Online Psychic Reading Sites

Websites For Online Psychic Reading

A lot of websites claim that they have the world’s most powerful psychic readers, but how do you know which ones are really the best?

If you have this concern, don’t get anxious about needing to try each one. I researched them for you, and I’ve compiled a list of my top ten websites for the most effective psychic readers.

Browse the list and see what each of them offers you in terms of the kind of readings they provide, their price, and psychic experience. Then see which one fits your needs the best.

1) Keen: Highest Marks For Guaranteeing Customer Satisfaction

If you’re looking for a no-risk, tried-and-true business that has been around for over 20 years, Keen will fit perfectly. They advertise their guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction very clearly on their website.

I like them because their terms clearly state that if you are unhappy with the results in any way, you can ask for a refund in credits. That makes me more confident of their reputation. You have access to over 1,700 psychic gurus, so you are sure to find a psychic with whom you are most comfortable. You can call them or contact them through a chat. Each reading costs from $1.99 to $9.99 a minute.

The Verdict
If you want an online psychic reading website that has a long-established reputation and guarantees your satisfaction, you should try Keen.

2)Psychic Source: Ideal If You Want A Virtual “In-Person” Connection

Psychic Source is another seasoned psychic reading provider that has been around for decades — over 30 years to be exact. What makes this site stand out from the rest is that in addition to providing service through a phone call or through chat, it also offers you the option of getting your readings via video.

If it is important for you to actually see your spiritual advisor, than this site will fit the bill. Their team of psychic readers is smaller compared to some other sites. Each minute costs from $0.66 to $15, and they do guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back.

The Verdict
If meeting with your psychic reader face-to-face is important to you because you don’t feel a phone call or chat is personal enough, then you should give Psychic Source a try.

3) PathForward – Ideal For The First-Timer

PathForward is a newcomer to the psychic reading world. Although it does not have as much experience as the established sites, their quality is superb. I am impressed with their unfailing effort in providing their users with the most positive experience.

They offer an introductory price of $1 per minute to customers using their site for the first time. Then, their prices adjust, but are still less than prices on many other sites. Their top tier costs $5 per minute.

You meet your reader through chat or a phone call. You can read over the reviews of each psychic before you choose one.

The Verdict
If you have never used a psychic service before, and you want a high quality experience that is affordably priced, you will not be disappointed with PathForward. You can call them 24 hours a day, and you will get your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

4) Purple Garden: Great For Mobile Users

Purple Garden takes a different approach from what other psychic reading services offer. It caters to the mobile user community. They have a website, but it is not necessary to create your account on their full desktop website. You can download their app and create your account easily on your mobile device. Since mobile is their specialty, their mobile app delivers a superior user experience compared to other psychic reading websites that have a mobile app counterpart.

There are hundreds of psychics on the Purple Garden team. They cover a wide range of specialties including dream analysis, tarot cards, oracles, palm readings, and much more. You can talk to the psychic through a phone call, chat, or a video, which makes them able to analyze your palm reading.

Cost per minute starts at $0.99 and tops at $14.99. Most rates are between $5 to $10 a minute. A bonus is that every time you make a purchase, you earn a cash back of 5% which you can use in a reading down the road.

The Verdict
If you are always on the go and you want the flexibility in scheduling your readings, you should try Purple Garden. The rates are very competitive and often beat rates of other reading services, their mobile app provides an unparalleled user experience, and they have a wide network of readers of various specialties.

5) Kasamba: Perfect If You Need A Psychic Right Away

Kasamba hosts some of the most reputable psychics in the world. Their rates are at the higher end, starting at $1.99 and going up to $30 per minute. They have been in business for over two decades and hosts more than 200 world-renown psychics. Their website and mobile app are both very easy to use so you can easily choose a psychic and connect without any issues via phone, email, or chat.

The Verdict
If you don’t mind paying a little more for consistently solid and high-quality psychic reading results, Kasamba has what you are looking for.

6) California Psychics: When You Want Psychics to be Thoroughly Screened

California Psychics is one of the original online psychic reading services with more than 25 years of experience under its belt. It has an innovative pricing model. After you create your account, you can choose from three introductory packages: popular, preferred, and premium. If you don’t make a selection, they will sign you up for the preferred package by default. After you use up your package, the readings will cost between $4 to $15 per minute.

If you want to be assured that the psychic you hire has the qualifications and experience of a professional, you can count on California Psychics to screen their clairvoyants through a thorough vetting process. They put their reputation on the line, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

The Verdict
California Psychics is not for people new to online psychic readings. However, if you have used psychic services before and you want to work with serious professionals, this company will not disappoint you.

