What is a Medium

Everything You Need To Know About Medium

The chances are, that you have heard of this term before, especially when a person is talking about psychic abilities. Well, in a nutshell, a medium bridges the gap between the living and the dead. For this reason, a medium uses his/her psychic abilities to speak to the dead.

Often, they use diverse means to collect insight from the spirit. For example, there are those who will use instinct to communicate to spirits, while others can gain auditory messages from those beyond the grave. A psychic will inform you of what the dead has to say; often, which is a lot and they will find ways to convey the message across.

This occurs during Séance, where the message is passed to a guest through the medium. Sometimes Séance takes place in a hypnotic environment and sometimes when all parties are coherent. There is no doubt that mediums are not the only ones who can communicate with the dead, but by understanding their gift and practice, they can do it often.

A Summarized History Of Mediumship

The subject of medium speaking to the dead is not a new concept. The desire to speak with the dead is something that has been part of us ever since the beginning of humanity. This is something that can easily be proven even through religious texts (like the Bible, Quran, and others).

Nevertheless, back then mediumship was not widespread as it is today. The event that made mediumship gain traction is The Rise of Spiritualism in England, which later spread to the rest of the western world. Today we are seeing many books, movies, and even TV shows showcasing the incredible gift of mediumship.

The Different Types Of Mediumship

The term mediumship is a wide subject that covers different powers of the medium. The whole practice can be grouped into 3 categories.

  1. Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is a technique that uses telepathy to speak to the dead. During a standard reading or séance, the medium will hear the message from the dead and deliver the message to the guest. The auditory message is the easiest for guests (also known as a sitter) to understand what the dead are saying.

  1. Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is very similar to mental mediumships. During the Séance, the spirit will use the mind and body of the medium to relay a message. Whenever a trance medium is doing their standard reading of séance, they are still conscious, which means that are fully aware of what is going on.

This form of mediumship was quite popular back in the 19th century. It was believed that the spirits would only speak through a trance medium and deliver help or encouraging advice. Often, a trance medium will have an assistant who will help him/her document the conversation between him/her and the spirit.

  1. Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is when a spirit takes control over physical objects or a person. Sometimes, the spirit may take control of a medium’s hands or fingers. A few years back, the séance involved having a unique imaging technology that captured the physical matter of the spiritual manifestation.

This form of mediumship is done in a quiet, dark room because sometimes the noises from the spirits are difficult to hear and understand. Some techniques a medium will use involves spirit trumpets and levitation tables.

How Does Séance Work?

The term Séance refers to the event where a person or guest is trying to speak to the dead. Séance is often hosted by the medium and it is a word that came from a French word meaning ‘Sessions’. Nevertheless, the terms are not interchangeable in French.

Séance is available in a few different ways, and the most common ways include: –

• Stage Séance

This is a public séance where a medium will attempt to communicate to the dead while on stage in front of an audience. With this form of séance, the audience will not participate directly. However, the medium may attempt to speak to the dead relatives of a member in the audience.

• Religious Séance

This form of séance was very common back in the 19th century in the USA and across Europe. This form of séance takes place in any religious institution with the aim of communicating with the demon or spirit. Back then, people believed that a medium can only receive a message during a religious séance.

The main reason why people took on religious séance is so that they can communicate with the spirit of a former prominent religious figure like a saint, a leader, and others.

• Casual Séance

Because the practice of trying to communicate with the dead has gained in popularity over the last few hundred years, mediums are not the only people who can communicate with the dead. Many people have attempted to conduct their séance at home.

Generally, these are small with only two or three people. It does not usually involve a religious leader or medium. This type of séance is often associated with items like planchettes and Ouija boards.

Popular People Who Have Attended Séance

For many years now, famous authors, politicians, and celebrities have attended more than one séance. It is a way people have used to gather insight from the dead to sharpen their skills and become better at their vocations. Below is a list of noteworthy people who have participated in a séance hoping to communicate with the dead: –

• Arthur Conan Doyle – An author and physician
• William T. Stead – A Journalist
• Robert Owen – Social Reformer
• Franklin D. Roosevelt – A Former President

The Final Thoughts

What are your thoughts on mediums? Would you attend a séance? Clearly, with the information about the medium in this document, it is an effective way to communicate with spirits. So many people have tried to communicate with the dead, but lack the tools or mindset to achieve it.

To know more about mediums, click here to schedule a free 3-minute chart with our leading psychic. You never know what you may learn about yourself. Have an open mind and think carefully beforehand about the questions you want to ask.

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