The Zodiac Sign Of Pisces


Before the age of modern science, those that did not have proper scientific training would look at the stars in a completely different way. Today, when astronomers teach us about constellations, stars, and the movement of the planets, this is very different from what you would have been taught centuries ago. Interpreting zodiac signs has been around for eons. When ancient cultures looked at the stars, they began to look at them in a very different manner. They recognize that there were patterns in the sky that they attributed certain meanings to. It is from this type of early observation that horoscopes, the zodiac, and astrology came into being. If you were born under the zodiac sign of Pisces, it is said that you may possess certain characteristics or personality traits. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect if you were born under the sign of Pisces.

The Origins Of Astrology

As everyone knows today, we are within a solar system. There are planets that revolve around the sun. From our perspective on earth, we do not see this rotation. We see the planets, moon, and even the sun moving in a distinctive left to right direction. In regard to the planets specifically, they follow a path called the ecliptic. This is a narrow region of the southern sky that you will always see them traveling through. This has to do with where we are on the earth, and our position within the solar system, but to the ancients, this was something much more akin to signs they needed to interpret.

The Interpretation Of Zodiac Signs

This zodiac is represented by the apparent path of celestial bodies. This can include things like the sun, the moon, and the planets in the sky. Although the sun and moon tend to travel slightly differently than the planets, their positioning in the sky, at certain times, can be interpreted by astrologers. There are also constellations that travel through the zodiac. In fact, they are equidistant clusters of stars that seem to have a specific appearance. Although they are interpreted differently by many cultures, in our modern society most people agree upon how they look and what they represent. These signs include Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Aries, Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer, and Gemini. When the sun is directly behind one of these constellations in the sky, and a person is born on that day, this is interpreted as their zodiac sign. As time has moved forward, and cultures have advanced, you would think that most people would consider zodiac signs some type of pseudoscience. Although we have progressed beyond the astrologers of the Hebrews, Romans, Hindus, and those in the middle ages, there are millions of people today that still look at their zodiac sign and a horoscope to help them every day.


Why Do People Use A Horoscope?

A horoscope goes far beyond what sign a person was born under. It incorporates many other celestial factors. They will consider the positioning of certain planets, the sun, the moon, and the angles that these celestial bodies form together. Astrologers are people that can interpret a horoscope. This type of interpretation was also made by the ancient Chinese. Once this is done, people can make assessments of their life and what direction they should go in based upon these interpretations. In fact, most major newspapers have a horoscope in them. There will be a short sentence or two about what you should do on any given day. It's also advantageous to know what your zodiac sign is. That is because each interpretation is based upon the zodiac sign along with celestial bodies in the sky right now.

The Zodiac Sign Of Pisces

The sign of Pisces is often represented by two fish. These fish seem to be circling one another. It is called a negative mutable sign, one that is attributed to people that are born between February 19 and 20 March. Regardless of how you interpret this symbol, or what the constellation looks like, there are very specific characteristics associated with those born under this sign.

Characteristics Of Those Born Under The Pisces Zodiac Sign

People that are born under the sign tend to be very intuitive individuals. They seem to have a deep connection to not only themselves but those around them. They are also very creative individuals that are constantly pursuing new ideas. Those that have been born under the sign of Pisces also tend to be very smart. Empathy tends to be something that they all emulate. They will feel very deeply about their friends, family, and even random strangers they will meet. They tend to act on their feelings, sometimes referred to as a gut reaction, and it is because of this that many believe that they do not use logic when making decisions.


Why Pisces Are So Sensitive And Quiet

The sign of Pisces is also representative of personality traits such as being very sensitive for wanting to be quiet. Although they do contemplate things internally, when they are motivated, they can present their external self and ideas very easily. This sign is represented by two separate fish. They seem to represent the opposite sides of an individual. It is possible that many of these people may find themselves divided on certain issues that are very contradictory or hard to process. The reason that they are very quiet is that they can monitor what they say. Although they have a definitive sense of right and wrong, their moral compass, combined with empathy, often prevents them from setting the record straight. If you need advice from one of these individuals, not only are they willing to give it, but it will likely be very insightful information. Pisces tend to have a very non-judgmental attitude. They will simply let people be as they are. Those that are under the sign or even thought to be psychic because of the intuitive information that they can discern.

