Numerology Calculator: About Your Life Path Number And Meaning

If you are already using the Law of Attraction as one of the tools to make improvements in your life. Then it is likely that you are already on your way to achieving your goals. However, there is also a possibility that you are not reaching your full potential due to important information that relates to your Life Path number (use the Numerology Calculator to find your number or check on the examples we have provided below). When you start understanding the importance of numerology it can help you find out more about yourself.

While you may already have heard about the power associated with Life Path numbers, each of these numbers also has what is known as a "shadow side". When you learn ways to overcome challenges that your shadow side can pose it can help you to truly harness the potential of the Law of Attraction. Carry on reading to find out what your blocks and barriers are. We will also give you tips on the way to overcome these by using the Law of Attraction.

The information below only covers an overview of what Life Path numbers mean. If you would like to find out more, take advantage of your FREE numerology reading in detail here. Your number corresponds with your birth date and can answer a few important questions that you may have about your life, your life purpose, fields of opportunity, and your spiritual mission.

Life Path Numerology Calculator Guide

Before you can start tapping into the potential and resources of Numerology, it is important to first find out what your Life Path number is. If you don't know what it is, there is an easy method that you can use to work it out. (Feel free to use the Numerology Calculator to work it out). Essentially your Life Path Number corresponds with your date of birth. It is a representation of you at your birth and gives information about your talents, difficulties, and native traits.

All that is needed to work this number out is your birth date which includes the year, month, and date. The numbers have to convert into single digits using addition (unless the numbers are 11 or 22). For example, if your birth month is November, which is the 11th month, you won't convert this number into single digits. The same will apply if your birth date is on the 11th or 22nd of a month, or for any of the sums that add up to either 11 or 22. 11 and 22 are known as Master Numbers in numerology. You can click here to get to a Numerology Calculator, to access your Free numerology reading.

Life Path Numerology Calculator: Example

If for example, your birthday falls on the 9th of March 1985, the date is 9 and the month is 3.

For the year you were born in you would add 1 + 9 + 8 + 5, which would give you a sum of 23.

From here you would add 2 + 3, taking you to the number 5.

At this stage, you will be left with 3 single-digit numbers ( 1 for the date, 1 for the month, and 1 for the year): 9, 3, and 5.

From here you add the 3 numbers together again until you are left with a single-digit number.

For this example, 9 + 3 + 5 would leave you with 17.

You would then add 1 + 7, leaving you with 8 (your Life Path number).

Now we will cover the major roadblocks and strengths encountered by each of the Life Path numbers. As you will notice, each of the numbers is linked to a different way in which to use the Law of Attraction. However, the information below is just a brief summary of effective, and quick tips to help you get started. There is a lot more for you to unlock.

Life Path Number 1

You are dedicated and creative, which means you naturally stick to your goals and you are typically gifted innately to the Law of Attraction techniques. This can include dream-board creation and visualization (these may hold more power for you than verbal affirmations).

The shadow side of this Life number will depend on your desires, needs, and the opinions you have of others. For this reason, you may be manifesting the things you don't really want. You may be spending too much time trying to please others rather than finding the strength or courage to live a life that you really desire.

Exercises For Life Path Number 1

Try exercises that connect with your values. For example, you could write down 5 things that are the most important to you, or things you value even when you could gain criticism or no praise for them. From here, ask yourself: " What are the life goals you should be setting that relate to these values?"

These are the things you should focus on manifesting. However, you might still find it hard to focus on these goals and ideals in an autonomous, confident, and independent way. You might benefit from other exercises that assist you in dealing with these aspects of your life path number.

Life Path Number 2

You are a genuine and emotionally sensitive individual who practices honesty and congruence. This means you probably find it easy to focus on your true heart's desire when you work with the Law of Attraction.

However, the challenge of Life Path Number 2 is that you may have tendencies to feel hopeless or defeated when you are faced with criticism or difficulties. You are probably also drawn to focusing on potential negatives in different situations. This is a fear that may be stopping you from what you would like to manifest. You need to focus on achieving a more upbeat and positive mindset.

Exercises For Life Path Number 2

To release yourself from negativity, try figuring out where that critical "inner voice" stems from.

Does it sound similar to a specific teacher, past partner, or family member? And what is it saying?

Make a list of any of the self-defeating beliefs that you are holding on to. Take a good hard look at each. Now turn these into questions that are positive. For instance, " I would never be able to so that" can turn into " What can I do to start making this possible for me to do?".

You can also take advantage of finding methods to keep your energy levels boosted, as lethargy and tiredness are one of the shadow sides of many Life Path number 2s. There are physical tasks, meditations, and mantras that could help you with this setback.

