The Meaning Of Master Numbers

What do Master Numbers Mean And How They Affect You

Numbers form a part of our everyday lives. We use different numbers throughout the day without giving thought to them. They assist many people with mundane and typical tasks such as working out the date or the time, onto more scientific complex equations to try and work out formulas or gain a better understanding of the universe.

However, there are certain numbers that numerology experts and enthusiasts regard as special.

These are known as Master Numbers. You may be wondering what these numbers are, and what type of powers does each one possesses?

In numerology, there are 3 Master Numbers. These include 11, 22, and 33.

They are called “Master Numbers” since many experts believe and suggest that they hold power with added potential. This has to do with the pairing of a number that is the same. People that have a master number in their birth date or their name are usually “gifted” with a special tendency that appears to set these people apart from others.

Any individual that possesses a Master Number will usually have a potential, intelligence, or sense of intuition that is heightened.
Here is an explanation of each of these master numbers and the way they affect people in everyday life.

Master Number 11

Master Number 11 is known as “The Old Soul”, and is regarded as the most “intuitive” when compared to the other master numbers. This number is a representation of insight, intuition, and a real connection to the person’s gut feeling and their subconscious. Those with the Master Number 11 in their birth date chart are regarded as an “old soul”. These people are very capable of dealing with situations that are stressful in a relaxed and calm manner.

This is also a number linked with faith, along with people that are able to predict what is going to happen in the future. These people usually include prophets, clairvoyants, or psychics.

The people with this master number usually show understanding and empathy to others, they are respectful, and they find it easy to place themselves in another person’s shoes.

One of the negative attributes associated with this particular number is when the person has failed to put enough effort into specific goals they may end up experiencing intense anxiety or fear. This may lead to panic attacks or phobias.

The 11 Walks On An Edge Between Self-Destruction And Greatness

The potential for power, stability, and growth lies in the individual’s acceptance of spiritual truths and intuitive understanding. For the person with the Master Number 11, peace can be found in faith rather than logic. The 11 is regarded as the “psychic‘s number”.

Famous People With The Master Number 11

Michael Jordan, Chetan Kumar, Orlando Bloom, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, and Edgar Allan Poe.

Master Number 22

Master number 22 is frequently known as the “Master Builder”. This has to do with the potential to turn a dream into reality. This number possesses the same insights and intuitions that Master Number 11 has, but with a more disciplined and practical manner.

Master Number 22 has huge potential, great ideas, and big plans. Add these traits to high self-esteem and leadership skills and this contributes to everything needed for exponential personal success.

22 is linked with “great thinkers”. These are people with massive confidence and the type that is constantly striving to match up to their true potential.

The people that have the number 22 in their birth charts are usually able to turn a dream or idea into a reality, turning each goal that they have in life into realization in a rapid way.

The negative traits linked to the number 22 include practical abilities that start to lack which stops the person from reaching their true to potential.

If They Are Not Practical, the 22s Can Waste Their Potential

Similar to the 11, a 22 can shrink easily from their ambitions which causes complex interior pressures. The Master Numbers 22 and 11 both experience a pressure-cooker effect very strongly, especially when they are younger.

The people with the Master Number 22 have to focus on working towards realizing their goals and to make this larger than their own personal ambitions. The 22 will serve the world best in a practical manner.

Famous People With The Master Number 22

Paul McCartney, Leonardo da Vinci, Sri Chinmoy, Will Smith, John Assaraf, Hu Jintao, John Kerry, and Dale Earnhardt.

Master Number 33

Better known as “The Master Teacher”, this is believed to be the most prominent and influential of every number. This number is also associated with the title “Master Teacher”. It is also the most influential since the number 33 contains the 22 and the 11, and for this reason, it seems to upgrade the other 2 numbers to a top-level.

People with Master Number 33 have no personal ambitions. Instead, they are more interested in bringing about a “spiritual uplifting” to mankind.

33 is linked to a rare understanding and wisdom without the need to communicate, and complete devotion. The typical 33 concentrates on various humanitarian problems and issues and they will easily devote themselves entirely when it comes to these projects.

The individuals that have the number 33 in their birth charts are very emotional and at the same time extremely knowledgeable.

One of the negative traits of this number includes emotional imbalances or flaring up over emotional issues.

A Master Number 33 In Full-Force Is Regarded As Rare

The Master Number 33 is only activated and considered when found within the “core numbers” of a person’s chart. The Heart’s Desire, Life Path, Personality, Maturity, and Expression Number, or as a Pinnacle cycle or an Essence cycle. In any of the other cases, the number 33 needs to be broken down to a 6.

Famous People With The Master Number 33

Living Up To The Potential Of A Master Number

Over and above each number’s unique traits described above, Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33, share many powerful and intriguing influences. They all put a strain on the person’s nervous system, along with having that pressure-cooker effect, in addition to an often subconscious and deep-seated recognition resonating with the fact that “you are supposed to do something special” or that you are destined for something greater in your life.

For those that have a Master number in their numerology chart, it can be challenging or difficult to “master” these powerful qualities associated with each number. These numbers are complex to handle, highly charged, and require maturity, effort, and time to integrate into the individual’s personality. However, at the same time, they are extremely rewarding, even for those that feel they are not living up to their full potential. They also tend to widen the person’s imagination and perspective and expand on the potential for the person to aim a lot higher.

Some of the numerology specialists suggest that when you put the Master Numbers together, they are a representation on a “triangle of enlightenment”

Master 11 – represents vision
Master 22 – blends action with vision
Master 33 – provide guidance and advice to humanity and the world

For those that have a Master Number in either their name or birth date, it is important to understand that it offers significant and real meaning to the person’s life. Understanding what this means is very beneficial when it comes to personal growth and how we have evolved as humans. Subscribe to Manifesting my destiny blog today for more interesting posts like this.

Master Number

The Meaning Of Master Numbers
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