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The Best Online Sites For Free Tarot Card Readings

There are numerous ways for people to connect with their inner self: soul, mind, and spirit, such as through tarot card readings. You could rely on either software or an expert psychic advisor and get a genuine tarot card readings experience. Nonetheless, for many, the question is where to find online links to trustworthy tarot card readings.

This article has taken up the challenge to address the internet scantiness of knowledge on the best online psychic platforms. We have covered extra miles in our research to recommend the most experienced human psychic advisors, and a host of free software tarot card reading websites.

Kindly read on and find out more.

Evaluation Criteria of Tarot Card Reading Sites

Tarot Card Psychics – The accuracy of the tarot card reading is greatly subjective to the professional skills and experience behind the psychic or software employed. For instance, an experienced psychic will gain an accurate insight into a client’s past, present, and future by reading selected cards. It is against a backdrop of a similar comparison that we have ranked the top psychic websites in this write-up.

Free Readings – You have heard the saying “the best things in life are free”, which is also true in tarot card reading. Understandably, most people want affordable/free tarot card readings for a reason. Considering affordability, this review has included only the options that have offered significant customer discounts either in free card reading minutes, credits, or satisfaction guarantee in case a client is displeased with a service package.

Interface – We also considered ease of access and navigation on the various websites analyzed. What good is good content if it cannot be easily accessed/delivered by the customer? It is tremendously useful if users can access psychics based on the reader’s experience level, skills, and customer feedback. A majority of users want websites with mobile app support for convenience.

You will find all these deliberations in the following ranking

The Top Five Online Tarot Card Readings Offered By Credible Psychics

We have reviewed the following five online tarot-card providers to help people select only the best tarot card reading and interpretation service packages. Towards the tail end of this review, we discuss the 100% free tarot card apps and the available computer-generated tarot readings.

  1. Kasamba – Kasamba is the best tarot card reading platform with support for mobile apps. Additionally, there are many features that make Kasamba the best online tarot reading platform such as:

It features support for mobile apps, compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

The platform provides a three-minute free reading for new clients.

The platform relies on various methods of establishing contact with the user.

It was set up more than twenty years ago.

It is a great platform for their well-evaluated tarot readers as well.

Kasamba’s over twenty years of work experience in online tarot card readings have endeared the platform as one of the most trusted and long-standing psychic service providers.

Kasamba’s network is popular also because its mobile app is compatible with Android and IOS operating systems. Regardless of the user’s geographical location and time zone, many people can access Kasamba’s Tarot Reading Platforms at their convenience.

Kasamba makes it easy for users to find a psychic advisor on their site through a page that sorts through experts using different parameters such as card reading experience levels. Additionally, users can easily access customer reviews and testimonials on Kasamba’s profile pages to further assist in the selection criteria.

Apart from providing options for selecting experts, users rely on Kasamba’s network support to, without difficulty, communicate with their preferred spiritualist by phone, email, or live chats.

Other unique features that make Kasamba’s psychic platform very appealing to new users include the huge discounts on initial card reading sessions, particularly, the free first-three minute session of card reading.

  1. Keen – Keen is the best option for the most affordable tarot card reading platforms.

Like Kasamba, Keen has been in existence for a considerably long period of over twenty years, and offers the following features:

It is the most affordable online source of professional tarot card readings.

Keen has a spanning professional work experience of over twenty years.

Keen provides great customer support to users.

The platform relies on various methods of establishing contact with the user.

Avails a free three-minute card reading for first-time users.

With the most affordable online tarot card reading package, Keen has been providing professional services for more than twenty years. Keen not only offers new users a free three-minute reading session but also low pricing rates throughout all the tarot card reading sessions.

Apart from online tarot card reading, users can opt for other divination methods on the Keen platform such as dream analysis. Users will have the option of selecting their preferred psychic advisor, and the most suitable communication method including video, online chat or telephone.

Another key beneficial feature of this platform is access to valuable, educational resource materials that accompany the online psychic reading sessions. The supplemental educational resources are especially useful to individuals new to tarot card readings.

Keen’s customer response is highly active and helpful.

  1. Psychic Source – Psychic Source is the best option for tarot card readings platforms with the best customer satisfaction guarantee

Psychic Source is popular largely for its great customer satisfaction guarantee program on its sales.

Psychic Source is also popular because it has consistently returned accurate predictions to customers.

Psychic Source has been in the active card reading business for the last thirty years.

Their tarot card readers are highly vetted to safeguard professionalism.

The platform offers an initial free three-minute session.

Psychic Source takes great pride in being the most accurate tarot card reading platform helped by the 30+ years of professional work experience. Additionally, the platform heavily evaluates the skill sets of its tarot readers to entrench accuracy and professionalism in their service packages.

Psychic Source provides for the specialization of psychic experts in different study areas, allowing users to access help for different life aspects such as finances, success, love, and careers. Its website offers its users an enhanced user experience, including an option to match their specific needs with respective tarot readers. In addition, customers can select their desired mode of communication with the experts, such as by telephone or email.

Arguably, the customer satisfaction guarantee is the best user feature on the Psychic Source platform. Customer satisfaction guarantee reaffirms Psychic Source’s ethical and accurate approach to online tarot card reading. The initial three-minute reading session is free, allowing customers to test the quality of the platform’s service from the onset.

  1. AskNow – AskNow is the best option of tarot card readings platforms for love questions

AskNow is a popular online platform for a tarot reading for many beneficial features such as:

It has a remarkably consistent return of accurate love predictions.

It is a great option for phone advice.

It has numerous positive reviews from users.

It has been in the professional card-reading business for fifteen years.