7) Oranum: For Those Who Want A Psychic Connection Through Unusual Methods

Oranum hosts hundreds of psychics with reviews, and they’ve been in the business for over eight years. You can create filters based on psychic specialties so you can easily find the psychics in the area you want.

Each psychic on Oranum must host free, live psychic videos sessions every week. This is what I like about Oranum the most. It allows you to witness what the psychic does before you are required to pay for anything. You can have a chat with the psychic reader without obligation, which allows you to see if you can make an effective connection with the psychic before you agree to pay for their reading.

The Verdict
If you are someone who wants to first try something without obligation before you make a decision, Oranum is the psychic reading website that will fit the bill.

8) Psychic Encounters: Solid, Reasonably Priced Readings

Psychic Encounters’ website states that they believe guidance from a psychic should be no-nonsense and should be available to people at a price that they can afford. That is a customer-focused position that is admirable. Rates per minute range from $0.99 to $1.99. Like a few other websites, readings are offered through a phone call, chat or video.

The website has reviews on the psychics whom they host, but the reviews are both positive an negative. This transparency is rare, which I don’t see in other websites that only posts positive reviews. I find this transparency refreshing because at least they are honest about customer feedback. It goes to show that a psychic is not “one size fits all” and that you really have to choose carefully.

One aspect makes me hesitant is that they do not provide much information about how they screen spiritual advisors before they hire them or whether they offer a money back guarantee, which makes me wonder if I should trust their reliability.

The Verdict
Psychic Encounters is adequate in what they offer in terms of readings that people can afford. Allowing meetings face-to-face is a plus.

9) Mysticsense: Get The Most For Your Money

Mysticsense is a new site, but it has a lot going for it. The interface is designed well and user-friendly. You narrow your search by price points, ratings, special abilities, and other criteria. You can browse through a lot of user reviews. You can see the availability of the psychic displayed in your local time so you can schedule a reading that fits your schedule on the spot. You can meet the psychic through the phone, chat, or video. The site has many functionalities and an affordable price point so you can the most out of your money.

The prices is extremely competitive. Their per minute price starts at $0.99 and goes up to $10. However, most of the users at Mysticsense pay between $1 to $3 per minute. Compared to services like California Psychics and Kasamba, this is a lot more affordable. They offer new users a bonus: when you create your account and put at least $10 into your account, you will get credited with five free minutes of reading time.

The Verdict
You get the full deal in Mysticsense: a great user interface on the website with lots of features, a terrific team of psychic readers, and very affordable rates in the industry. If you are new to psychic readings, this is the perfect choice for you.

10) 7th Sense Psychics: Great For Frequent Users

7th Sense Psychics is designed for people who seek psychic readings regularly. They have a reward program for regular users. The pricing structure is based on the user’s membership level. Members who buy more readings on the website will pay a lower rate per minute.

You don’t need a membership. Non-members pay from $3.70 to $4.20 a minute. A really nice features o the 7th Sense Psychics website is that they provide helpful short biography about their psychic readers. This includes how many years the psychic has been in business and the number of readings they have conducted. There is also an introduction recorded by the psychic so you can listen to the voice before you make a decision.

The Verdict
If you use psychic readings regularly and you want a solid user experience, 7th Sense Psychics might be the answer for you.

Helpful Hints When Working With A Psychic Reader

If you think modern psychics resemble the mystic woman all decked out in scarves gazing at a crystal ball to foresee your future, think again. This does not represent the real world. Here are four hints that can help you make the most out of your reading experience.

Do Your Research

Before you pay for any services through any of the psychic platforms, look through the biography of the psychic reader. Pay attention to their specialty. Read reviews, both positive and negative. If you can, send a message to the psychic to make a connection before you hire the individual.

Be Honest and Transparent to the Reader

Try not to hide any information from the psychic reader. The more honest you are, the more accurately your reading will be. Answer questions truthfully with relevant information. If you don’t respond well and withhold information, it will muddle the reader’s ability to do an accurate reading.

Decide On What Information You Want to Find Out

Write down the questions you need the psychic reader to help answer. This way, during your reading, you will not get sidetracked onto other areas that are not relevant, which adds to the minutes that you pay for. Be as specific as possible so answers can be reached quickly. Vagueness will only prolong the session at your cost.

Brace Yourself For The Truth

Before you consult with a spiritual advisor, ask yourself if you really want to know the truth, and be honest to yourself about it. Sometimes the psychic reader shows you the truth that is not what you expect or hopes for. So, it is important to keep your mind open to all possibilities if you truly want the truth.

The Verdict

The web is full of psychic reading websites. If you want to have a meaningful psychic reading experience, decide on what questions you want to answer and what kind of reading you want. After you decide on that, select a website that fits your needs and budget. Seasoned users like Kasamba, while users who have not experienced psychic readings before like to try PathFoward first.