Pisces Zodiac Sign And The Horoscope

This zodiac sign is connected to the element of water. This makes sense since they are able to conform to whoever they are with. They have a mutable quality, and they can also be represented by multiple colors including green, violet, lilac, and even mauve. The planetary rulers over this sign include Neptune and Jupiter. They are most compatible with those that are either a Taurus or a Virgo. This information is used by people creating a horoscope to present ideas that typically work well with these individuals.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Pisces

There are definitive strengths and weaknesses that a Pisces will possess. Their strengths include being musically inclined, wise, gentle, intuitive, and also compassionate. They tend to also be extremely artistic. There weaknesses are numerous. This includes having a general fear of trying anything new. They can be too trusting which can lead to disaster. Often, they have a desire to fully escape normal reality. They would have no problem being a martyr or a victim. Those that are extremely isolated tend to be very sad. Once a person knows that they have this personality trait, they can strive for embracing the strengths and diminishing their weaknesses.

What Pisces Like And Dislike

A Pisces it going to like many different things. Despite not liking solitude, they may actually prefer being alone. They may enjoy sleeping long hours or listening to music habitually. These are also individuals that enjoy the concept of romance. Although they will read the material, their preference will be visual media. Spiritual themes tend to be one of their more popular interests. They are likely very good swimmers, which may be inferred because Pisces is a water sign. Some of the things they do not like include cruelty of any kind, being criticized, or individuals that try to make others think they know it all.

The Planets And The Pisces Zodiac Sign

Neptune is the ruling planet over this sign. This could be why they enjoy music. Although many colors are associated with this particular zodiac sign, sea green tends to be the most common. Since Neptune is referred to in ancient Roman texts as being the God of the water, this association with water and the color sea green seems to make sense. However, if there are other planets in close proximity during a zodiac reading, the angles of those planets may affect what direction their life should go in.

Best Traits Of A Pisces

Pisces have many positive traits. They are extremely forgiving individuals. You may have had an argument with someone that is a Pisces. They will be the first to apologize to bring back balance to that relationship. This could also be because they are extremely devoted individuals. Those that are married to a Pisces may experience this compassionate and forgiving attitude. Pisces tend to be very sensitive, as well as intuitive, which leads back to the fact that they are extremely empathetic. They are individuals that enjoy being in love. However, they run the risk of being used by people that will take advantage of these positive traits. If they have close friends, they will always put the needs of their friends before themselves. They will also listen to every problem that you will have. In regard to family, they will treasure the fact that they have a family they can interact with every day. Their goal is to always bring balance, and within most families, this can be something very difficult to achieve.

Best Careers For A Pisces

A Pisces can become very obsessed with the work that they do. They are extremely focused on doing the best job possible. If they are in love with the work that they do, they will always have endless energy. However, this may not apply to those that have jobs devoid of actual people. Therefore, jobs that they will like may involve a substantial amount of human face-to-face interaction. They would not do very well over the phone or in running an online business. Fortunately, if they do have a setback, they will simply look at that as a proverbial bump in the road. They tend to have an overzealous amount of confidence in achieving their goals regardless of what happens. If you were born under the sign of Pisces, you may see some similarities between this zodiac sign and your own personality. Although it may not accurately reflect every single aspect of this zodiac sign, you will likely see bits and pieces of yourself when looking at the big picture. People that are a Pisces are simply trying to do their best. Their objective is to make sure everyone around them is happy. If you are lucky enough to have a close friend that is a Pisces, they will always be there for you regardless of arguments or disagreements that you may have had.


Pisces Dates: February 19 – March 20

Symbol: A pair of fish, swimming head to tail

Mode + Element: Mutable Water

Ruling Planet: Jupiter & Neptune

House: Twelfth

Mantra: I Believe

Body Parts: The Feet, Lymphatics, Liver

Colors: Purple & White

Tarot Card: The Moon