What is a Clairsentient

What Does It Mean To Be Clairsentient?

If anyone has ever said to you to “trust your gut” or “follow your gut”, they may be onto something. Certain people are blessed with natural abilities to accurately read people’s feelings and motives and in some cases even the decisions they will make in the future. If this sounds like you, it is possible that you may be clairsentient.

What Is Clairsentient?

The rough translation for “clairsentient” from the French term is a “clear feeling”.

When compared to all the other intuitive gifts, “clairsentience” is regarded as the “most sensible”.

Just about every person experiences different degrees of clairsentient feeling during their lifetimes. This can include basic things such as deciding not to dine at a specific restaurant or sensing when your other half has mixed or negative feelings towards your parents. Clairsentience is present in every person.

To provide an easy explanation, clairsentience is an ability or gift to sense another person’s present, future, or past emotions and feelings without the assistance of your other five senses.

Clairsentience can also receive information or a sense from internal sources about actions that go on inside an office, home, or any other type of building that is not visible physically. This is often an instinct that is referred to as “the sixth sense”.

There isn’t a single thing that will signal a person’s abilities, yet an apparent trigger is usually a dramatic change or shift in energy. This energy often comes from an object, another person, a spirit, or an event that will occur at a later date.

In summary, a person that has these abilities and traits is sensitive to energies which they can then interpret into a prediction or a feeling inside their body.

What Is An Empath? What Is The Difference?

It is common for people to confuse clairsentience with empaths.

Empaths are able to sense specific energy or energies from objects, animals, and other people.

People that are clairsentience will also feel different types of energies but are able to access a wider range of emotions and energies than empaths.

For this reason, every clairsentience is an empath, but not every empath is clairsentient.

A person that possesses these abilities will not only be able to feel energies and emotions emitted from others, but they also have the ability to gather a lot more knowledge about these feelings.

An empath will sense the energies and feelings of others, but this is only possible when the person is nearby. A clairsentient can pick up the emotions and energy of another person, regardless of where the person is.

In addition, a clairsentient can also pick up when a person is either experiencing intense physical pain or when they are in danger. A person with these senses may even recognize the emotions and energy from a spirit in the right circumstances.

If you have ever experienced similar phenomena, you may be displaying clairsentience.

What Traits Do Clairsentience People Display?

Most of these people are soft-spoken, gentle, and calm.

You may even notice that most prefer to stay in the background and avoid being put on the spot or under the spotlight.

They may appear withdrawn or shy since large groups of crowds may feel overwhelming to them since they have the ability to pick up the energies of people around them.

They can also appear to be overly sensitive, especially when they hear a tragic or sad story, or when they watch a movie or listen to music.

Most clairsentient people react in this way since they connect with other emotions or people in a much stronger way when compared to others.

Even though these traits are common in many of them, not every clairsentient is the same. For example, there are many clairsentients in politics, in classrooms, and on TV.

If you require additional help, you can chat with our team of psychics below. We are standing by to assist you with interpreting vital guidance from your angels.

In this article, we will cover what it actually means to have this gift of being clairsentient and the signs you should be looking for to decide if you possess this gift.

If you discover that you are clairsentient, we have also included a brief guide on how to use these talents so that you can help others.

How To Decipher Whether Your Are Clairsentient?

Have you ever experienced a moment where you had an understanding of something, and you had no idea why or how?

Do you sometimes sense vital energy yet you are not sure where it comes from?

These are two important signals that you might have clairsentient abilities.

Keep reading for more signals that may mean that you are clairsentient.

  • You Often Feel Strong Energies

Let’s assess whether this sounds familiar or resonates with you. When you or another person enters a room or a building and you immediately feel a strong presence of negative or positive energy. Very shortly after this feeling, something bad or good happens. The strange thing about these events is that you did not know that the event would take place or you have never met this person before.

The accurate way to explain this is better known as “leftover energy”. Leftover energies are among the most important signals that you have these abilities. This means that you can tap into the unseen energy fields of people on an instinctive level. Since most other people cannot do this, most won’t understand why or how you know things well before they occur.

