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Overview Of The Libra Zodiac Sign

The Personality of an Libra


Libras are known for being some of the fairest and most peaceful people that we’ll ever come across. However, due to their nature, they hate having to feel like they’re alone and they value a partnership above other things. In their soft, caring eyes, a partnership is like a mirror where they trust someone to allow them to be their true inner self and they often seek to offer the same to a partner. 

Libras are more fascinated with both symmetry and balance and they’re always determined to chase after equality and justice. Along the path of life, they soon realize that those are the only important things that should matter as they aim to stay true to their personality. Libras are known far and wide for keeping this ode and staying true to the core of their personality. 


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    They are always ready to keep the peace and avoid conflict in whatever ways they can whenever they can. The true sign of Libra is the sign of Air. The sign of Air is set between both Gemini and Aquarius. This ensures that they receive constant mental stimuli. In addition, the sign of Air presents them with a keen mind and a very strong intellectual sense. Libras are quite the book worm and often take inspiration from any great books that they read.

    They consume themselves with even more inspiration that comes from insurmountable conversations and those who generally have a great deal to say. They hold their tongues and are extra cautious when speaking with others. However, they simply save it for when they need to choose sides or they’re forced to make decisions about things that may come their way.

    When forced to speak out, they realize that they may have surrounded themselves with the wrong people or they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. With that said, no partner of a Libra should ever force them to feel that they’ve lost the right to have an opinion. The sign of Libra is heavily ruled by Venus. Venus transforms any Libra into the greatest lover while giving them a flare for some of the shinier things in life. They also seek enrichment from art, music, and natural beauty in places that they may visit.

    Libra – The Measure of Our Souls

    One of the most famous yet short myths of all is the presentation of a great analogy in the shortest constellation. Some say it might not even exist at all while being presented by the Scorpios pliers. Libra is the one drop that offers balance in a sea of extremities. The one drop that manifests through the fifteenth degree. 

    Libra offers balance to the universe, people, and animals. However, there is something strikingly insecure about the brave Libra. They often leave themselves stressed wondering which burden should they take up next. With that said, they know that everything that comes and passes is a lesson to take caution around people. Whatever we may do in our existence points our Souls to a future. 

    A future where only the universal higher power can ever measure such an existence. It is only at this point where we are told what we did right or where we went wrong. Libras serve a higher purpose as they teach us; they unconsciously show us the great lesson where liberation is only found in lightness.

    Why Aquarians Are So Necessary

    The main life goal for those born in the Libra sun is finding the most compatible partner. Whenever they find themselves in a romantic relationship, they seek to maintain harmony and peace. They then make this one of the most important goals while being in a romantic relationship. Libras have the most charming personality and are more than 100% dedicated to each relationship. This increases the compatibility between a Libra and any other sign. By having a greater sense of compatibility, other signs seek out Libras more than any other sign. 

    However, by having a strong desire to heal the fallen Sun, they often create trouble within their emotional universe. Libra is known as the sign of marriage. This leaves representatives being more open to some of the most traditional pathways of love and romance. While the element of Air grants mountains of flexibility, Libras draw closer towards tradition. Tradition and romance pull them closer to their innermost desires that soon turn to a love that’s more than worthy of putting on paper. This pushes them to be very well-organized, detail-oriented, and serving their main purpose as they craft the perfect image of an outer world. For better words, every Libra on the plant seeks to find a partner who is perfect in their eyes. 

    They seek someone who can set specific, clear boundaries. In essence, it is thought of as expecting their partner to protect them. However, all of this is done on the down-low because they’d rather have their pride protected and not damaged during the ordeal. The sign is deeply connected to pure sexuality. However, they still go in search of the purest and most meaningful romantic relationship that exists in all the realms. While they never have trouble connecting with others who they aren’t close to, they are only ever satisfied when love comes in the purest form. Libras seek that which surrenders both body and soul. 

    Their inner sense of gravity ensures that they share every detail of their personal life with someone while still challenging themselves to be 100% independent. During this time, they become more aware of their inner personality. When Libras set their mind on being with someone, they know deep down that they have chosen well. For some, it is still important to know what obstacles stand in their way as they proceed in their conquest for the perfect romance filled with happiness.


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    Libra Friends

    Most if not all Libras are very social. They tend to put their friends in the brightest limelight that ever shone. However, they sometimes set the friend bar a bit too high and set themselves up for lowered expectations. At times, they choose friends that bring friendships which leave them feeling far superior to what they would have expected to feel. With their shining personality, they are often left to be very indecisive. 

    This leaves them showing a lack of. While all are brewing, they are still heavily invested in their friendships. Especially if their friend takes the baton and runs ahead showing more interest. When nurturing friendships, they communicate through problems in a calm tactful manner. However, this only happens if they want it to. They seek to ensure that others are certain of the other side of personal conflicts and trouble that they may have with others.

