IChing Readings

What Are The Popular IChing Readings Sites Online?

IChing is translated as “The Book of Changes.” It is a classic text from ancient China with words of wisdom that still apply to today’s society as people seek direction from an oracle. It is a huge collection of texts and stories of the ancient mystics, sages, and diviners dating back five millennia. This one text embodies the wisdoms that have been guiding the lives of people over thousands of years.

The text and concepts can be hard to comprehend. So, we will provide a guide here to explain some of the basics so you can begin to understand how IChing can benefit your life.

What Are Readings From IChing?

The readings from IChing are not meant to tell you what your future will look like. The readings are intended to help you attain a deeper understanding of what is going on in your life. It is a tool for divination, one that a lot of psychics use to gain better insight when they do a reading on you.

You can get answers to your questions through use of IChing. In itself, it has no power, but when the wisdom is applied to readings, it can be very powerful. When you go through an IChing reading, you will learn to think about your question from other aspects that you might not have thought of, which allows you a more comprehensive approach to your problem solving.

IChing gives you power to change your life. This is truly incredible!

IChing readings are wonderful in guiding you through relationships. This is not limited to matters of love. It can guide in any type of interpersonal relationship with your family, friends, and even at work. You will be amazed at how applicable it can be. It is not meant to predict who your soulmate will be or things along those lines. It helps you navigate through your current relationships so you can make the right decisions about them.

How do IChing readings really work?

The IChing model has 64 hexagrams. Each shape is connected to an image. Some call this the 64 chapters. Each hexagram is comprised of six lines. Each line can be solid or broken into two halves. Different combinations of these lines will give you 64 unique groups, or stacks. These 64 stacks are used in your reading. Each shape explains how energy moves. When applied to a situation you describe during your reading, it can guide you in how you should respond to your situation.

What do we mean when we say, “respond”?

Well, the dictionary defines it as to “say something in reply”. Think of this in terms of a relationship. In relationships, we tend to react instead of respond. What is “react”? The dictionary defines that as to “respond with hostility”. What does that tell us about how we behave in our relationships? It is not surprising that if we tend to react rather than respond, we make our relationships worse. IChing teaches us the wisdom of responding calmly instead of reacting.

In an IChing reading, the first hexagram is cast. This becomes the foundation for the answer that you seek to your question. If the next cast results in a hexagram that does not change, then this might be your only answer, but it does not happen often. It is more likely that the lines in the shape will change. Solid lines can become broken and vice versa. After each line is transformed, you get a second hexagram that connects.

Going through this series of casts, you can see a pattern forming of events that can take shape in your life. It is important to note the word “can” rather than “will”. Remember, IChing is used for guidance in your future, not to predict your future. Nothing can predict what will happen because you always have the power of choice and to change the course you take in your life.

People around the world have received guidance in how they make decisions in their lives. IChing helps them find answers that make sense to them. These answers are often already in you; you just have to discover them.

This might sound very confusing if you have never been exposed to IChing. You don’t have to fully understand it. Experienced psychics online know how to use this divination tool in giving you a reading based on this guidance. You don’t need to interpret these readings yourself.

The way many IChing psychics conduct these readings is by use of three Chinese coins. Sometimes they use 16 marbles in this color combination: three red, five orange, seven grey, and one black. Others might use 50 stalks of yarrow. The material that is used does not change anything. The hexagram and the related image will be used in your reading.

What can I learn from an IChing reading?

First, before you attend a reading, prepare the question that you want answered. Ask yourself why you want a reading.

Then, you should prepare your mind to receive this guidance. Being focused and calm will help you get into the proper mentality when you go into this reading.

It might be helpful to meditate for about 15 minutes before you think about what questions you want to ask. This is a good way to clear your mind and focus. You will get more out of your IChing reading this way.

Keep in mind that any divination tool, IChing included, works with the energy you emit around the tool. When you meditate, you have positive energy around you that is calm and receptive. When you write down your questions, this fluid energy flows around you, and makes IChing more effective for you.

When you understand why you desire an IChing reading, you are ready to write down you questions in the right frame of mind. Use clear, simple wording so the IChing reader will understand exactly what you are asking. You can start each question with something like this:

  • What can I do to…
  • How should I go about…
  • How do I gain understanding on…

These are questions you ask for guidance. You are not asking for a prediction of your future. When you come to a reading session with an open mind that is ready to accept guidance, you can get direction on practically anything. You should be open to reflect on yourself.

