Numerology and the Master Number 11

Understanding the Science and Art of Numerology

Numerology is best explained as the study of numbers and how specific numbers and numerical codes are found repeatedly throughout one life. But an experienced practitioner of numerology knows that numbers contain a far deeper significance than that. Numerologists see a number as far more than a quantifier, but a key to something much larger – an underlying code that forms the fabric of the cosmos. This traditional knowledge is ancient as it is enigmatic and evidence of numerologist’s works has been found in civilizations preceding Ancient Egypt. It is the letters and numbers as well as the numeric values they are attached to that can lead to a better understanding of cosmic vibrations impacting a specific location, event, person, pet or just about anything on the planet.

Numerology Master Numbers

Typically, to find the numeric value of any specific thing the multi-digits are added until they become single digits. The multiple digits are added until they are converted into a number from 1-9. But, this is not always the case. The numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered special. These numbers are not added in the customary fashion as numerologists believe that these binary digits are endowed with special significance that sets them apart from other double-digits. These and other numbers are considered master numbers. In the following writ, we will explore the enigmatic master number 11. To better understand this number we must ask some important questions to provide important perspective on understanding the traits and implications of number 11. This begins by understanding what the number means in the numerologists code. Then, we must understand the wealth of knowledge accumulated on the traits associated with this number. Finally, we will understand how the number 11 impacts various aspects of life.

Special Traits of Master Number 11

As mentioned the numbers 11, 22, and 33 have special significance. Those born under the charm of these numerations are affected by some peculiar traits. If your life is governed by one of these numbers, your spiritual potential is great. Nevertheless, the greater the potential the greater the need for awareness. There are both positive and negative implications for this life path and only proper assessment will allow you to gauge your efforts and make effective decisions to better achieve your goals..

Master Number 11

According to what we can glean from numerological studies the number 11 is associated with a powerful charisma, unflinching trustworthiness and a clear inner guidance that can point the individual throughout life. Those whose lives fall under the master number 11 can achieve a strong intuition that provides help when making tough decisions. If your personality is also guided by master number 11, you carry a strong attraction and others are drawn to your naturally acute intellect. But this will not get to your head as your personality is also imbued with an overwhelming compassion and tenacious curiosity as an offspring of this acute intelligence. This guides you to seek a greater understanding and explore the opinions, beliefs and perspectives of others. With a natural maturity you have always drawn on a deep wisdom. Master number 11 is also indicative of finely tuned instincts. When fully enhanced this instinct will allow you to sense accidents and negative consequences before they even arrive. You will soon find that your dreams are more than dreams and you will find insights into upcoming events in these nocturnal revelations. You may even have a certain level of healing and telepathic capacity. The combination of these traits and characteristics all culminate to enhance another important trait for those with the number 11. Those under the rule of master number 11 are natural leaders. Leadership demands intellect, trustworthiness, compassion and foresight.

The purpose of the Life Path Number 11

The guidance of the 11 as a life path number brings purpose. For example, those guided by this master number in their life are compelled to help others and impact their world in a positive way. You are a natural source of light to others. Just take a look at the representation of the number 11. In the Arabic numerals these digits appear as a pair of candles or torches. One of these is you, the person guided by the master number 11 and the other candle represents those to whom you bring light and thereby increase your own brilliance. Furthermore, the correlation between these two numbers is a key for success, when placed back to back these numbers form an arrow directing your dreams and aspirations ever higher and higher. As a dreamer, you will sacrifice everything to shoot for the sky and accomplish your goals.

Master Number 11 Personality

The master number 11 as a personality trait can be a harbinger of a lack of patience. You will want to keep moving and pressing onward toward your goals often sacrificing health and personal relations in your advance – worst still, you may expect your cohorts and colleagues to be just as dedicated. This can lead to serious friction in the workplace and result in stress and anxieties. With this in mind, it is essential to seek balance and look to your inner intuition and guidance to learn when it is best to slow things down. It will be equally important to seek advice and clues from your counterparts for indications of when your dreams and aspirations could be straining the efforts.

