How To Manifest Love

How To Manifest Love A Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction

It can often seem that you are alone on the outside while everyone else seems to have this whole love thing figured out and are enjoying many happy days with their significant others. It is easy to think that the universe is out to get you and is singling you out for a life of solitude, but quite the opposite.

Dealing with bad relationships, breakups and the angst of a broken heart is by far the most exhausting thing in life. And, to top it off, there are the lonely nights and constant reminders of how things “could have” been.

The heartaches will be enough to make you throw in the towel and resign yourself to a life of solitude, even though you know you will always be longing for a special someone. But, the good news is that your life is just waiting for you to begin. No matter how seemingly awful and horrendous your love life may have been, this is just the preliminaries before something absolutely wonderful. – Maybe even with that guy or gal who has caught your eye and possibly a piece of your heart!

But, it takes some honesty and self-examination to push past the apparent barriers to a good connection. Here is where the law of attraction and weight loss can help set the playing field for the greatest question many have in their lives right now.Why Can’t I Find Love?

So, you are looking to Manifestation of love in your life and even attract your soul mate? The game you are about to play can be as easy as it is complicated and sometimes the smallest misunderstandings and preconceptions can spoil the subtle magic at play.

For better or worse, everything we know about love and attraction has come from the examples and experiences we have seen to this date. Sometimes a refreshing reexamination of the current playground can help you position yourself to better reach your goals.

It is essential to remember that everyone’s search for love will take them in different directions. But, this doesn’t mean you are limited by this individuality, adjusting your positions can take you places you have never known.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the major obstacles and barriers to a successful love connection.


The natural flows of attractive energies can be welled up inside rather than flowing outward toward your life. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons it can be harder to find love and establish that attraction.

1. You have Shut Down Your Heart

The heart can suffer terribly when it is broken and one of the most common reactions is to build a barrier to this pain by closing down the heart and disconnecting from any potential sources of pain. But, this will have the added effect of shutting your heart off from any potential to connect with another.

2. You have a Prior Claim

If your heart is still a prisoner of the past, it will not be freed to fly to new heights of passion with the love of today or tomorrow. Maybe your heart is still emotionally connected to the pain, joy, grief, or guilt of a past relationship. If so, it is important to bring all prior love interests to proper perspective and free your heart from emotional bonds in an honest and healthy manner. This will give your heart the courage and strength to love again.

3. You have Quit

It is possible that the months and years have rolled by and you are beginning to wonder if you will ever see love again. You may have even quit the whole business of thinking about love and are not focusing on other interests and joys. This is an especially common occurrence right before love walks in. It will be important to maintain your mission and not settle for a relationship that is a whit less than you deserve.

As you can see, the primary obstacles to a love relationship are all fairly common and easy to understand. You should know that powering through these obstacles is not the path to love. There are some specific ways to adjust one’s position so that these obstacles are a moot point.

4 Steps To Start Looking For Love With Real Intention

Despite what the storybooks say, there is no 5-minute recipe for true love. But, there are some ways to facilitate the process and sweeten the final product. Manifesting destiny for love begins with you and your intentions. This means learning to find a resonance within yourself that is attractive and will resonate to attract and manifest love. If you are focused on the vibrational frequency of pain and anguish, you will likely attract more of the same – this can be counterproductive to your plans.

In other words, make a wish. If a powerful genie were to pop up before you right now and ask you what you really want, would you be able to answer clearly, honestly from the heart in grave and possibly even disgusting detail? The universe doesn’t communicate in words, so you will have to learn to ask with your heart, and a heart that is still watching reruns of the past will not place a good order.

Here are four things you can do to begin revising your search and seeking love with intention.

1. Make up Your Mind

Love is not for the timid or faint-hearted so you need to make a decision and begin strengthening your heart for the task ahead. You need to envision your life with the person of your dreams, whether you currently know them yet or not. You will need to imagine what this life will require of you and this could mean processing emotions and exploring old wounds that have not healed right. A journal or session with a therapist can be a good option for gaining insights here.

Once you have gained the focus that comes with making a clear decision about your direction to find love. You will need to consider the object of your interests and begin asking yourself some important questions. What exactly is it about this relationship you envision that you believe will bring about that warm fuzzy feeling of being truly in love. Remember to keep your heart open for subtle signs that will tell you about what you really want and need and how the best approach to getting this will be.

Here are a few good practices for considering what you truly want in a partner:

– Describe the man/woman of your dreams using 5 to 10 words.

– Which are the traits you have found in other people that are not only very attractive to you but help bring out the best in you?