Life Path Number 3

Perhaps the best trait of a Life Path number 3, is that these individuals are socially magnetic. For this reason, romance, networking, or anything else that involves people will form an important portion of your Law of Attraction work, giving you an instant advantage. You are also optimistic just about all the time. This can help to enhance the positivity and drive that you need for you to manifest effectively.

At the same time, this Life Path number can also be linked to difficulties with commitments and a type of flippancy. This could mean that you may find it difficult to focus on a single thing that you would like to manifest, which means your energy is diluted over various goals instead of one at a time.

Exercises For Life Path Number 3

Mindfulness exercises are a great way to stop the shadow side linked to this Life Path Number. They teach you discipline and focus, which will help you to focus on one goal or task, rather than many.

You can start by spending 10 to 15 minutes focusing on how you breathe and allowing any other thoughts to float away. At a later stage, you can progress onto visualization journeys to assist you in finding your true goals.

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Life Path Number 4

This Life Path Number includes the individuals that are blessed naturally with practical personalities and strong wills. For this reason, you probably already know what you have to do in order to achieve the desired result. This can help you greatly to formulate an excellent plan that matches up well to how you use the Law of Attraction. You are also a number that has a strong faith and belief that the Law of Attraction really can work.

One of the shadow sides linked to the Life Path Number 4 is that these individuals can miss out on spontaneous opportunities caused by rigid perspectives, and possessing lower opportunities to attain wealth.

Exercises For Life Path Number 4

There is good news. You can easily use some of the key Law of Attraction methods to manifest money into your life. Once you have established what you need money for, and the amount that you need, daily visualization that will involve vivid images of you enjoying your financial success becomes important.

You need to focus on seeing it, smelling it, and feeling it. You may even benefit from any exercises that prompt you to write down your negative and positive beliefs around money, along with helping you to stay focused on how to maintain positive feelings towards it.

Life Path Number 5

Life Path Number 5 involves flexible, open-minded thinkers that can find a solution outside-the-box. You are also a person that is anchored in most present moments, which means you are acutely aware of your current experiences, which means you are less likely to become bogged down from memories from the past or your concerns for the future.

On the negative side, number 5s can be self-indulgent, suffer from feelings of becoming attracted to a transient pleasure instead of focusing on manifesting lasting changes. You may also be slightly self-focused. You have to find a way to maintain positive attitudes towards other people if you would like to start using the Law of Attraction to its fullest potential.

Exercises For Life Path Number 5

To start spreading positivity, set yourself tasks that involve an act of kindness that is random every day. This could involve allowing a person standing behind you to go in front of you in a shopping queue, calling a friend you haven't spoken to in ages, or complimenting strangers. Once you start to expand on your current worldview and you start to look outwards, you can then move onto finding your deepest and true desires. You will also learn to look past anything superficial and the fun desires that initially appear to be tempting.

Life Path Number 6

Life Path Number 6 is associated with people that are generous and compassionate, and you probably spread your "goodness" wherever you may go. You are a natural nurturer and you are filled with loving energy. This can help you to retain hope when using the Law of Attraction.

One of the shadow sides of Life Path Number 6 can mean that you give too much of yourself and that you find little time to focus your attention on what you really love. For this reason, you may be failing to reach the life you really want and the right way to use the Law of Attraction effectively to create this life.

Exercises For Life Path Number 6

The most important technique you can learn involves self-care.

You need to learn that your values extend past what you are able to offer others.

For instance, make a list of everything that you like or enjoy about yourself. Try not to include anything that relates to what you do for others. You could include things like "creative", rather than "put others first", or a "good listener". Put the list in a place that you will see it all the time as a reminder of your intrinsic worth. From here you will start to find more time for your goals and beloved hobbies, and you will learn to draw a better boundary between others and your self.

Life Path Number 7

People with Life Path Number 7 are reflective and peaceful individuals that know the right way to enjoy connections with other people without allowing this to define their lives. For this reason, if you are interested in using the Law of Attraction to discover love, you have the type of mindset already that will foster a satisfying and balanced relationship.

One of the shadow sides of this Life Number is that you might be struggling to appreciate things that you have. At the same time, you may find it more difficult than others to believe in the Law of Attraction and that it actually works.

Exercises For Life Path Number 7

To balance your shadow side, you need to focus your attention on connecting with your intuitive, spiritual nature (rather than only using the analytical parts of your mind). Start a journal of gratitude, meditate, or take photographs daily of beautiful moments that can all be extremely helpful. Using a journal to write down what you are grateful for can also help you to become more positive. This can be particularly effective when you focus on finding silver linings in your everyday challenges. This will take effort and work and you will need to further these exercises to boost your positivity enough in order to manifest the life that you desire.

