Life Path Number 33

Overview Of Life Path Number 33

At the apex of all possible life paths, there is one that is called life path number 33. It is regarded as the Master Number, the most important number in numerology, and is often connected to those that are Master Teachers. It is a very rare number to say the least. If you are able to calculate your birthday to find this number, you may discover that this is your path. It is actually a step up from life path number 6, the path of the nurturer. Let’s discuss what life path number 33 will hold for those that are fortunate enough to be born with it.

Understanding Life Path Number 33

There is a single word that summarizes what this life path represents. It is called altruism. It is a word that references being selfless, a way of life that is solely focused upon the well-being of others. Even the Dalai Lama is only life path 22. This means that the vibrational frequency of someone on this path is even higher. There are those that believe this number is connected directly to Ascended Masters and that you will have a twin flame waiting for you somewhere in the world on this same path.

Why Do People Think This Is So Important?

First of all, there are very few birthdates that can be calculated to derive the number 33. The number three itself is very significant and Manifesting My Destiny blog acknowledges it. It is connected to the holy Trinity. It is also connected to the Rule of 3, and is also the sum total of life path numbers 11 and 22. Therefore, it is a very rare and special number that very few people can have, yet some of the characteristics of this path are shared by others. However, it is not just the rarity of the numbers themselves that make it so special. It is the characteristics, personality, and actions of those on this path that make it memorable. Those that walk this path successfully can change the world substantially if they apply themselves and also remember to make decisions that are also beneficial to the self.

Attributes Of Those On Life Path Number 33

Those that are on this path are not only altruistic, but they tend to be very artistic as well. They may enjoy crafting music, such as songs or piano concertos, or they may be very interested in making films. In regard to relationships, their objective is to always have harmony with the people they are with. This is because it is a path that relates to nurturing and compassion, as well as empathy and caring for others more than yourself.

Spiritual Meaning Behind Life Path Number 33

Some relate this number to what is called cosmic consciousness. It is a direct connection, not just to the world, but to the universe itself. It is therefore a position of maximum responsibility. Those that are on this path tend to be very reliable and impeccable. Traits associated with personalities include a need to and suffering. In fact, people will actually believe it is their job to and all suffering. Regardless of how you are suffering, you will look at the world through the eyes of all those around you, and be fully conscious of how they are feeling.

The Positive Aspects Of Life Path 33

There are three positive aspects of this particular path. Although there are many, these three stand out. First of all, a person on this path is very altruistic. They are operating at a maximum level of empathy. Second, those that are on this path must find a way to obtain harmony in all situations. They are mediators, individuals that are able to understand both sides of an argument and find commonalities that people can agree upon. Finally, those that are on this path tend to be nurturers. They are there to help others feel better. These three positive attributes also have counterparts that are negative which can be very difficult to live with.

The Negative Aspects Of Life Path 33

The negative aspects of this life path include an almost complete ignorance of the self. Instead of having a goal that relates to your personal objectives, everything you do is related to everyone else. Another negative component of this personality type is that you tend to be a perfectionist. You always want to do the right thing, in the right way, and this can sometimes lead to condemning yourself. Finally, it is this sense of perfection that you may cause you to view the world in a very negative light. You will see these imperfections, and because you cannot fix all of the problems, you will begin to condemn others. Although this is not common, there is always the possibility that your whole viewpoint about life can shift into darkness. If you are curious about life path number 11 and others, you can check out my recent post for more information on it.

How To Utilize This Life Path To Help Yourself And Others

You can effectively use this life path to do a substantial amount of good. Unlike people that are natural-born leaders, such as those on life path number 1, you don’t even have to try. It is through your actions for others that people will want to follow you. It is also why they may try to emulate what you are doing. Natural born leaders tend to have a substantial amount of charisma. This charisma is generated because of their own self-interest. This is the antithesis of walking life path number 33, yet you may achieve the same results by doing nothing more than following your passion for helping others.

Life path number 33 is not only wondrous, but it is also extremely challenging. You literally feel the weight of the world upon you and desire to fix everything right away. Since you are not able to fix every single problem, this could lead to self-condemnation on a continual basis. However, by managing your expectations, and focusing on gratitude for what you have accomplished, you can easily walk this path and do a substantial amount of good in the world.

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