What is a Numerology Reading

What Is A Numerology Reading Online And Offline

There are plenty of ways to find answers on your life path. Use this tool to receive your own, complete, and professional numerology report. For Free!

When you need answers to questions in your life that the world cannot give you, the ancient art of numerology may be what you are looking for. But how much do we know about this kind of divination? Some of the questions you may want answers to are:

  • How can the mathematical riddles of our lives be unlocked with numerology?
  • Is there a numerological key we can use to open the doors to a greater understanding of our life path?

The answers to these questions start from the day we are born and our birthdate. This is the first set of numbers that influence our lives.

Unlocking the Power of Your Name

We are all given a name, either at birth or before if our gender is known. One of the basic principles of numerology is based on the simple act of naming that unlocks the most powerful forces that have an effect on shaping our lives.

It is easy to decipher the secrets hidden within your name by having a personal numerology reading, also called a numerology profile or numerology chart. All you need to do to receive a free psychic reading is to enter your name and date of birth in the space provided above and we will do the calculations for you. By applying standard numerological calculations to your personal data, we can give perspective to your unique numbers and reveal to you how numerology can influence your life and unlock your potential.

What are my Unique Numerological Numbers?

By using the above tool you can create your personal numerology report. This report will contain four important numbers. These numbers are based on the numerical values obtained from your name and the numbers in your birth date. The four numbers consist of:

• Your Life Path Number
• Your Destiny Number
• Your Soul Urge Number
• Your Inner Dream Number

These numbers are all connected and it is important to understand that each number affects and plays off each other.

Different numerologists may use different names to describe these four vital numbers, however, their relevance remains the same. When you have created your report (using the tool above) we will walk you through the meanings attributed to each one.

Your four core numbers remain with you for your entire life. They affect your perspective on life, your abilities, your mood, and how you see your life playing out. Even if you already know some of the facts revealed by your numerology chart, seeing them so clearly displayed before your eyes can be a revelation. For many a numerology report simply confirms the things they already knew about themselves, however, it often opens up a new pathway to understanding themselves.

Master Numbers

When creating your numerology report we make use of the numbers 1 through 9 as well as the special numerology “master numbers”, ’11’ and ’22’. These double numbers are also referred to as “mastery numbers” by some numerologists.

Master numbers appear less frequently than standard numbers in a numerological profile. When a master number appears in a numerology reading, numerologists pay close attention to it carefully study its unique implications in your numerology chart.

The Importance of Using Your Birth Name for your Numerology Reading

When getting a numerology reading it is important to use your ‘birth name’. This is the name you were given by your parents at birth and appears on your birth certificate unless you have changed your name. If you have changed the name on your original birth certificate or you have a married name, you should not use it for your primary reading.

The reason for this is that the name you were given at birth has affected your early developmental years as a child and has a significant bearing on the entirety of your life. In the same way as a birth chart in astrology, it is all about our beginnings.

Middle Names in Numerology Readings

Even if your middle name has been kept a deep secret, it is important to use it in your numerology reading. As pointed out by the well-known numerologist, Marcus Shaw, sometimes a middle name that someone has kept secret can be more telling in a numerology reading than those people who use them freely.

Married Names in Numerology Readings

You can, of course, still have a numerology reading using your married name. Readings with a changed name sometimes provide additional insights, especially if you have used your married name for many years.

Changed Names in Numerology Readings

Readings based on your changed name should be considered “secondary” as they are less important than your primary reading based on your original birth name.

Nicknames in Numerology Readings

Nicknames can also be used when building a numerology report, especially if it has been used for most of your life. A nickname that arose in the very early stages of childhood will be more likely to have a numerological influence on your emotional profile, your character traits, and your mindset. However, a nickname that arose during your teenage or adult years will most likely have less bearing on your profile. It will be interesting to try a numerology reading based on your nickname.

Name Suffixes in Numerology Readings

There is a lot of debate whether suffixes like “Sr”, “Jr”, “II” or “III” should be used in a reading. Even though IFate leans towards the “no” side of the debate, we see our role as building tools and we are not here to make the rules. People are free to try numerology reading with a name suffix, especially if they are interested in finding out which one more accurately describes their personality. Most numerologists prefer not to use name suffixes in a numerology reading.