More often than not, our problems are caused by our own stubbornness and attitudes. When we open up our minds and become receptive to guidance, we start to see our own faults. We see areas that we should change for the better. Every little change we make to better ourselves adds to our own growth in life. Mistakes will be made, but we take ownership of them, learn from them, and improve. IChing can guide you in these life decisions so you can live a more fulfilling life and improve as a person.

How do I know if my IChing reading is accurate?

IChing is thousands of years old, and it can be tricky to comprehend. It takes a psychic reader who is specially trained to interpret these texts in order to give you an accurate reading. It cannot be done by just any psychic. Divination tools like tarot cards, crystals, and IChing are specialized, and psychic readers must get the proper training and experience on using these tools if they want to incorporate them into their readings. When applied accurately, they can be powerful enhancements to the reading. You can find specialists from websites that list psychic readers.

These websites vet their psychic readers thoroughly before the site accepts them into their group. The reader’s background and experience are reviewed to see which ones have experience with divination tools from the East. There are many readers with varied experience and styles, so you are sure to find a reader who fits your needs.

How does it work?

One of our top-rated psychic readers is Aarushie. Her background of expertise includes: Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Reiki Healer, and Tarot Reader. She can help you find your way through issues of love and relationships, marriage, careers, your health, and all aspects of your future. She goes deep into evaluating your current situation and can provide guidance to you that will empower you to take a confident step toward the direction that will improve your life. She is available to connect with you through the phone, messaging, text, or by email.

You can rely on psychic reading sites on the web to find the best psychic and IChing readers online! You no longer need to scour the newspapers to find someone. These sites will give you a list of the most experienced psychic professionals. You can reach out to them by online chat, by phone, sms, or email.

You have access to them 24/7, all year-round!

You also do not need to wait to get connected. You can be connected to a reader immediately via phone or online chat. Email and sms might need a little more time, but you might find them more private and personal, and you will get a printed copy for you records which you can refer to whenever you want.

Your reading is within your reach!

If you hesitate because you feel online readings are not as effective as in-person readings, that is not true. Readings are based on the power of the psychic reader, the reader’s ability in using divination tools, and how the reader connects with your energy and aura. There is no difference between a reading that is given in person or through online methods. So, online readings are just as effective.

Are IChing readings the same as numerology readings?

These are similar in terms of them being ancient divination tools, but how they are used is unique to the tool. These tools are often used together by the psychic to make their readings more accurate.

In numerology, the foundation is based on numbers. The numerologist will take the date and time of your birthday, the name you were born with, and your current name to produce a reading for you.

There is no math involved. Numerology looks at the nature of the numbers that are in your life. They look at what area they appear in your life and how they appear. They provide guidance in your choice of partners, your jobs, and other areas in your life.

IChing uses tried-and-true words of wisdom from ancient Chinese mystics to guide you in your life path.

How much does it cost to get an IChing reading?

Prices depend on the website you visit. There are no set rates, but the typical per minute price starts from $0.99 to the high end of $9.99. You will get a psychic reading that integrates an IChing reading.

If you go with Oranum, you actually get a free trial and chat. After you select your psychic reader, Oranum will put $9.99 of free credits into your account. You practically get your reading for free!

Most of these sites need you to create an account, then deposit money into it before you can get a reading. After you connect with a reader, your session will be charged by the minute which is deducted from your account.

Most people pay by credit card. The payment gateway on psychic reading sites that have good reputation is secure, so no worries about the security of your credit card information.

How should you choose the best IChing reader?

You can search for recommendations from people who have sought guidance from specific readers. One advantage to psychic reader websites is that each reader has a profile and associated reviews from their past clients. You can read these reviews and decide for yourself which psychic fits your needs.

The reviews are reliable. After all, why should a past client not tell the truth about his experience? People get help from psychics to deal with personal issues. If someone was not happy with the guidance they got, why should they say otherwise? So, you can depend on the reviews to give you a good indication of the quality of service received by the client.

What are some of the pros and cons of IChing readings?

With this new understanding of IChing, here are some pros and cons about this divination tool:


  • IChing helps you understand your current situation
  • IChing helps you discover answers within you that you do not know you already have
  • IChing gives you the confidence to step into the right direction
  • IChing guides you in all aspects of your life
  • IChing readings can be added to psychic readings to make them more effective


  • Imposters can easily pretend to be IChing readers
  • IChing readings are not intended to predict the future
  • IChing might provide guidance that you do not want to hear
  • A reader lacking in experience in IChing can get confused
  • Training is specialized and hard to learn online or by reading a book

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