– How do you want to be treated by your partner? Are there some deal breakers that you find absolutely unacceptable? Make a concise yet comprehensive list.

– What are the passions you have that you want to share with another person?

– What do you feel is your mission in life? What type of a partner would you want to help you along this path?

The simple act of pondering these very deep questions and considering the implications thereof will perform a crucial alignment of your mind and heart. They will be better able to focus on the attraction of a partner with whom you can share a mutually satisfying relationship. You can now begin practicing a variety of techniques that can bolster your attraction.

Visualization is an important part of the law of attraction and this will allow you a better picture of what your potential partner will be like down to the detail. You can even create a vision board that describes the traits you are looking for in this partner and why this will make them the perfect partner for you and your life’s direction.

This point also needs to be practiced with balance. The point here is to better understand yourself and how your needs and life will best be satisfied. But, you will have to understand that nothing will be perfect or as you expect it to arrive. Your keen connection with your heart will make you more attuned to your partner despite their flaws and the relationship difficulties they may include.

2. Connect With Yourself

It has been said that in order to find love, one must first love themselves. There is actually a measure of truth to this cliché. The way you experience love within yourself will be very similar to the way you express love externally.

And, this is very important to attracting the right partner who will love you in the way you want and need to be loved. If you are always berating yourself and shooting your confidence full of holes for your flaws, your self-worth is low. This means you will be attracting a type of connection that can turn very toxic.

Therefore, it is worth taking the time to develop a deep and profound connection without self and your essential self-love. Whether you believe it or not, your inner fountain of love is always there for you to draw on in times of need… just get to know yourself.

Here are a few things you can do to begin developing this self-love so that you can manifest this love and find your partner.

Become the person you want to attract.

Take a look at that list of traits and qualities you find so valuable in a soulmate and life partner. Now, imagine becoming the very person you would like to attract and cultivating those qualities and values in yourself. For example, if you are hoping to find an ambitious person, you will probably want to begin looking for ways that you can begin making more progress towards your professional and personal goals.

Make time for self-care.

You will never know if your partner is doing it right, if you don’t know what it feels like when it’s just right. And this begins with caring for yourself and giving yourself what you need to be the best you you can be. Start with considering what your needs truly are and find the most suitable way to provide for yourself. Not sure where to begin? That is a symptom of the very problem.

Your first step will be to begin taking no less than an hour a day engaging in an activity that is enjoyable for none other than the sake of being enjoyable. This could be a hobby, a special outing or anything else that you love. Your passions are the way to begin so look for clues there.

Challenge your limiting beliefs.

As with all other aspects of the law of attraction, you must begin to challenge the thoughts and notions that hold you back. In this case it can be the very beliefs and notions that block you from finding love. Identifying them is the first step to correcting them and finding out where they come from. Once you have identified the notions that are holding you back challenge them at every moment and include positive affirmations in your daily routine.

3. Let The Universe Know You Are Ready

Once you have cleansed your heart and mind of doubt and carefully designed the person who you know will complete you, it is time to let the universe know that you are ready. This has actually already begun when you aligned your positive vibrations and made yourself open to love. The next step begins with making your intention known to the universe, this can be done with positive affirmations and strengthening your belief in your soulmate. Finally, apply all your senses and resources in visualizing the life you would hope to have with these people.

4. Trust and Understand the Process

The final step may be the most daunting. It involves sitting back in patience and rest while still supporting yourself with plenty of self-love. These things can take time, or they can happen very quickly. The only way to facilitate this process is to enter into a deeper calm and patient adherence to your process. Rest assured that the universe will bring you all you want in good time.

Final Notes on Manifesting Love through the Law of Attraction

Finding love is one of the most beautiful games of life and there is no way to rush things. Your love will come from a place and time you never expected. So, you must stay calm and collected while the magic takes its course. Your patience and calm will also heighten your intuition which will be important to properly approaching your partner when they appear in your life.

A good way to bide the time would be to begin living as if. If the person you have envisioned were to walk through your door tomorrow, would you be prepared to handle the relationship? If not, what would you like to adjust about yourself or your lifestyle that would ensure the best chance at acing this relationship?

When the right person comes into your life, there will be no question about it, you will recognize an unmistakable resonance and at a time when you are truly ready. So, have no fear that you missed them.

Final thought, begin each day by bathing in a warm bath of love for yourself and love for whoever it may be that is coming your way. Let your heart brim with love as if you had already gotten everything you want. This energy is what will work to manifest love in your life.

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