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No one really understands why, but we just know that achieving balance is essential in all aspects of our complex lives. This is one of those life’s mysteries that people formulate theories about.

Our body has seven chakra systems that help us maintain overall balance in how our energy is distributed throughout. When one of these is off balance, that can throw off the balance of the other areas in our life. Conversely, when there is imbalance in any area of our life, it causes our chakras to be unbalanced. So they affect each other. In order to regain balance, chakra work and readings can help you identify the areas in your life, your “self”, that are not in balance so that you can understand how that affects your overall health, your life, and your personal growth.

Read on to learn more about chakras and readings, and how managing your chakras can benefit your life.

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What is A Chakra Reading?

A Chakra reading is a reading of your psychic or spiritual plane, but with a special difference. Instead of just getting a reading of the energy that is emitted around you and how that affects you, a Chakra reading goes a step further by concentrating on how your chakras align and balance, and how they impact your life daily.

Think of it as a command center through which your body’s energy is flowing. When you are working on your chakras, you are promoting pure and clean energy to circulate through your chakra systems, keeping the energy balanced and healthy, which results in your body, mind, and spirit working in harmony in perfect balance.

Working with your chakras is a perfect approach in bringing healing to all areas of your life without you having to comprehend why you are experiencing a problem, and without requiring you to dwell on personal development. You can get a chakra reading online any time you want, even right now. That’s what makes chakra work so powerful.

How Do Chakra Readings Benefit You?

Chakra readings are very effective in helping you be more mindful of the energy that is no longer pure, which might be diluted or blocked.

Your Chakra Psychic or Advisor can bring forth healing of this energy or provide you with instruction on how you can purify this energy yourself.

When they unblock this energy and bring it back into balance, it also brings balance back into various areas of your life so you can experience a healthier life everyday!

A blockage of energy can affect all areas of your life and soul, in the way you live, in your own sense of self, how you love, how you show passion and compassion, how you regulate emotions, in your significant relationships, how you think and form your own person.

What chakra work can do for you has incredible impact that are beyond comprehension. If you want to learn more about chakras health, the first thing you should do is to consult with a chakra psychic or advisor.

The web provides many alternatives in locating sources of chakra readings. A regular chakra reading online can benefit anyone who seeks it. It can promote the person’s overall health and improve quality of life.

What Chakras Are

Think of chakras as fluid systems of energy within our spiritual plane. They direct the flow of our energy throughout so we can have the best quality of life. They play a part in all areas of our lives, in body, soul, and spirit. Keeping this energy clear and pure is essential to our ability to achieve the most optimal levels in our health in every way.

We have seven primary chakra systems, and within each one there are many other chakras that comprise the primary chakra. You can get very specific in chakra work as you pin point the specific area that you want to work on. By default, if you focus on learning all seven primary chakras systems, you will cover all bases of keeping your chakra clean and unpolluted. If you work on each smaller chakra individually, it would be similar to cleaning your home with a toothbrush, with is extremely inefficient!

There are seven chakras, each with its own color, and each representing a specific area of your life. Here is a summary of what each chakra stands for.

The Seven Chakras

First Chakra: The Root Chakra
Color: Red
What It Stands For: the physical or tangible things in your reality, personal belongings, money, your body. It embodies security and safety and your basic human needs.

Second Chakra: The Sacral Chakra
Color: Orange
What It Stands For: Embodies your creative and sexual energy. It relates to emotions of yourself and of others.

Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus
Color: Yellow
What It Stands For: It embodies self-esteem, self-confidence, your will, and power. It gives you a sense of control as your energy extends and radiates from this center.

Fourth Chakra: The Heart Chakra
Color: Green
What It Stands For: Coming from the heart, it embodies your ability to love yourself and others, show compassion, relating and including other people

Fifth Chakra: The Throat Chakra
Color: Light Blue
What It Stands For: Your ability to express yourself verbally and creatively

Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye
Color: Indigo
What It Stands For: Embodies your instincts, your intuition, and wisdom, your ability to perceive with heightened sensory abilities.

Seventh Chakra: The Crown Chakra
Color: Violet
What It Stands For: It’s at the top of your head and it embodies your spiritual side, your consciousness, your connection to the universe, and the people in it. It makes you conscious of your purpose in life.

Common Approaches To Chakra Readings

Chakra Readings Online from Professionals

The best approach to get a chakra reading is to consult with a chakra psychic or advisor. They are experts in assisting you with gaining an understanding and identifying any energy blockages. They offer advice on how you can regain the balance of your chakras.

Reading And Purifying Your Own Chakras

You can read and purify your own chakra by following the helpful procedures below:

Step 1
Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can sit down without any disturbance. Be careful not to get so comfortable that you will start to doze off! Keep yourself warm.

Step 2
Learn the order of your chakras. Now, visualize each chakra as a glass ball, and imagine placing each on top of the other in the order of the chakras. Visualize them with their respective colors and their relative positions to each other.

Step 3
Now that you have a visualization of the chakras as glass balls stacked upon each other, look over them. Are the balls the same size or are they different sizes? Is the intensity of the colors on the vibrant side, or are they more muted and pale? Are some of them dark with grey tones?

