Difference Between a Psychic and Medium

What Makes Psychics Different From Mediums?

You’ve made the choice to get yourself a reading. That immediately leads to the inevitable question. Can anyone you know recommend a great psychic or medium to you?

It’s a loaded question, one that needs clarification. You need this if you’re going to get the kind of reading that you want. When somebody chooses to look into the metaphysical for guidance, they need to be quite clear about what they’re looking for through a ‘reader’. In terms of the information, I present here, I’ll refer to the ‘reader’ as the one providing the reading, and the ‘sitter’ as the one getting their reading.

There are distinct differences between mediums and psychics. You should also know that there are more than just these two types. Other intuitive and channelers also provide ‘readings’ that don’t fall squarely into the traditional roles that mediums or psychics commonly portray. There are even metaphysical professionals who provide readings and guidance for spiritual life in terms of information channeled to them from guides and ghosts. If you dive even deeper into your options, you can get past life readings, palm readings, pendulum guidance, chakra readings, astrology readings, aura readings, numerology insights, and so much more. Some even title themselves as ‘psychic mediums’ and provide both. Yet there are psychics who aren’t mediums, as well as mediums who don’t do psychic readings. The most essential thing I’d like to clarify for you is how psychics and mediums are different because they are certainly not the same.

What Are Mediums?

Do you long for someone that passed away? Do you hope to make some kind of contact with them? If so, then a medium reading is what you want. Mediums talk to the dead. Getting a reading thanks to a medium means that they can communicate with those entities the human eye can’t see, providing you, as the sitter, information that would be true to you but unknown to them. In short, they’re getting information that comes from the dead so they can provide it to those still living. Think of a medium as a middleman working as a conversational translator between a sitter and a soul. They’re basically a messenger. Theatrical ‘seance’ scenarios are a frequent visual reference. This kind of trance mediumship happens when the reader lets their bodily energy and essence go so that the soul of the person you loved can possess them and talk through them. A more frequently used situation is a medium reader that shares mental messages from the departed soul and interprets the mental mediumship in spoken ways that they can share with the sitter. These messages come through spiritual communications that the medium receives through vibrations from a discarnate soul as communications before they share the messages with a sitter who arranged for the reading. The objective is for a reader to get clear and direct messages from souls so they can provide validating and accurate communication to a sitter. A lot of people see mediums because being able to hear from loved ones passed on helps the sitters develop senses of peace, comprehension, healing, and even validation.

If you contact a medium so you can get a reading, you need to be sure to ask them if they’re the kind of medium who actually talks to the dead. Quite a few metaphysical professionals call themselves mediums since they proclaim to ‘channel spirit’, but they might not be the kind of mediums that can connect you to loved ones lost. Some metaphysical professionals calling themselves mediums might channel your guides or angels, or they might channel ascended masters or other specific entities that offer spiritual information about your life. Be sure you do some research in order to know what the specific abilities, gifts, and foci are so you know what they can share with you if you’re their sitter.

What Are Psychics?

Are you looking for a bit of clarity? Would you like to more about what’s happening in a specific area of your life right now? Do you need validation or curiosity satisfied on a certain subject in your life that could use some clarity? If you want readings to see how certain things came to be, as well as what might lie in wait ahead of you, then you need a psychic. Psychic readers don’t communicate specifically with the dead. Psychic intuitive have the capacity to both read and interpret your personal human energy, and they do so with both clarity and direction. They can typically perceive accurate and specific information about where you have already been, as well as where you might be right now, all without having any prior information about things surrounding you. When they get validation on specific topical areas, readers can both ‘see’ and ‘predict’ directions that energy surrounding such situations might go. Just keep in mind that psychics don’t predict the future. As a sitter, you always have free will, meaning you can reject and even change the directions a psychic foresees. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a psychic, then you’re probably looking to get a reading so you can discover the future directions waiting for you on topics you decided to consult a psychic for. Topics that are possibly attached to you, your earth incarnate life path, and your energy can include relationships career, finances, home, friends, and family. If you’d like to discuss particular topics, then inquire about them. Ask the reader questions that they can directly focus on.

When you contact a psychic, you need to specifically ask them how they get the information that they read from you as well as from you. Readers gather and interpret vibrations in a variety of ways in order to guide you and answer your questions. The most popular tool is tarot cards, but some psychics don’t use tools at all. Others might just get busy with pen and paper to write down references and notes that you can take with you. You need to know in advance to make your appointment with your psychic reader the specific tools that they use or have in their possession. Learn how they apply their intuitive abilities and gifts for you as a sitter.

The most crucial thing that you should know is that if you would like to converse with the dead, then you need to go to a medium. If you’d like life path insights, visit a psychic. Always do your homework about who you are going to see prior to booking a session. Check out reviews, ask for referrals, and ask questions about their work. If you get good vibes about someone, run with it. If you don’t get great feelings, then avoid them. If you ever get uncomfortable with a session with a medium or psychic, then leave. Ethical and truthful readers do their best to give you compassionate and accurate readings. Never accept information from readers that tell you more money is required to deal with situations. There are genuine mediums and psychics among the con artists who use their tremendous talents to help people on many levels.

Find the right people you are comfortable with and have the power to help you, and you get the things you need for a more fulfilling life.

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