Life Path 11 Traits

It is no surprise that many of the world’s most impressive personalities and inspirational leaders all carry traits governed by the number 11. Barack Obama and his Wife Michelle Obama are master number 11 personalities. Other famous characters known for their leadership capacity include Michael Jordan, Whoopi Goldberg and Prince Charles. Those with the master number 11 personality are also very charismatic. This is evident in some characters we see today like Gwen Stefani and Orlando Bloom. In addition to the traits mentioned above numerologists believe that the number 11 personality is also especially adventurous. You will find thrills and excitement in trying new things and meeting new challenges. You will find a lot of excitement and adventure in exploring the wilderness and the great outdoors as you will in wandering the streets and side alleys of your own hometown. You can expect a path that will lead you onward to new and unexpected things and it is not a path for the faint of heart. The more you retain your focus and unravel the mysteries set before the greater your strength of your heart, mind and body will grow. Your adventures will all hold rewards of greater wisdom, strength and intuition.

Numerology Number 11 & Relationships

Another important point that those with the master number 11 guiding their lives is the way that this number can affect your relationships especially your closest love interests. You will find that the number 11 personality is especially charming and you may find your natural curiosity creates an attraction you may not always be able to handle. It is essential that you take the time to consider the relationships you are building before you get too deeply involved. Always take the time to get to know people before you make serious commitments to them.

Numerology Number 11 Sex life

Those guided by the number 11 are not prone to flights of fancy or frivolous sexual encounters. This means that once you have established a relationship with your partner you are devoted and loyal and the relationship will grow strong from there. Those with number 11 sex lives apply a keen intuition to cultivating sexual relations and this can always blossom into a passionate and energetic affair. You will have the capacity to anticipate the needs of your partner and this gives you an enhanced sexual connection. Finally you prefer affirmations and sincere affection to gifts.


When it comes to handling relationships with people, you are the most dependable of friends. It is important to you that your friends know they can rely on you for advice, understanding or anything else you have to offer if they need it. But, it is important to keep up your barriers as this will cause many ill-intentioned folks to take advantage of this trait. Always make sure you are careful to preserve your finite resources and give yourself priority. This is essential as you will never be able to provide for others if you have not first provided for yourself.

Soul Urge Number 11

Those with the master number 11 in their house are called old souls. This implies that they often approach life and its challenges from a standpoint of someone well beyond their years. This also indicates that the types of attractions and activities that “everyone else is doing” may not attract you quite the same way. This means that even though your friends and family are making great relationships with their dating apps, you may have to wait till you run into the man/ woman of your dream in a coffee shop. This also means that you prefer to think things out before making a move. This applies to your work, relationships, important life decisions; you always take the time to consider your options and the advantages and disadvantages. You will never be rushed into a decision just to complete a project. You know that it is the immaculate process that brings about sublime results. Even though you will want to examine the plays from every conceivable angle, it will be your deepest intuitions that call the shots at game time. At the end of the day you will want to know that you have made the best decisions you can and that this will pave the way for the future you have envisioned. Finally, you will have the urge to continue learning. You will never tire of reading and engaging in long and deep conversations with people of new and unusual opinions. This is part of what pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you observe and perceive. Even though you are young, you will always surprise your friends and relations with your depth of insight and overflowing database of knowledge and wisdom.

Conclusion about Master Number 11

What you have read above is a basic readout of how the significant number 11 can affect your life and the people around you. In Conclusion we will recap the major traits and considerations for master number 11. As the root of all master numbers this makes the individual unique. Those whose lives are governed by the master number 11 are natural leaders with a knack for adventure and a tenacious curiosity. This is what makes others look to your guidance and follow your lead. You are also an old soul and this makes it important to you to keep your mind fresh by always learning something new. You are naturally a people person, but you tend to place the needs of your friends and allies above your own needs. This needs to be balanced with a careful exploration of your own needs and the best ways to satisfy them. Furthermore, you must balance your tendency to work all the time with the need to rest and recover your mental resources. This way you will be available to lend a hand when others have a need. Guilt will be a considerable struggle and it is essential that you learn to let things go. Guilt and confusion can wreck your capacity to function and you will feel lost and frustrated without your connection to clear guidance and intuition. Eat well and always take the time to fully recover before pressing the attack once more Never forget that you were born with a unique set of capacities, like gifts. But, like gifts, they must be used effectively. Follow the advice you have found here as a simple guide not a list of limitations and you will find no limits to your capacity and life.