What is Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is a borrowed French word that simply means clear seeing. It’s a psychic congenital ability or simply the sixth sense of the body that enables us to perceive energy. Normally, we have the usual 5 senses of the body which include the sense of touch, sight, smell, hearing, and of course the sense of taste. Additionally, the body contains other psychic the sense that enables the spirit to sense other subtle information beyond the five senses.

Clairvoyance is simply connected to your spiritual eye, instead of the physical eyes. The spiritual eye can be defined as the 6th chakra or just the third eye which the energy is found in between the brain, right behind the forehead.
Chakra is a common Sanskrit word which implies wheels or the energy center. A chakra happens to be a spinning wheel that brings about energy and light. Chakras possess our spiritual data, which in turn helps the spirit in processing information just like how the five senses help the body to process various information.

The spirit can receive Information using numerous different chakras, and each chakra possesses spiritual or psychic ability. Therefore it is safe to say that clairvoyance is the spiritual ability connected to the 6th chakra.

What is a Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyant can be defined as a person who is capable of using the psychic ability of the third eye or simply the 6th chakra to see energy in different forms in terms of colors, images, pictures, light and, movement. These are just normal people just like you. Anyone can have clairvoyant abilities it only requires one to constantly train and practice.

What is the variation between psychic and clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is simply a physic ability which happens to be many more psychic abilities in addition to clairvoyance.
Psychic is considered as a broad term just like the word food. There are billions of food across the globe this applies to the name when it comes to types of psychic experiences. Food can be seen as an act of picking leaves from the right plants to prepare various meals. It could be vegetables, pasta, pop, ice cream fruit salad amongst other delicacies, the list is endless. And each food brings along different nutrition experiences and of course chemical effects.

The psychic fields are just as broad as their counterparts. This field brings everything from clairvoyance to telepathy is brought to the table to channeling, to clairsentience and much more. The word psychic comes from Greek which means soul personality energy. All of us possess this energy, the spirit energy. This energy is responsible for material transmission which allows us to be much more, it allows us to handles our daily basic needs.

We possess both the body and the soul and it is important to take care of each differently so that we can be healthy and productive, luxurious life is a direct trigger to our spiritual life. Most of us are taught various ways of taking care of our bodies like take healthy food and regular exercise and of course enough sleep, but lack knowledge on how to take care of our souls. Psychic training provides us with the necessary tools and guidance to nature our souls and feeds our spirit.

Because you possess a soul and your personality energy you are already a psychic. You don’t have to learn how to become a psychic. To use this ability you need to continuously exercise the muscle and stop any belief that deters you from receiving or getting to know your true spiritual purpose. It is simply acknowledging your inherent ability.

At the Clairvoyant right in Hawaii, we teach people how to exercise the muscle of their inherent clairvoyance, and enable, them to use their 3rd eye to develop psychic awareness.

Why Clairvoyance?

When you see something through this process it is captivating, powerful, and a magical experience. With adequate training, you are likely to have a lot of fun and be safe at the same time while doing this. So, other psychic fields can be quite overwhelming, for instance, if you notice that someone else is emphatic towards you. This state can make you feel anxious, lost, or even confused because you perceive it as your own. If you perceive energy or emotion in form of a movie can still be in your center, but still not take on. With Clairvoyance, you can understand energy in different presentations and different types of situations.

We educate people on clairvoyance because it is quite useful, healing, inspiring, fun and above all very helpful to ourselves as well as others. We teach it because it enables each of us to receive and get to know why our answers. You can use clairvoyance for self-development for instance to look at yourself, making decisions, creating your dreams, and much more. You can as well use it for readings for other people.

Clairvoyance enables us to know who truly we are and helps us when it comes to making realistic choices. It also helps us see the bigger picture and our true purposes and potential of our different unique soul personalities or psychic energy.

If you have any questions regarding your life, whether financial, spiritual, romantic, etc, you can use your clairvoyant abilities to get the answers you need. Any question you have about your life is a quest in a way, and searching for the answers is similar to going on an adventure to discover what inner treasures are buried within yourself.

Am I Psychic? Can Anybody Be Clairvoyant Or Psychic?

Yes. Everybody can access their intuition and let it guide them to make decisions. Most people that do not believe in psychic abilities are more reliant on their logical reasoning to figure out any questions they have. They could be more attuned to hearing things, feeling things, or logical reasoning. Everybody has the ability to access their clairvoyant abilities because they are innate. You only need to trust that you have the ability and use it to guide you and let go of all the beliefs that say it is impossible. Our clairvoyant training programs and classes focus on how to access this ability and trust your intuition.

Think about a time you didn’t know how to ride a bike or swim before someone taught you. Once you began taking lessons on how to do it, all you needed was a bit of practice and some confidence to do it perfectly. You can also become confident in your ability to see people’s energy with enough practice.

When you begin the practice, you may see shapes, colors, a haze, or lightness/darkness. You may also see a symbol or movement. Reading energy sometimes may feel like looking at a photograph in technicolor, which is completely okay. Reading energy requires the Spiritual Eye, which sees things differently from the physical eyes.

The Clairvoyant Center educates on how to see a person’s energy as images, colors, and vibration. Strengthening this muscle enables you to read an Aura and be able to see all kinds of energy.

How To Become Clairvoyant

You do not have to ‘become’ clairvoyant as you already are. You only need to learn to access your ability which is located in your head. Clairvoyant abilities do not use the normal thinking centers as these perform different functions.

Your seeing center is located close to the eyes, which means that you have to learn how to get inside your body to harness the ability. You cannot see energy using your heart, belly, or knee cap. The ability resides in your head.

During the process of developing Clairvoyance, there are usually two kinds of people. The first is those that have shut it down or turned it on low. What this type of person should do is clear out the blocks. Our center teaches people techniques that will allow them to access their ability. They need to eliminate the energies that convenience them that the abilities are not real, and are only imagination. keep in mind that imagination is a clairvoyant function because, during the process, you create using images.

The second type of person has turned their Clairvoyance up too high such that t is hard to gain control of the ability. These people may have trouble discerning what is real because they can see all kinds of things. Most times, people like this face confusion, anxiety, and discomfort. They need to learn how to turn the ability down so that they can be able to manage it. These people are enthusiastic more often than not, and enjoy learning clairvoyance techniques to help them focus.

Clairvoyance is fun and easy to learn with the right inspiration and if one is willing to practice the techniques needed to develop their abilities.

Discovering The Gift Of Clairvoyance

Tapping into our clairvoyant abilities allows us to receive all the spiritual gifts we have and get any answers we need. We can connect to our Higher Selves.

Harnessing the ability is the beginning of experiencing so much more joy, laughter, understanding, harmony, and certainty with our true selves. Going on the adventure to awaken the clairvoyant abilities is fun and brings appreciation, magic, wonder, and purpose into our lives.

Begin The Process

As a start, we recommend getting a Clairvoyant reading which is not scary at all rather it enables your spirit to feel validated.

Starting In A Clairvoyant 101 Class To Develop Your Abilities
In this class, you will learn the techniques and amazing tools that you can use to make your ability clearer. If you feel that you can use what you have learned, you can move on to Clairvoyance 102 and later the Clairvoyant Training Program. Once you graduate from the program and feel the need to continue, you can do that in the Teacher Training & Spiritual Leadership Program. There are also one-on-one courses, and various graduate workshops and training.

Getting spiritual freedom means embracing the uniqueness of every soul as we are all a key point of the Divine whole. All people are welcome no matter their race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, gender expression, faith, age, background, or class.