  • You Feel Uncomfortable In A Large Crowd

Since a clairsentient feels the energies from people that surround them, it comes as no surprise that many feel overwhelmed if they are exposed to large crowds. If you have noticed that you find it hard to interact in a large group, or you start feeling drained, you may be clairsentient.

Your body continuously reads the energies of people around you, so think about when many people are crowded into one place. Note: this should not be confused with fears of large groups of people or ochlophobia.

People that possess these abilities usually feel uncomfortable when exposed to places like swimming pools, sporting arenas, nightclubs, and concert halls. These are places that are usually filled with many people, that may deplete your energy or even cause you to feel sick or nauseous.

  • You Experience Sudden Or Dramatic Mood Swings

Every person experiences mood swings from time to time. However, a clairsentient usually experiences them more frequently and with more intensity. If you often experience random outbursts of anxiety, happiness, stress, fear, or sadness, it could be your clairsentience trying to shine through.

Here is an example, you have been happy the whole day, but as soon as you walk into a room you are suddenly hit by an immense feeling of anxiety. This dramatic change is something that occurs commonly for a clairsentient.

Not all the mood swings that you experience will correspond to clairsentience. You first need to assess what is influencing your attitude and then evaluate when these swings happen. If you have sudden changes in your mood when you are around strangers or new people, then it is likely that these have to do with your clairsentient capabilities.

You Can Immediately Read People’s Emotions

If someone who is close to you (a family member or friend) is going through a hard time, you can pick it up instantly. People that have the gift of clairsentience can easily read another person’s emotions, even when that person tries to mask or hide them.

Your emotional radar will help you to understand another person’s feelings, which can help you to provide honest and solid advice.

You Are Over Sensitive When Watching Emotional Movies Or Listening To Sad Music

Watching Bambi’s mother die is usually enough to make tough people cry. The role of film directors is to come up with things that an audience can relate to or empathize with. A clairsentient is affected easily by an emotional film.

They connect with movies on much higher emotional levels than non-clairsentient people. If you possess this ability, you most likely feel like you can connect more easily with the characters, which means you can really “feel” their pain.

Since the majority of movies utilize emotions like loneliness, sadness, and fear, it becomes hard for a clairsentient person to watch films without feeling or becoming over-emotional.

People that display clairsentience traits also find it difficult to watch the news. They pick up easily on negative emotions that are experienced by others that appear in the news broadcasts and can even physically feel anguish and pain that others have experienced.

  • You Have Stong Gut Feelings Or Intuition

If you have a strong gut feeling when it comes to situations, people, or a future event, you may be clairsentient.

They can usually gather a lot of information about a person when the person is nearby. This is intuition is very useful to a clairsentient, as it could save a person or loved ones from dangerous situations or strangers.

  • You Find It Easy To Understand The Perspective Of Others

People often offer the advice of “put yourself in their shoes”, but this is something that is much “easier said than done”.

A clairsentient usually has stronger abilities when it comes to understanding the perspective of another person, mainly since they are able to relate to others on a level that is far more personal. Possessing this skill is very useful, especially when it comes to relationships.

  • You Can Feel The Presence Of Other People Even When You Are Alone

While this may sound scary, to begin with, it is something very normal for people with clairsentience. This mainly has to do with their gift to feel and connect with foreign entities and spirits.

To explain this further, when clairsentient people visit historic sites, they may understand a lot more about what really happened at that location.

If you are displaying clairsentience abilities, then what should you do next?

One large misconception about clairsentience usually has to do with that the person has a type of mental health issue.

The result of this may cause the person to hide their abilities or gift since they fear judgment or being labeled as mad or crazy.

However, these feelings and emotions that you experience may be caused directly by an effect of your surroundings.

For this reason, it may be a better idea to pay attention to the environment you are in at that moment. Once you start learning the right way to control these abilities, you will soon start to realize the value of your gift.

These abilities will help you and the people that you love.

When you have the gift to detect another person’s discomfort or pain, and then discover ways to ease their pain or make the person feel better, this also makes you a much better person.

Here are a few important ways to assist you with dealing with living with this gift:

  • Embrace Your Gift

Learn about this gift and work out what your emotions or feelings mean.

Connect with another clairsentience.

Don’t feel scared about your feelings. Rather find out ways to use these feelings to assist others.

