Life Path Numbers

Life Path Numbers

There are other numbers in Numerology that have a significant influence on your life, but your Life Path number is the most essential and influential number in your personal Numerology. Whether you’re new to Numerology or want to learn more about your Numerology chart, one of the greatest places to start is by learning about your Life Path number and its vital influence in your life…

Life Path Numbers​
Life Path Numbers
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    What is my Life Path number?

    Your Life Path number indicates who you are at your core – the person you are learning to become this lifetime. It is derived from your birth date digits and impacts you throughout your life.

    The Life Path number in Numerology is similar to the Sun sign in Astrology in that it reflects what is essential to you, how you behave and respond, and how you digest life. But don’t think of your Life Path number as a simple set of characteristics that will tell you exactly who you are.

    While each Life Path number includes a distinct combination of good and negative characteristics, how they emerge is entirely up to you. Life will provide you with several opportunities to stretch the muscles of your Life Path number, but it is up to you to decide whether to choose the high road or the low road in each scenario. The decision you make and the repercussions it brings will help you make the following decision, and so on. Each encounter teaches you how to be your best and most honest self.

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