Step 4
If you visualized some balls with non-vibrant or dull colors, these represent areas with imbalanced, polluted energy which can also be blocked. Your goal is to have these chakra glass balls be consistent in size, each one having a color that is clear, bright and vibrant. If they do not look like that, that means you probably have never tried to clear them. You can visualize a cleansing of these glass balls so that these start to gleam and sparkle. Imagine the colors becoming more bright and vivid as you continue to clean and repair the chakra balls.

What Does Your Visualization Mean?

If one of your chakra balls is larger than the rest, that means you are spending too much energy in that one. Conversely, if a ball seems smaller than the others, that means you are not using enough of that particular energy.

For instance: If the balls for the Throat Chakra and Sacral Chakra are bigger than the others, you might be feeling a lot of emotions. You communicate a lot, but your words are emotionally charged, often resulting in arguments.

If the Root Chakra is small, that could mean you find it difficult to get your basic needs met. You might have struggles with keeping your life interesting.

If you visualize colors that are dull or faded, the energy is not as vibrant as it should. It might be dampened by a lack of focus. You do not feel a strong sense of purpose and you find your mind wandering often. You push away the energy and instead, would rather dwell on fantasies.

If you visualize colors that are muddled, your chakra glass ball is not clear. A color on the darker and dimmer side means you might have some dirt on the chakra that needs to cleansed. This might be due to some kind of trauma. A color that is too faint, or too white, means the energy level is not potent enough.

Cleansing Your Chakras

Now that you have identified the problems with your chakras, how would you go about cleansing them? This will take daily dedication and practice to bring up negative emotions and memories that have been repressed so that the cleansing process may begin. As you clean out your chakras, they will fill up with the pollution that is brought to the forefront. These cleansing sessions could be intense in the beginning, but it will become less so over time. Eventually, the chakra will be cleaned and it will remain that way if you follow a routine of regular chakra cleansing.

Every now and then, some leftover dirt might come to the surface as you assess your chakras daily. There might be some imbalance again. Try these steps:

Step 1
See above and follow Steps 1 to 4 again.

Step 2
Visualize which chakra you wish to cleanse. Picture a water hose in your hands, then spray the glass ball of chakra to clean off the debris from the glass ball until the dirt is removed.

As you are spraying the water, perhaps there are sections with dirt that is stuck on. You might find yourself frustrated because this stubborn dirt won’t come off. That is okay because this is the visualization process that you must go through.

Step 3
Keep spraying until you are happy with how shiny your glass ball is. Do the same with all of the other glass balls. Be aware that in the beginning of your visualization, it might take a while before you achieve the results you want. It might take you several sessions to accomplish.

Step 4
After you are satisfied with how clean all of your chakra glass balls look, now you will resize them in your mind so they are all the same size, solid, stable and big.

Step 5
Look at the colors of the balls. Do they look bright and vivid? Are there any that are still dark or faded? If there is a color that is still too dark, repeat the cleansing. If there is a color that is faded, you need to imagine new energy with a vibrant color pouring into the ball and completely filling it up.

You might have a physical sensation as you do this, but it will be a pleasant feeling. Keep the color in your mind vibrant and bright.

Step 6
Look at the glass ball of each chakra. Determine if you are satisfied with the shape, size, color, and level of cleanliness of the chakra. Make improvements if needed. Do this everyday until all of the chakra balls stay in the same perfect condition for two or more days.

Step 7
Create a routine of cleansing your chakras. Consult with a Chakra Psychic and go over your routine to make sure you didn’t miss a step. You will start to enjoy the fruits of your labor and your life will improve.

Who Can Benefit From A Chakra Reading?

Any adult can benefit from a chakra reading. It is an effective way to catch life’s little problems before they grow into bigger problems.

Some areas where this can help include handling everyday problems, managing illnesses, regulating emotions so you won’t get overwhelmed, stabilizing relationships, preventing arguments. A recommendation is to schedule regular chakra readings at regular intervals, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. A regular chakra reading will keep your chakras clear of pollution.

What Happens During A Chakra Reading?

First, you will achieve enlightenment. You will understand more about how energy becomes blocked, what happens when it does, and how it should be cleansed. Your chakra advisor might help heal your chakras and give you suggestions on how you can improve the energy flow of your chakras.

How To Find The Best Chakra Readers Online

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Are You Still Unsure?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting An Online Chakra Reading Right Now


  • Achieve more balance in your life
  • More focus on the more important spiritual aspects in your life that need attention
  • Regain control in your life
  • A wide range of psychic readers and styles that will fit what you need
  • High-quality, professional readings from experienced chakra advisors
  • Readings are insightful, helpful, eye-opening, and well-balanced
  • Practical approach to attaining total physical and spiritual health


  • The reading might not be the truth that you expected to hear
  • The message is what it is; you have no control over it
  • The psychic reader might not deliver the reading in the style that you prefer
  • There are more general psychics and fewer psychics that specialize in chakra reading

Are you prepared to be enlightened with your first online chakra reading?