Understanding Life Path Numbers

Things To Know About Life Path Numbers

Have you heard of the life path numbers? Do you have any idea what they represent? The surprising thing is that most of us don’t even know what life paths are. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know what the life path number is. This article will help you understand the essence of life path numbers and teach you how to calculate your path life number. The life path number is also called the destiny number. The fun fact is that you derive your unique number from your date of birth. We believe that your destiny number says a lot about you. Therefore, it is essential to calculate yours and check to see whether your number describes your character. They are resourceful because they give you a better understanding of yourself and advice on how to lead a wealthy life. Note that being wealthy does not necessarily mean being financially secure. Living a long, happy, and successful life is a form of wealth. Understand that the concept of life path numbers came from the ancient practice of numerology, which believed that numbers have a divine and direct relationship to life happenings and events. Read on to learn more about the life path numbers.

How Do You Calculate The Life Path Number?

Since numerology indicates that the essence of every person is found in their life path number, we need to make an effort to know what our life path numbers are. You might be surprised at how well your number describes your character and traits. Through the number, it is possible for you to determine who you are and the path that you are supposed to follow in life. How then does one calculate their number?

Usually, for you to derive your life path number, you need to know your birth date. This includes the date, the month and year that you were born. With this information, you can be able to calculate it. The primary way of doing it is to sum up, your month number, the day and the year to give you a whole number. Below is an example using a person who was born on the 18th of June, 1990.

June = 6th month of the year
Date= 18 Add the two digits; 1+8=9
Year =1990 Add all the digits; 1+9+9+0=19 | 1+9=10 |1+0=1

Proceed to add all of the end products above.

6+9+1=16 |1+6=7

In the above example, the life path number is 7.

As you do the calculation, always remember that the year is reduced to a single number before adding it to the other numbers from the day and month. Don’t make the mistake of adding the year without reducing it, as this will give you the wrong life path number. We understand that sometimes the life path number will come out the same whether you have calculated it correctly or incorrectly. If you are not sure how to go about it, it doesn’t hurt to consult with someone who knows how to do the calculations.

Master Numbers

What happens if you happen to encounter master numbers as you do your calculation? If you calculate and find that one of your group totals is 11 or 22, then these numbers are referred to as master numbers. If you get 11 or 22 in the group totals, understand that you shouldn’t reduce those values to single values. The only time you should reduce the master numbers is during the final calculation. In numerology, the master numbers have a special meaning and properties. See the example below.

Date of birth: 29/7/1974
Date 29= 2+9= 11 (In this instance, don’t reduce the number)
Year= 1974= 1+9+7+4= 21 =2+1= 3

Proceed to add the numbers= 7+11+3 =21=1+2=3
The correct life path number is 3.

It is good to know the life path numbers available. They include 1,2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 11 or 22. If you get any other value, then you may have done the calculations wrongly. Each of these numbers has its meaning and will describe individuals with different characters.

Common Myths About Numerology Readings

As much as life path numbers are believed to dictate a lot about your behavior and how you view life, understand that there are many misconceptions surrounding these numbers. We recommend that you do your research to distinguish between facts and myths. Taking in everything the general public says about the numerological readings might mislead you. Below are some of the things to keep in mind.

The Life Path Numbers Don’t Influence Your Future

One important thing to understand is that the numbers don’t have any impact on your fate. They do not have the power to make things happen in your life. The numbers just act as a guide and will help to analyze character, but this doesn’t mean that they have any impact. In numerology, you can acquire a fake name, which is usually known as a façade. If you happen to change your name, it doesn’t mean that you will not be successful or achieve everything you ever wanted.

You Are In Charge Of Your Destiny

The sad reality is that some people give the numbers too much power and even go to the extent of thinking that the numbers will determine their fate in any way. This is unwise and a very superstitious thing to do. Let us not forget that we are in charge of our destiny. The numerology only helps to analyze your character and maybe show you where your talents and weakness lie. You are not in any way limited to numerology. You can break all odds and go for anything you ever wanted. You can adopt certain characters which you didn’t have before. For example, if your life number is 4, it will be very unfortunate to believe that you will never get fulfillment, love, or fame just because four is considered an unlucky number. Let us not allow ourselves to get distracted just because of the life path numbers.

