities. They may have assessed that, depending upon what constellation in the sky the sun was behind on the day of their birth, this may have had some influence. It is from this that we have modern-day horoscopes, as well as the meanings attributed to zodiac signs.

Strengths Associated With Scorpios

Scorpios tend to have many positive traits. In fact, these personality traits are often coveted by many people. They tend to be extremely brave, resourceful, and also passionate. They may represent the truest friend that you could ever have. They do have stubbornness as part of their personality makeup, but this is a double edge sword. It is there stubbornness that is both positive and negative depending upon how it is used.


Weaknesses Associated With Scorpios

Scorpios do have many weaknesses. This tends to originate from their very stubborn personality. They can be very violent when they are upset. They can also keep secrets which can cause rifts in their relationships. Additionally, they are not very trusting of new people. In fact, they may not trust very many people at all. It is this lack of trust, and their propensity toward becoming jealous, that tends to make it difficult to have long-term relationships with a Scorpio.

Positive Traits Of Scorpios

Scorpios are very passionate people. Although they do like to tease, they are often the only individuals you will have a lifelong friendship with. They enjoy being right, and this can be beneficial if they are on your side. The truth matters to them, and they will look for as many facts as possible in order to substantiate viewpoints that they have. Their passionate nature, and their quest for the truth, often makes them very adventurous.

Negative Traits Of Scorpios

Some of their negative traits seem to be the opposite of their positive ones. For example, they are constantly seeking the truth, but in some cases, they can be very dishonest. They will also be the first people to reveal the secret, especially if they are angry at someone. In some cases, despite most of them being very passionate, they can regress into becoming very passive and isolated.


Best Professions For Scorpios

Scorpios are very assertive and passionate people. They can also be extremely decisive. This makes them perfect for any job that involves research. They can also be phenomenal leaders, individuals that are literally fearless in any situation. They can guide people toward not only their viewpoint but can help them prepare for defending themselves against others. It is because they are connected to the water sign that they tend to be less emotional. They are not likely to be individuals that like to be touched. They are therefore living the experience of life, and although they can be a good friend, their quest for truth and adventure tends to overshadow the people they are with. A great job for them would be a reporter, researcher, or someone that is out in the field. As long as they are traveling to new locations they will be fine. Their desire to keep secrets, and also to reveal them, is based upon their need to be on some kind of a quest to discover something new. In difficult situations, they tend to be the ones that are going to have a cool and calculated personality. This is because they are both brave and somewhat fierce. Although they can be dishonest, they absolutely hate dishonesty, and their suspicions of others can often get the best of them. In general, they like to be around people. However, these people tend to be in a work-related situation. They will not willingly want to interact with others on a regular social basis. However, that does not mean that they do not have a lot of friends. People are attracted to them based upon that inner passion that they will have. Those around them will feel much better in their presence. They may be very good at politics, and would certainly be extremely good being a lawyer. As long as they are in control, they will do well in any position that they are in.

The Best Match For A Scorpio

Scorpios will be most compatible with someone that is a Cancer. This is because of their most positive traits. First of all, a Cancer is very emotional. This type of emotional state will work well with the passion that a Scorpio will have. Cancers tend to be very nurturing. This is something that a Scorpio will be looking for. They need to know that what they are doing is appreciated. Although they will have self-confidence, it's always good to hear it from another person. Finally, a Cancer is an extremely intuitive individual. They may provide the Scorpio with the insight they did not have before. Since a Scorpio is constantly looking for new and adventurous things to do, their intuitive nature will help complement this need for novelty in their life on a constant basis.

Common Problems That Scorpios Have

Scorpios can have a substantial amount of problems with other people. They may also experience the same at their place of employment. This all comes down to their temper. Although they can be mild-mannered in most cases, once they are upset, they have a hard time calming themselves down. They will then begin to justify the reason that they are right, and that the other people are wrong, regardless of what the argument is. There need to be right, and their explosive way of reacting to difficult situations, often makes it difficult to work with them.

Careers Associated With Aquarians

Since Aquarians tend to be freethinkers, and those that do not prefer authority, staying at one job is typically not what they will do. They must have a career that involves constant change. Otherwise, they will be very bored and try to find something else to do. They would be right at home with jobs that involve traveling or meeting new people on a regular basis. They may become reporters, diplomats, or any type of professional that requires constant change and movement. The other downfall to this zodiac sign is that Aquarians can be very insensitive or cold. This tends to be some type of a defense mechanism because they don't like to be intimate, nor do they like to be told that they are wrong. Once they set their minds to something, they will pursue this objective with everything that they have. They will literally go through anyone and anything to reach this goal. Unfortunately, despite their need to work with like-minded people, they often find themselves standing out from the crowd. This is what will inevitably lead to a life of isolation unless they find something that they believe is worth living and working for.

Scorpios And The Color Black

Black is the main color for Scorpios. It might be their favorite color, but if not, it is the one that represents them the best. In some cultures, black is considered to be dark or evil. However, it is often represented as the physical representation of all possible colors. In the same way that white light is representative of all of the colors of the spectrum, physical black objects reflect nothing. Therefore, in regard to a Scorpio, their determination to succeed on their own terms is best represented by the black color. Since black is the absence of color, Scorpios fit well with no other color on the spectrum. It is their way, or the highway, as some people say, and it also represents the fact that they tend to absorb almost all ridicule coming there direction. Additionally, the polarity of a Scorpio is negative. Depending upon your interpretation, this does fit their personality. They are always ready to receive that extra electron, but on the other hand, they will keep moving forward like a bolt of lightning toward whatever they have set their mind to accomplish.

How Scorpios Can Be Happy

Scorpios tend to be happy for one of three reasons. If they can achieve all three, they will believe that they have found their place in life. First of all, they need to be with someone that is looking at the world in the same way that they do. That's why someone that is a Cancer would be the perfect fit. Second, Scorpios need to be in a career where they can move forward in many different directions but on their own terms. If they can find a job that allows them to do this, they will literally feel fulfilled with each different project or assignment. Finally, Scorpios need to have some way of uncovering secrets. It is a passion that most of them have. This could be mysteries of the world, or they could be a scientist that is trying to discover something new. If they are able to find a Cancer to be with, and they can find a job that conforms with their personality, they will be happy every day of their life. Scorpios are a very unique zodiac sign. The personalities of this particular sign can be hard to manage. These headstrong individuals are bent on obtaining objectives. They need to be with people that can work with them. As long as they can find a job that connects with their sense of adventure, they will not have any problems at all. They will literally live a very full life, believing they are on track, if all of these requirements can be fulfilled.


Scorpio Dates: October 23 – November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion

Mode + Element: Fixed Water

Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto

House: Eighth

Mantra: I Transform

Body Parts: The Genitals & the Bowels

Colors: Red & Black

Tarot Card: Death