What is an Empath

What are Empaths? Top Signs That You Might Be One

What are Empaths? In this article, we will be discussing the 15 most common characteristics of them. Empaths are people who are very compassionate and they have a good sense of how other individuals are really feeling.

That is why most empaths are able to view life from various perspectives and place themselves in other individual’s shoes.

If you think there is a good chance that you may be an intuitive empath, keep reading to learn what some of the key characteristics and signs are that are displayed by empaths.

What are Empaths? 15 Characteristics & Signs

Empaths are psychics who are highly receptive to other people’s emotions.

They can feel overjoyed, angered, or depressed for no apparent reason because they take on other people’s feelings.

Empaths have the ability to understand the apparently irrational behavior of others, and they can be very picky about the types of people they will spend time with along with the kinds of rooms that they are willing to enter.

Social interactions often make empaths feel drained

Although people are naturally attracted to empaths because of their generosity, kindness, and strong energy, they frequently feel drained following a social gathering.

It is because they are highly sensitive to other people’s energy and feeling other people’s emotions can be very draining.

If you are an empath it is essential to maintain a healthy balance between fulfilling your own path as an empath and enjoying time alone to restore your reserves of energy and with interacting with other people.

They are very similar

Empaths are often told that they are too sensitive and that they need to develop thicker skin. An example of this is when a friend makes a joke at your own expense, his words might end up haunting you for several days or hours.

One of the main reasons why empaths get upset so easily by cruel comments is they are able to feel the negative energy that is behind the cruel comments that most people cannot sense.

Their first impressions of people they don’t know are very accurate.

Although most people of making assumptions that are inaccurate when they meet new people for the first time, the instinct-driven first impressions of new people that empaths tend to be quite accurate.

As an example, when an empath meets a person for the first time they might be able to sense whether they can trust them or not.

They also often have the ability to tell when a stranger is no good and should definitely be avoided.

Before they start to speak, they think carefully.

Empaths carefully think about what they want to say before they decide to share their thoughts with other people since they care about the emotional impact that their comments can make on colleagues, family members, and friends.

Although most people feel free to speak their minds, and don’t worry about how their words might hurt the people they care for.

They frequently find it hard to set healthy, clear boundaries.

Empaths often put the needs of other people over their own.

As an example, they tend to use a sick day to help a friend out who is having personal problems.

If you think you might be an empath, you might take calls late at night from friends who need to vent about their problems in the middle of the night and cannot wait to ask for help until morning.

If you definitely know you are an empath, then it is critical to learn how to make your well-being your top priority and to set healthy clear boundaries that your loved ones need to learn how to respect.

For example, if you have friends in need who often wake you up in the middle of the night, get into the habit of turning off your phone at 9 pm. That will help make sure you have time to unwind and relax before going to sleep and fully enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Empaths are emotionally triggered by cruelty and violence

Empaths get very upset by hearing about or witnessing unnecessary cruelty and violent acts. In fact, their emotions can overwhelm them and they get upset when they are watching the news and hear about war-related events, terrorism, and racially-based attacks.

If you are an empath, you might have become upset seeing other kids being bullied at school even when you didn’t know them personally.

Although you might assume that all people get upset by cruelty and violence, the average person only feels emotionally distraught when someone they really care about is treated unfairly.

There are some empaths who suffer from social anxiety.

A high percentage of empaths have social anxiety and feel overwhelmed very quickly in packed venues and crowds. Some of them actively avoid going to evens are packed full of individuals like sports events, big parties, and music concerts, to avoid feeling overwhelmed and anxious in crowded situations.

They frequently enjoy spending time in nature

Empaths are naturally drawn to spending their free in nature since it can help them feel rejuvenated, balanced, and grounded.

If you identify as an empath, whenever you feel upset or overwhelmed, it is a good time to spend some time in the mountains or at the beach to ground yourself once again.

Walking on a beautiful beach and looking out at the ocean are very therapeutic and grounding.

They prefer flexibility and freedom over rigid routines.

Although the average person might prefer having structure and set routines in their life, empaths become restless very quickly if they feel they are expected to adhere to the same monotonous routine every day.

To give their energy a boost they need to have new experiences, meet new people, and visit new places. That is why many empaths prefer working as freelancers rather than working a regular 9 to 5 job.

They have a tendency to attract troubled people

Since empaths have a supportive, compassionate, and welcoming aura, troubled people who display narcissistic characteristics or have self-esteem issues are frequently attracted to empaths.

They are able to sense that empathetic people are able to give them the care and attention they are craving.

Unfortunately, empaths frequently are targeted by people who love playing the victim or who thrive on drama.

Part of an empath’s soul mission is to learn how to be selective about the individuals they decide to invest their time in.

Although there are definitely energy vampires out there who should be avoided at all costs by empaths, there are also many genuine people who need good advice, compassion, and support.

They frequently can sense what other people are getting ready to say

One of the uncanny abilities that many empaths have is being able to see what other individuals are getting ready to say before they even open their mouths.

Empaths in some cases can intuitively sense a person’s exact sentence before they verbally share it. In other situations, empaths intuitively know what they are going to be asked by someone. For example, empaths often have a knack for knowing when they are about to be asked for a favor from a friend.

Empaths spend just as much time listening to other people as they do speaking

Although most people appear to love the sound of their own voice and often get carried away when they are speaking, empaths tend to be a rare breed and spend just as much time listening to others as they do speaking.

That might be because it is more likely for empaths to understand the value they are able to provide when they listen to what their loved ones are telling them.

Empaths intuitively know that what a majority of people really want over everything else is to feel understood and heard.

So although they are normally wise beyond their age and can provide useful and thoughtful advice, they also spend plenty of time listening closely to their family members and friends and validating the opinions, feelings, and thoughts of their loved ones.

Many empaths do not spend a lot of time in pursuit of a romantic relationship.

Most do not have any problem spending time alone and they are very choosy in terms of finding their soulmate or pursuing romantic partners.

Generally speaking, empaths do not spend as much time dating as their peers do. They have a very strong sense of self and they are concerned that they might lose their identity should they get too close to another person.

That is one of the reasons why when they decide to date, they carefully select their partners and stake steps to make sure they will be able to maintain their sense of self and individuality.

They tend to experience confusing mood since

Since empaths can be affected by other people’s energy they are prone to experiencing mood swings rather quickly.

For example, an empath might have a really good morning and feel fantastic, until they run into a friend who is in a very bad mood. that is likely to dampen their spirits quickly.

That is why many empaths feel overwhelmed by their emotions quite often and might have problems keeping their emotions under control. If you are an empath, it is a good idea to learn how to not allow other people’s negative energy and emotions to affect you so that you can protect your energy.

They are not driven by their egos

Empaths have a tendency to be very idealistic. They are not ego drive and what is important to them is making a difference in the world.

They are very generous with their time and tend to go out of their way for people they truly care about and causes they are passionate about.

It is very unlikely that you will run into an empath who is highly competitive or overly materialistic since people are more important to empaths than material things or achieving traditional types of success.


If you recognize any of the characteristics and traits discussed above in yourself, then congratulations. That means you are an empath.

Although being an empath who feels genuinely and deeply for every individual they meet does have some challenges associated with it, being an empath truly is a gift that can help you make a significant difference in the world.

You might also be able to help people who are lacking in compassion for other individuals reconsider how they treat other people.

So if you want to be able to harness the innate spiritual gifts inside of you and make use of your empathetic personality to genuinely help other people, we would love to give you a free 3-minute psychic cat reading with one of the highly accurate online psychics on our staff to see if you are genuinely gifted as an empath to see how you can use your abilities to help others in this world.