Law of Attraction and Money

How You Can Use The Law Of Attraction To Manifest Money

If you’re experiencing problems with finances, then you’ve probably read at least half-a-dozen different articles on guides on how to save money. Sure, we all know that skipping Starbucks could save us a pretty penny every year. And we all know that choosing to cook your own food is a good way to avoid overpaying at a restaurant. But are these really the reasons you’re lacking the money you desire? I don’t believe it is and if you’re reading this, then you probably don’t either.

The truth is that are many more elements at play than simply how many cups of coffee we drink each year. To get out of that mindset, you need to stop thinking about ways to “save” money and instead think of ways to “manifest” money. This doesn’t mean learn alchemy and convert lead to gold. It means understanding the Law of Attraction and how it can lead to the manifestation of many things in life, both good and bad.

The Law of Attraction can be an extremely powerful tool if you understand it and use it to your advantage. Of course, if you ignore it, then it could possibly lead to some pretty negative outcomes. So before you can begin manifesting money with this new understanding you need to take a moment to understand how the Law of Attraction works.

What Is The Law Of Attraction?

We’ve all heard the expression that opposites attract. While that may be true for bi-polar magnets it’s not true about the universe in general and it’s certainly not true when it comes to money. If so, then every person who is financially struggling would become wealthy and everyone who is wealthy would become poor. Then the cycle would repeat. In reality, the wealthy tend to only get wealthier and those who struggle do so more and more each day.

That’s why the expression that you should familiarize yourself with is that “like attracts like”. According to the Law of Attraction, a person will receive what they put out into the world. More so, their mindset, the focus of their thoughts, and the motives of their actions will determine what the universe returns to them.

Thus, a wealthy person with thoughts that focus on expanding, profiting, and enjoying a good life will likely expand their business, profit even more, and continue to enjoy their life. At first, it just doesn’t sound fair to those who struggle. That’s until you realize that you can use the exact same technique to benefit yourself. You can use the Law of Attraction to begin manifesting destiny for wealth and an ideal lifestyle.

The next question is, “how is this possible?”. And we’ve got you covered. Here are a few simple steps that you can use to make the Law of Attraction your personal tool for manifesting money.

Step 1: Find The Negative Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

The rich man and the beggar are both working with the Law of Attraction. The difference is that the beggar tends to have very negative and limiting beliefs when it comes to money. Like attracts like, which means that the universe sends him a reality like his beliefs. This is a similar problem to what many people face on a daily basis. Average citizens who may neither be wealthy nor beggars, but simply feel limited when it comes to money.

We are shaped by many of these limiting thoughts as we grow up. For example, if our parents had a limited viewpoint on money, then we probably learned many of the same principles.

Yet another expression that you may be familiar with is “money doesn’t buy happiness”. This sounds like a noble and true expression but it’s actually a very negative and limiting mindset. You’re telling yourself that money isn’t important. Money isn’t related to happiness. Money is a bad thing and you don’t want any. Therefore, the universe isn’t going to go out of its way to give you any.

It will take some time, but you need to identify your own limiting or negative beliefs about money. Money is a resource. You can use that resource in any way imaginable. You can use it to follow your dreams and live any sort of life. It could absolutely be a happy life.

After identifying these negative thought patterns you need to correct them. This can be even more difficult because it requires rewiring the brain after years of bad habits. One way this can be achieved is through regular positive affirmations. This is a technique that psychologists utilize to improve thought patterns all of the time. It’s not an overnight process but it will deliver results if you dedicate yourself.

Step 2: Put The Power Of Your Imagination To Work

Imagination isn’t just a tool that children can use to pass the time. It’s actually one of our greatest strengths as adults. The power of imagination is obvious when you look at professionals who work in creative careers, such as painters and writers. That is because the imagination is what fuels visualization. An artist visualizes his goals and then he makes them a reality.

The same can be done by anyone who wants to manifest money in their lives. But it’s not quite as simple as just visualizing a stack of money. It requires visualizing yourself achieving your monetary goals. Visualize yourself owning all of the money you need to make your dreams come true. That money exists and it’s just waiting around in the universe for you to claim it.

This constant visualization will help you better come to terms with the true abundance of money. Remember how the rich continue to get richer? That’s because they understand that money is essentially without limit. Wealth exists everywhere and can be claimed by anyone. The rich often imagine themselves spending more and more money without any consequence. And so they do in real life. And so you can too.

Step 3: Use Gratitude And Let The Universe Work For You

The first two steps require a bit of hard work on your behalf. The third and final step is all about letting the universe work for you. The universe has a funny way of giving us more of what we show gratitude for. This is partially because we are driven to pursue the things that we are grateful for but you can’t truly be grateful if you don’t understand and express it.

There is another benefit linked to gratitude. When we are truly grateful for something we tend to lose the negative and limiting beliefs we had about that thing, which brings us back to the first step in the cycle. After all, how can you have a negative attitude about something while also being grateful for it? You need to find the line between the two trains of thought and then stand firmly on the side of gratitude.

This means being grateful for the money that you already own. It doesn’t matter how much it is, where it came from, or how fast it’s going to disappear. The important thing is that you are grateful to have it and grateful for an opportunity to earn even more of it.

Let The Cycle Continue

These three steps are not necessarily a linear process. Finding and eliminating negative thoughts will help you better visualize a future with money. Gratitude for your existing money and ongoing opportunities is going to help you eliminate negative thoughts. It’s a continuous cycle and once you have it properly spinning it can be used to manifest money.Subscribe to my blog now and get recent insights on manifestation topics like how to manifest love and lot more

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