10 Proven Ways To Manifest Your Dreams

10 Proven Ways To Manifest Your Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that you wanted to manifest? Depending upon your upbringing, you may try to achieve this in different ways. Religious people tend to pray to God. However, there is a large segment of the world population that believes in the concept of manifestation. This is a concept that focuses upon the human mind, and also your intentions, in regard to manifesting whatever you want. Here are 10 proven ways that you can manifest the dreams that you have and make them a physical reality.

Keep The End Result In Mind

There is a statement that many people live by. It is to always plan by focusing on the end. For example, if your objective is to be financially free, you must see yourself in that position. If you are constantly focusing on what your life is right now, that is likely what you will perpetually manifest. Therefore, your frame of mind needs to be focused on the end result which is financial freedom being your reality.

Be Very Specific In What You Want

Specificity plays a very important role in the concept of manifestation. Most people have ideas of what they want, and it is because they are not focused, or even serious, most things never change. However, if you are compelled to have something in your life, such as love, then you need to be very specific about what it is you want to obtain. Envision the person that you want to be with, what they do for a living, and how your lives will be. By being this specific, your intentions will help manifest this individual into your life.

Positive Expectations

When people say that they have dreams, they are often not sure if they will manifest at all. Those that are able to manifest what they want have certain expectations. The term certain expectations is in reference to expecting something with full certainty. You cannot think about it might happen. You must believe that it will happen. Having this level of certainty for what you want to manifest is also a key to having it appear in your life.

Imagine What You Want Being Here Now

When you are manifesting anything, you need to feel as if the thing that you want is here. It is the only way that manifestation works. Instead of simply reciting your goals, or thinking about what it is you want to manifest in your life, you need to think and act as if what you want is here now. By doing so, you are changing the vibrational frequency of your entire being. By doing so, you can begin to attract that which you want into your life.

Always Be Energy Efficient

Another reason that manifestation does not work is that people are not very energy efficient at all. They are constantly diverting their energy into the things that trouble them, or the people that make them upset. If these are the things you want to change, you cannot constantly direct your attention to them. Instead, you need to envision what you want, and embrace those feelings which are likely to be much more positive.

Laser Focused Intention

There is a large difference between people that want to intend something into their life and those that are laser-focused. By laser-focused, this means that every minute detail that you can imagine of the life that you want is what your energy should be focused on. This will also involve believing that, in this moment, you are living that life that you want to manifest. You are not a victim. You are a person that has exactly what you deserve in the moment right now. The details of your visualization of what you want to have manifest need to be crystal clear.

Always Be Unattached

This is perhaps the most difficult concept for people to understand in regard to manifestation. There is a fine line dividing two specific concepts. First of all, you definitely want to feel as if you have what you want right now. On the other hand, you also need to be aloof in regard to what you want to manifest. Essentially, it’s the same as thinking that you may or may not get something, yet at the same time, you definitely want something to appear in your life. Once you can balance those two things, your ability to manifest is going to be much more efficient. Simply stated, detach yourself from the outcome that you want to manifest.

Gratitude In Your Life

The concept of gratitude is often misinterpreted by those that tell people to have it. Gratitude is not just about being thankful. It is also the best way that you can focus on positive things in your life which will distract you from focusing on what you lack. It’s a simple technique, and it may or may not have to do with your actual belief system. You are simply directing your attention at the things you do have which have been positive or beneficial to you. By directing your attention in this way, you are shifting your vibrational frequencies toward having more of that which makes you happy.

Letting Go Of Your Past

Letting go of grudges that you have, or complaints that you might state on a regular basis, is a very important part of this process as well. Again, we are discussing where your focus is. If you are constantly focused on things that bother you, many of which may encompass your life right now, you will constantly manifest that reality. Therefore, letting go is another re-directional concept. You are directing your attention toward what you want and not your life as it is currently. By doing so, you are freeing up that energy to focus on what you want to have instead of the things that you do not like.

Always Have Larger-Than-Life Dreams

Finally, you need to dream big. Remember, these are just dreams at this point in time. There is no reason that you cannot dream of having that perfect special someone, or being financially free, because it is essentially just a thought. However, the larger that you dream, and the more that you embrace those thoughts, you are going to begin to attract the events in your life that will lead to manifestation of destiny. It is no more than a shifting of your energy toward something very positive and avoiding your focus on the negative.

Although you may not manifest everything in your life, everyone has to start somewhere. You may discover, serendipitously, that your efforts to focus on what you want are actually leading to their manifestation. By changing the focus of your intentions, and your attitude, you can see massive changes rapidly. By using these 10 proven ways to manifest your dreams, not only will you potentially achieve them, but you may get much more than you ever dreamed was possible.Also, read my recent post on How To Get A Guy To Like You Using 20 Psychology-Based ‘Mind Tricks’!

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