Feel free to express your feelings and use this gift.

It is vital to realize that you are blessed with this gift and that others that don’t have these abilities or have an understanding or clairsentience can find it hard to understand how you act or feel.

That’s perfectly fine.

Many clairsentience often won’t mind or will be happy to share a few things about their own experiences.

Connect with people that share the abilities that you have so that you can feel more comfortable about your “sixth sense”.

Tips On How To Make The Most Of Your Gift

Now that you know you are clairsentient, you may be wondering how to maximize your powers?

There are many actions you can pursue to maintain your abilities and to improve them. Similar to other skills, the readings that you do will take practice and time to master.

Below are 4 ways to enhance your clairsentience:

1 Tune Into Your Surroundings

You need to be constantly aware of your environment or surroundings if you plan to perform successful readings. If you feel distracted by noises, people, or objects, try to change the venue to a place where you feel more focused and calm.

The largest influence of clairsentience thoughts and abilities is positive environments. The place that you are in should be comfortable and safe, such as your favorite spot in nature, or a room in your home.

Once you have found the perfect spot, practice meditation techniques or any other exercise to sharpen and enhance your skills.

2 Try Reading A Person

This may seem nerve-wracking or intimidating, especially when you try for the first time. However, testing your abilities to read people is the only way to improve your skills.

Start with an open-minded family member or friend. Ask this person if you can read them. You can also start talking about someone that they know to assess if you can depict the other person’s personality with accuracy. Many people will be happy to receive a reading, it is up to you to ask.

3 Try Reading Psychometry (An Object)

Reading people is usually easy, but have you ever tried reading objects you haven’t seen before? Ask an antique shop, family member, or friend, for a very old item. Now try to read the item to try and see if you can pick up energies from the original or previous owner. If you feel or sense something, ask the person that owns the object if the reading was correct or accurate.

Your first reading may not be successful, but with practice and time, you will get better. The ideal objects for readings are usually jewelry or clothes since people have closer bonds with these items when compared to others.

4 Meditate

If you are not already meditating, it is highly suggested for clairsentients. Meditation can help you to create feelings of self-appreciation and comfort and to truly connect with yourself. It will also enhance your intuition, which helps you to harmonize with your gift.

Today, there are many online sources and materials to help you meditate. You may want to start with YouTube videos, reading a book, or asking someone that practices regularly. Meditation is not one of those short-term solutions, it is something you need to practice regularly in order to experience the benefits.

Clairsentience May Feel Like A Curse, But It Is Not

We fully understand that clairsentience is not always that great. In some cases, you may feel overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions and find it difficult to communicate with family and friends. This is when your abilities or gift can make you feel cursed.

However, it is important to realize that emotions and energies ebb and flow, which means you won’t be feeling this way forever. A reading done using clairsentience will give you insight into the way it feels to be another person. You find out how this person feels, their fears, and traits of their personality.

These are gifts that provide you with a way to do a lot of good for others. You can assist people through hard times, give them a warning about the destructive energies they might not be aware of, or give them hope and encouragement with a story about a loved one that has passed.

Why Is Clairsentience A Gift That Is Underrated?

When most people think or talk about psychic abilities, most want to find out about the prediction of a catastrophic event or their future fortunes.

Most individuals are more interested in future events when compared to present energy.

This is why clairsentients are less popular and often underrated when compared to other psychics. This is disappointing since they have a gift that can really help others.

Clairsentients are also masters when it comes to social dynamics with inherent abilities to read the people that enter a room or building without having to speak to them. Clairsentients can immediately connect with another person emotionally, even when that person is a stranger. They make excellent friends and are extremely useful.

If your loved one is clairsentient, they probably know when you are feeling pain, and understand what you are going through with your everyday struggles.

It can be hard to openly talk about the way you are feeling.

If you are communicating with a clairsentient, they usually understand people more sincerely.


Regardless of whether you have this gift or not, the ability to read a situation or person is a valuable gift that is usually very helpful.

The easiest way to determine whether you are a clairsentient or not is to go to a psychic. They will have a deeper understanding of your present and past emotions and can predict the emotions that you feel in ways that make it easy for you to understand.

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