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Life Path Number 8

If you are a Life Path Number 8 it means you are innately thoughtful, focused, and determined. You are also likely practical and confident, making you an excellent organizer.

However, your practicality can also mean that you are not devoting enough time to your dreams. You may also find it harder to practice your daily visualizations when compared to how the other Life Path numbers can.

You could also focus too much of your attention on material things and exclude things that have an emotional value. This could mean that you are finding it hard to discover lasting love.

Exercises For Life Path Number 8

To grow past such limitations you need to learn to feel and resonate with your emotions rather than ignoring or repressing them. You can facilitate this by looking at the reasons as to why you may feel uncomfortable with a particular emotion.

For instance, you can write down things you have learned about a particular emotion. What did your parents teach you about how to react to feeling fearful, hopeful, happy, or angry, for example? Uncovering a few messages that you receive will assist you to start rejecting the emotions that are no longer serving you. When you start doing this and you learn to focus your attention on tasks that are geared towards connecting with what you truly feel, you will start to learn about your true desires. You will also find a better way to use the Law of Attraction.

Life Path Number 9

Others tend to respect a person with a Life Parth Number 9. These people represent honorable individuals that are usually very fair. If you are a Life Path Number 9 you are probably charismatic, and you often find that people are automatically interested in what you have to say. You can harness this magnetism when it comes to attracting what you want out of life.

However, the shadow side of this Life Path Number can hinder this. You may have negative obsessions when it comes to attaining financial freedom or achieving a highly successful career. When you have negative thoughts surrounding the things you desire, it will stop you from attaining them.

Exercises For Life Path Number 9

If you know that you are fearful or negative about things you truly desire, start with exercises that start to reform your thoughts and beliefs.

Write down the names of concepts that are relevant in the center of a page. This could include examples such as career success or money. Now surround this concept with positive beliefs and good associations. For example, for a money concept, you may want to write " I don't have to worry about safety or comfort", or "allow me to travel". Make sure that when you write, it is as if you have this money already. Pin the page where you can always see it. This is the beginning of finding out the right way to live "in the knowing", which is one of the main concepts for those interested in using the Law of Attraction to the fullest.

Life Path Number 11

This is one of the master numbers. Those born with the Life Path Number 11 are highly spiritually aware individuals.

Others most likely see you as a person that knows more when compared to the average person, and that you have a special type of insight. You probably have big dreams and you have a lot to offer to others and the world.

On the flipside, 11s usually have mood swings regarded as intense, with minimal space to feel merely "good". These people usually either feel terrible or amazing.

You may also find it difficult to appreciate what you have already, even when something represents a significant step towards the life you truly desire.

Exercises For Life Path Number 11

Learning the right way to obtain a better emotional balance and a way to turn off that internal critical voice is essential if you want to start manifesting a life that you truly desire. Meditation practice on a daily basis can assist you in experiencing mellow and calm feeling more frequently, and a way to pursue more relaxing hobbies. However, you might still require a bit of extra help. More intense exercises can help you to quiet those intense emotions for long enough so that you can start tapping into the most important source of inspiration. Once you can achieve this, you will become unstoppable.

Life Path Number 22

The Life Path Number 22, is the other Master Number and is said to be the most powerful of all numbers. You will have various immense sources of "inner" power that you can access or tap into. If you find a way to use your potential to the fullest, you can contribute greatly to making this world a better place.

The shadow side relating to the number 22s presents dramatic challenges. While it is highly unlikely that you are a negative person, you might be self-censoring and overbearing. If you are censoring yourself, you really won't know what type of life you truly desire, and you are wasting all your inbuilt power.

Exercises For Life Path Number 22

Working on the way you communicate with others and yourself can help you to take the way you use the Law of Attraction to an entirely new level. There is a balanced medium that you can find between being tactless and being insincere. Think about ways to achieve this and then you can start working on how to express yourself in an authentic way.

For instance, you can start off with things that you find difficult to express or say. Now write other ways to express them. You can also benefit greatly from various personal-development programs or exercises that are targeted specifically at the number 22s. With effort and thought, self-contained sentiment can turn into something effectively expressed. This can free up space to be who you really are and help you to attract things that really mean something to you.

What Next?

Your Life Path Number is only one of the calculations that give you more insight into your life and your purpose. Download your FREE Numerology Report in detail here. This report contains a lot more information and details, which include personalized video guides for free.

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