Business Names in Numerology Readings

Numerology can be used to investigate the name or potential name of a business. Instead of a birthdate, the date of inception or incorporation is used. While the tool above is primarily intended to be used for people, the same numerological concepts can be applied to a business in order to reveal interesting details about its identity and culture.

What About the Number “Zero” in Numerology Readings

You may wonder why zeros are not used in numerology readings. While it does have significance in some numerological readings, you won’t come across it as often as standard numbers and not at all in the case of name numerology readings.

Here’s why –

The basic technique used in numerology is to add multi-digit numbers together and ‘reduce’ them to a single digit. For example, when reduced to a single digit, the number 12 will become 3 as one added to two equals three. A larger number like 1051 will become 7 as one plus five plus one equals seven (disregarding the zero).
When the sum of a number results in a double-digit, the process is repeated by adding the remaining numbers together until they result in a single digit. For example, the number 76 will result in a double-digit of 13. The number 13 is then further reduced by adding one and three to equal four.

It is impossible in numerology to produce a zero by adding two zeros together. Any number ending in zero will be reduced to a non-zero number by using the most common numerological methods. For example, the number 10 will be reduced to 1 and the number 100 will likewise be reduced to 1 as any number of zeros behind a number are discarded.

In the numerology calculator used above, we stick to the basic system of reducing multiple numbers until they result in a single digit (with the exceptions of the most common master numbers of ’11’ and ’22’. However, some numerological techniques are designed to keep zeroes in the reduced numbers.

Is Numerology Real?

Everything in the universe revolves around numbers and the specific vibrations associated with them. therefore everything can be measured by using numbers. Numbers can be used to describe every object, element, person, and force in nature. Whereas mathematics and science use numbers to measure the physical world, the art of numerology uses numbers to better understand our spiritual and divine worlds.

You can say that we exist in a vast, dynamic multiverse comprised of numbers. These numbers can have a powerful effect on our lives and if we are aware of their hidden complexities, we can discover deep insights to help us make sense of every aspect of our being on this planet.

Numerology dates back to ancient times and famous mathematicians such as St. Augustine and Pythagoras are renowned for their careful numerological studies that far surpassed basic mathematics. They uncovered the hidden complexities of numbers and delved deeper into the spiritual dimensions of these numbers.

Numerologists see codes and numbers in everything. More importantly, they are able to discern the relationships that exist between these numbers. By understanding the underlying numerical basis of everything, they are able to draw unique connections between people and events across the expanse of time and space.

The spiritual use of numerology is encoded in the design and architecture of our structures. On all sides, we are surrounded by numbers that hold deep spiritual significance. The Chartes Cathedral in France is a good example of this. Intentionally built around the number ‘306’, it is meant to represent the fish that was caught by Simon Peter according to the Holy Bible.

How Accurate Are Online Readings?

Numerology is not like other forms of divination or tools used for personal introspection. When it comes to numerology reading, there really is no difference between an online reading and a personal reading. The math used is the same in either case. While many other forms of divination may require a sense of touch, the presence of another person, or physical objects, numerology has its roots in mathematical formulae which provide the same results whether online or face-to-face.

When it comes to accuracy, only you will be able to tell how accurate the reading is. If you use a name other than your original birth name such as a nickname or a married name, you may want to try an alternate name. Although it is not common, sometimes the imprinting of an alternative name can be even more powerful than your original birth name, especially if you have used it for a long time.

The Numerology of Our Names

Most of us take our names for granted and don’t give much attention to the profound effect our birth names can have on our personalities as well as on other people in our lives. Did you know, for example, that subconsciously you are likely to treat a person named “Jennifer” differently from a person named “Angelique”? Or a person named “Paul” from one named “Anthony”?

Our human interactions are filled with these micro-differences that accumulate over time, causing amazing shifts in our characters and on our outlook on life. There are many different sub-disciplines in numerology, but the most common and most basic numerological analysis always starts with your name.

Use the tool above to try a reading on your own name, your partner’s name, or the names of your family or friends and see what it reveals.

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