    Libra Family

    Being born into a household that gives them many weaknesses of the Sun, they can easily transfer guilt from member to member. This is done while the Libra is unaware of what is taking place. Since they prefer to find harmony, they usually easily and quickly agree with other family members. This is the main part of their personality and they do a great job at avoiding conflict. 

    They often pull back from certain challenges that may come their way as they nurture and develop their personality. Libras rely on solitude as a means of self-discovery. It is only there that they realize their own view in the midst of many. Libras are very well built and work hard on their sense of inner power. They even find themselves being a good role model to others or even an exceptional parent. They are usually always ready to share everything they learned with their kids.


    Libra Career And Money

    While keeping in line with their balancing nature, Libras will not report to work unless they are sure that they have set enough time for their loved ones and their private life. If ever they should, they will be left feeling that they need to set free from time constraints. Libras are often loved as leaders even though they don’t always find joy in organizing those who work for them. 

    Libras are known for working extra hard to attain all of the privileges that come their way. If they take on careers as judges and lawyers, we can all bet that they will be in search of both justice and truth. They even make excellent designers, composers, and diplomats; if they’ve nurtured their creative and artistic skills from childhood through now, we’re sure that they’re natural prodigies. 

    When it comes to working in groups, Libras are natural team players and they can be quite convincing since they’re rather gifted speakers. They tend to keep the financial part of their lives under control. However, they do love a shop till you drop from time to time and have the hardest time wondering what to buy. 

    Whenever they begin to question the financial aspects of their life, they start cutting down on spending and don’t even bother to spend any at all. They do a great job of balancing their finances even though they fancy nice clothes and fashion.

    How To Attract The Libra Man

    The Libra man is known for appreciating all things beautiful. He searches for a partner who inspires him with their general appearance. While it sounds pretty superficial, he needs more visual and mental stimuli to help process his decisions easier. 

    These aid as they push him and his romantic interest into a very serious relationship. Once he’s sure that he wants to be with someone, he’ll ensure that it’s serious and the bonds last long-term. He pushes through and endures with ease through all of the coming hard times since he already knows that he has made a perfect choice. Any and all Libra men desire honest discussions with their partners. 


    These discussions range anywhere from life to share goals. He is always going to be in search of the one that presents themselves with confidence. He will desire the one who helps him feel secure and guide his way if ever he should feel lost. When he’s set his eyes upon the right one, he’ll do anything to bring happiness to their life and he’ll even give all of his attention forgetting his own needs in the process. He is deeply romantic and is searching for the love of his life.

    How To Attract The Libra Woman

    For anyone that’s trying to seduce a Libra woman, they’ll need to be a great listener and a conversationalist. She will enjoy learning new things that are taught by her lover. While she enjoys talking about her personal interests and herself, she wants to also sink into her lover’s life. She will be quite charming, intelligent and she will definitely find all the answers to all of your problems. 

    She will be comforting and ease all of the tension in your life. However, her partner needs to keep her mind wild and interested. She is one that needs to be kept on her toes in the beginning; she’ll soon start to question her choices and initiatives while being so surprising and straightforward all in the same breath. 

    The Libra woman is ruled by Venus and it’s natural for her to experience various mood swings. Even with that, she wouldn’t be any less of the woman that she is. When she falls in love, she opens her heart and soul and shares all with her partner. She makes them look good and she takes care of them while keeping her social life adjusted and organized to suit the norms that she and her love lives in.


    The Libra In A Nutshell

    • Date – September 23 to October 22
    • The Libra element is Air
    • They possess the cardinal quality
    • Their colors are pink and green
    • For the Libra, their day is Friday
    • Their ruler is Venus
    • They are most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius
    • The Libra lucky numbers are 24, 15, 13, 6, and 4

    Hidden Traits Of The Libra

    Libra Strengths – Corporates very well with others, beautifully gracious, diplomatic, fair in their ways of thinking, very social people

     Libra Weaknesses – Avoids confrontation at all cost, indecisive when needed, self-pity, and will carry a grudge to the end of time

    Likes Of The Libra

    • Live for harmony
    • Gentle
    • Sharing with others
    • The beautiful outdoor

    Dislikes Of The Libra

    • Hates violence
    • Injustice – Libras will gladly fight for justice
    • Loud people
    • Conforming

    Libra Dates:
    September 23 – October 22

    Symbol: The Scales

    Mode + Element: Cardinal Air

    Ruling Planet: Venus

    House: Seventh

    Mantra: I Relate

    Body Parts: Lower Back & Kidneys

    Colors: Ivory, Pink, & Light Blue

    Tarot Card: Justice

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