Life Path 1

If your life path number is 1, you are a leader. In short, you love taking leadership positions and will go out of your way to lead other people. You have a lot of passion for art and a drive to become the best in what you do. This individual is creative by nature and highly gifted in visualization and dream board creation. If you have ever met people who go for anything they want without allowing anyone or anything to stand in their way, there is a high likelihood that their life path number is one. Also, a person in this category is highly independent and a hard worker. You will not find them waiting for others to do things for them. They are always out there, getting things done on their own. If you are number one, you will also do well in a highly competitive environment. However, you will find yourself constantly questioning your abilities. You get bossy and demanding to your colleagues because you also push yourself to achieve the best results. Since you are passionate about what you do and don’t allow anything to get in the way, most people will find you arrogant or boastful.


If you are in this category, one of the challenges you will face is developing your voice and self-confidence. You may find yourself getting too defensive or angry because you lack confidence. It is essential to remind yourself that you are worthy and keep developing your skills so that you may not feel unworthy. As much as you may feel insecure around other people because you have excellent ideas, you need to remind yourself that your ideas are an excellent resource. Openly share your opinion, embrace your creativity, and encourage others to help you develop your ideas.

Life Path 2

We have seen individuals who belong to life path 2 among us. They possess some spiritual qualities in their makeup, which allows them to be great peacemakers in society. If you are in this group, you are a good listener. You take your time to listen to what others have to say, absorb the information and come up with viable solutions. Most will call you a fixer. Besides, you have diplomatic skills and persuasive skills which allow you to make your way without violence. You are also a sensitive person and feel contented when you help other people solve their problems. If you choose a career path that involves helping other people, you will flourish very well because you take your time to understand the real problem. Since making peace is your superpower, many people love to be around you.


As much as you love to help people and create peace and harmony among them, you have a weakness of giving too much. You end up giving too much until you start having feelings of resentment. Also, you may find it hard to decide what to do in situations that you are handling. Often, you will find yourself struggling with indecisiveness. When people criticize you, you may end up feeling hopeless and defeated. You need to be cautious to avoid living on the negative side of things. There is also a high probability of you focusing on the negative part of a situation, causing you to have a lot of fear. The fear may limit you from manifesting destiny and progressing in your life. If you are in this category, you need to find your purpose to avoid living for other people’s purposes.

Life Path 3

Some of the main characteristics of life path 3 are creativity, fun, and self-expression. You live on an energetic vibration, and you know how to express yourself. Besides, you have excellent communication skills, be it verbal or written. Most of the individuals in this category are artistic and will channel their energy into poetry, music, or film. The good thing about being a life path number 3 is that you attract people to you. You will find that you are optimistic, a tool that you can use well for your benefit. Since you are highly gifted at expression, you can develop innovative ideas and share them with the world. The other fascinating thing about being a life path number 3 is that you have a high potential to be successful, especially if you play your cards well in the artistic field.3s also tend to want popularity and are a bit notorious. Besides, they have a way of holding a lot of things inside them, trying to show how strong they are, yet they hurt from within.


As much as 3s are excellent communicators, they are good at playing down how they genuinely feel. They tend to show people that they are okay, yet they have a lot going on in reality. People in this category also find it challenging to take themselves seriously because, in most cases, they care a lot about what other people will think of them. They are led to believe that other people shouldn’t see any other emotions apart from joy. This can result in them becoming frustrated and depressed, especially if they don’t have someone they can confide in. If you are in this category and you accept your problems and your feelings, there is a high chance of you emerging successful because you will be able to use your pain to come up with something richly creative. Beware of living in the moment and forgetting to take your responsibilities seriously.

Life Path 4

Those of us who find it easy to put things together and make them work belong to life path number 4. Some of the main values in the fours include discipline, structure, and health. Fours tend to be orderly, logical, and hard-working. They are geniuses for planning and fixing things. In short, they are the epitome of stability because they believe that with a proper plan, everything can be fixed and flow as expected. If you are four, you will notice that most people depend on you because they believe you will provide solutions for them. Some people may find you boring because you are committed to discipline and achieving whatever you set your mind to. However, they don’t realize that fours tend to be witty and possess a dry sense of humor. If you are a four, you will realize that you don’t like public attention, and in most cases, you will prefer doing things on your own. For this reason, sometimes, your accomplishments may be overlooked. Despite this, you find satisfaction in proven achievements and will always prefer results to recognition.