It offers customers a free five-minute reading session.

Much as their experts will answer questions on all life aspects, AskNow is the best platform for users looking for love advice rather than predictions of their future love life. AskNow has been in an active line of business for over fifteen years but has experts with over twenty-five years of experience.

A study of the site shows a platform that is not only reliable to users, but one that has also earned plenty of customer trust. They extensively screen their tarot readers for which the platform has received a lot of positive reviews from past customers.

New customers are welcomed to the platform’s service network with a unique free offer of five-minute tarot card reading package, which is considerably a bigger discount than most websites.

  1. Oranum – Oranum is the best option for Video Tarot Card Readings

Customers who appreciate audio-visual tarot card reading sessions will find great value in Oranum platforms. It has features such as:

The platform gives special offer of free credits to new users upon sign-up.

Based on customer review, the platforms is considered a professional psychic reader by many customers.

The platform delivers a 24-hour customer service.

The video sessions feature in-depth card reading and interpretation analysis.

There are many customers who prefer to receive tarot card readings through visual/graphical representations and on a face-to-face engagement e.g. on a screen, than through telephone or online chats. The experts in Oranum provide excellent video analysis, making their platform the best option for a user with a bias for video readings platforms.

Oranum offers many types of psychic services and has dedicated a special section on their website for publishing detailed tarot card readings. Users receive a 24-hour customer service delivery every day, regardless of whatever psychic answers the clients may seek.

Free Tarot Card Readings Online Using Software

The most recommended method for customers to receive (accurate) tarot card readings is from an experienced professional psychic. Alternatively, the customer can rely on platforms with free Artificial Intelligence (AI) or software tarot card reading.

Some of the best options for a customer looking for a tarot card reading for free include the following:


To deliver a summarized reading of a user’s general concerns in life, the platform runs on the Lotus Six Tarot card pattern. The user picks six different cards among the Major Arcana Group, with each card having its own distinct attribute/interpretation. This platform also teaches users ways of growing their card reading skills.

  1. Astrology Answers

To get an interpretation, users are allowed to select different card options drawn out in a specific layout. The number of cards, simplicity/complexity of the card layout, patterns, and interpretations are different across various card spreads; including spreads with one-card selection. The most common card number/layout on this platform is the three-card spread which provides an interpretation of the user’s past, present, and future.

  1. FreeDivination

As much as the three-card spread is the most recommended option, FreeDivination presents twenty spread-out card options to its users. This website has set apart a section for explaining the meaning of various spreads to new users who may be unacquainted with tarot card readings. It is worth noting that specific card spreads are designed for the specified types of questions, and others provide general answers.

Tarot Card Readings Online FAQ

Q: What Is a Tarot Card Reading?

A: Tarot card readings are spiritual/psychic analyses and interpretations of a person’s past, present, and future life. An experienced expert will decipher the cards to interpret or provide answers to specific questions raised by an inquisitive client. The client/user really must have thought about certain aspects of their lives, and come up with certain questions before the card reading session starts.

There are different types of tarot cards that can be used, with a total of seventy-eight different types of cards used in tarot reading. This deck of cards consists of two card classes, i.e., the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana with each of the card classes having four suits: Pentacles, Swords, Cups, and Wands.

Tarot card readers will shuffle the cards and lay them out in different spreads. The card readers will interpret the cards according to card type and card position in the spread, bearing in mind the question asked by a client.

Q: Are Tarot Card Readings Accurate?

A: The accuracy of tarot reading is determined by the skills of the card reader. Whether the tarot card reading platform relies on actual psychic experts instead of software also affects the accuracy of card readings. However, a reader’s experience is a big influencing factor in accurate tarot card reading; the more the reader’s experience, the higher the accuracy in card reading and interpretation.

Q: What Issues Can a Tarot Card Reading Help Someone to Address?

A: It is normal for people to wonder how a tarot card reading provides answers to some of life’s most important questions. Tarot card reading has helped many people grow their personal lives, find direction and a clear purpose for life, and connect with their innermost human aspirations.

Q: Do People Need to Think of Specific Things During a Tarot Reading?

A: For an authentic experience, it is key that the client has a clear mind before they engage in a tarot card reading session. It is only natural for the card reader to want to connect deeply with a client’s core self to enable them to provide client-objective answers.

To help the card reading expert provide an accurate interpretation, the client’s sole focus should be on the questions they want the expert to help address. In equal measure, the client must know what questions they need clarity on, well in advance.

Q: How Can People Choose a Good Tarot Card Reader?

A: Selecting the most reliable, experienced, and the accurate psychic reader is the only way to increase a client’s chances of receiving credible answers to life’s most important questions. The easy way to select a good tarot card reader is to rely on the sorting tools provided on the psychic platform.

Q: Is It Better to Have a Tarot Reading from an Expert or Get a Software Reading?

A: Certainly, receiving tarot card readings from an experienced professional is the best way of getting accurate answers, compared to reliance on a site that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret card readings.

A website relying on AI will provide the client with generic answers, instead of specific responses as sought by the client. The professional has the required capacity for empathy to connect with a client on a personal basis and provide question-specific answers.

Tarot Card Readings Online: The Final Verdict

There are different options for individuals looking for expert tarot card reading. However, it is always best to engage a professional expert, instead of receiving readings from software-supported sites running on artificial intelligence. Provided the client can access the right site with credible readers, tarot reading is not only fun but also quite rewarding.

The overall best tarot card reading site is Kasamba, because of its numerous beneficial features. Principally, the availability of Kasamba’s network on mobile platforms is a key driver of the site’s popularity, because it gives users convenient access to tarot card reading information.

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