Since the fours have little creativity, they tend to have conventional views. They don’t see why one would look for alternatives when they have something that already works. This way of thinking makes the fours stick to a set number of rules. If you are a four, you will only feel safe if things are predictable and follow a particular pattern. A very minute change could throw your life into chaos because you had anticipated that things would go a certain way. Since you greatly value honesty in yourself and other people, you may be so set in your ways and end up judging other people. You show feelings spontaneously without holding anything back, which may cause you to break relationships if you don’t have a grip on your emotions. There is also a high likelihood of you missing out on opportunities because you like sticking to a master plan.

Life Path 5

This number stands for change and freedom. You don’t like being put in a box. Instead, you will strive to seek freedom above all else. If you are a five, you will find that you have an adventurous spirit, and hence, you become restless very quickly. You always want variety and change in your life. It is difficult for you to stay in one stage or position in your life, without feeling uncomfortable. Fives can be surprisingly loyal but also thoughtless, in that they can easily leave damage for other people to clean up. Due to the need for change, you may find that you struggle with your career because it involves many recurring activities. For this reason, you may do well in your own business or a job that requires you to move frequently.


Fives have little tolerance for people, and because of this, they tend to trust the wrong people. If you are in this category, you need to learn to be more tolerant of people; otherwise, you may end up moving from one relationship to another. If you are not careful, your need for instant gratification may be your downfall. If you also don’t get the opportunity to be adventurous, you may become dramatic and cause a lot of chaos. You are easily distracted, which makes you fail to recognize and acknowledge the feelings of those around you. For you to live your life without too many regrets, you need to find some balance through focus and discipline. Failure to do this, your life will be a mess.

Life Path 6

People will refer to you as the nurturer. This is because you have a great sense of responsibility and awareness, which makes you a great candidate for nurturing. You will find that you are more interested in family, community, and home. You genuinely love serving family and friends, and will not feel overwhelmed. You also have strong parental instincts and do not prefer when people tell you what to do. You will easily take on the role of a counselor and give people excellent advice. Since you are well balanced and help many people get to their feet, there’s a high chance of you making wrong judgments. With poor judgments, you may end up doing a lot for the wrong people despite being warned not to.


As much as the nurturers can ground others, they are the most volatile when plunged into discord. They can become destructive in a terrible way. If you are a six, you need to be cautious because some people will take advantage of your openness and even cause you to sacrifice a lot of things for them. When choosing a partner, you need to be careful too. Learn to discriminate between people you can help and those who will become worse off if you help them. Always remember there is a very thin line between enabling someone and supporting someone.

Life Path 7

The sevens are exceptionally curious and will devote most of their time to investigating things and learning new things. If you are a seven, you naturally find that you possess the skills needed to research. You have an analytical mind that allows you to gather great insights. Unlike others who may see broken pieces, the sevens will see a puzzle and want to find answers as to why things are the way they are. If things are going on well, you tend to be the life of the party since you also have a unique spin on debatable topics.


Since you love delving into the unknown, you may struggle to maintain close relationships with your partner or friends. When you are out of alignment, you may become very frustrated and even escape from reality through alcohol and work.

Life Path 8

If you are an eight, you will make a great executive in the business world because you are a powerhouse. You tend to attract the right people and find ways to become successful. This number represents material wealth, authority, and ambition. You will find yourself doing all you can to achieve material wealth.


You feel as if nothing else matters if you are not financially secure. To you, status and financial security are more critical, which could cause you to live above your means. Due to your desires, you may even neglect your family and friends because you are focused on acquiring wealth. You must find a balance to ensure you don’t lose all the other things that matter.

We looked at the life path numbers and discussed what the numbers represent. Dig deeper to learn what each number represents.

The final life path numbers include: Life Path Number 9, Life Path 11, Life Path 22, and Life Path 33 which are also considered Master numbers. 


Understanding Life Path Numbers
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