Numerology And Personality Numbers

Have you ever come across the word numerology? Are you wondering what it means? Well, numerology is the science behind the meaning of numbers and the influence in the world. It allows us to calculate our personality numbers which are the most important numbers in the numerology chart.

What Is A Personality Number?

It is a number used to determine the prominent features of your personality. It’s what people who know you see as well as how they perceive your strengths or weaknesses. Your personality number defines your attitudes, aptitudes and your conduct when dealing with other people. Knowing your personality number allows you to find the foundations of your success and build on them.

Even better, you should be able to identify the facets of your personality that increase your success and enhance them. A personality number allows you to identify the areas that stop your development and work on them as well as improve your personal relationships and achieve your dream job. Basically, your personality number helps you understand yourself.

Once you do this, endless possibilities will open up. That’s because you know who you are and your potential to achieve anything you want. Your personality number is identified by using the consonants of your birth name. Don’t use a nickname or a new name, especially if you have ever changed your name to arrive at your personality number.

The Pythagoras Numerology System

Pythagoras created a numerology system according to the alphabet where each letter represents a specific number between 0 and 9. Here is the system.

1 – J, S and T

2- B and K

3 – C, L and V

4 – D and M

5 – N and W

6 – F, X and Y

7 – G, P and Z

8 – H and Q

9 – R

When calculating your personality number, you should consider the consonants in your first name, middle name and last name. Next, assign each consonant the corresponding number according to the chart shown above. Finally, you should add all the numbers assigned to the consonants in your first name and add the result to create a single digit. Repeat the same with your middle and last name.

Finally, you should add the 3 digits and add the result to create a single digit. The answer is your personality number. Here is an example for you to understand how to get your personality number.

Example – If your name is Paul Arthur Miller, here is how to calculate your personality number. For the first name, P and L are the consonants with the corresponding numbers 7 and 3. The sum of 7 and 3 is 10 so 1+0 adds up to 1.

For your middle name, the consonants are R, T, H and R. The corresponding numbers are 9, 2, 8 and 9. The sum of these numbers is 28. Adding 2 and 8 results in 10 and 1 plus 0 is 1. Finally, for your last name, the consonants are M, L, L and R. The corresponding numbers are 4, 3, 3 and 9. The sum of the numbers is 19, where 1+9 is 10 and 1+0 is 1. The personality number is 1+1+1 which equals to 3. Once you have identified your personality number, the next step is finding out the meaning of the number.

The Meaning Of Each Personality Number

1. Personality Number 1

You are a pioneer and a great initiator. You are not afraid of taking the first step and will never go back on your challenges. You love taking risks in your personal and professional life. You are ambitious and creative resulting in a lot of determination when you come up with a plan. You are a natural leader and are safe in your appearance. You dress elegantly and you have a dynamic and energetic presence resulting in admiration from everyone around you.

You are determined and aggressive as well as self-confident. As such, you are an excellent competitor. However, these characteristics make you selfish and intimidating to everyone around you. Try being more understanding and compassionate to exercise your leadership in the most effective way.

2. Personality Number 2

You are empathetic and kind. People around you love you because you are sensitive to their needs. You don’t have any leadership skills but you are highly valued in your profession. That’s because you have a positive and influential character. You are very responsible and full of wit.

You are very honest in a warm way instead of being hurtful. You are very adaptable and always try to create a harmonious environment without worrying about the circumstances. You are a symbol of union and understanding making you an excellent referee in a situation where sound judgment and balance is required. You are a peacemaker in nature.

You love company and that’s your bond with partners, friends, colleagues and coworkers is very stable and strong. However, you must be very careful since you are extremely sensitive because you might end up in fear or depression.

3. Personality Number 3

You have a charismatic and overwhelming personality making you the center of attention. You are an excellent communicator thereby elevating and inspiring your peers to overcome their obstacles. You are fun, friendly and optimistic. You are very intelligent and endowed with a lot of creativity. Therefore, you can express yourself in a very unique way.

That’s why you stand out in everything you have planned. You have an amazing sense of opportunity and know the best way to take advantage of it. Your love life is quite unstable since you get bored very fast.

You are also very eager for new emotions so you have a hard time creating long relationships with people. Your dressing is excellent and expensive. You have a tendency to distract and postpone things so you need to focus to be able to achieve your goals and get close to your loved ones.

4. Personality Number 4

You are the symbol of organization and order. You are genuine, loyal and pragmatic. You are a good provider so you work hard every day. You have a great talent in handling finances because of your attention to detail. You don’t like taking unnecessary risks and adhere to procedures fully.

You are responsible and persevering, the reasons for your success. You dress practically because you don’t want people to value you for your appearances instead of your performance. When in love, you are loyal to your partner and attached to your family. That’s because your honesty doesn’t allow you to act in any other way.

You have a rigid character that prevents you from enjoying exciting things in life. You are very attentive and your lack of imagination as well as stubbornness doesn’t allow you to be bored. You are open and flexible.

5. Personality Number 5

You are the symbol of freedom and adventure. You have excellent social relationships because you are open. Even better, you have contagious energy stimulating other people to enjoy and take action in areas of their lives. You have a traveling spirit so you often leave your house very early looking for adventure and new experiences.

You view your life as a permanent journey with numerous challenges that you are ready to face. You don’t accept routine and always live to the limit without fear of the unknown. You are spontaneous and curious so you are always searching for new experiences, people, places and the unknown. You can adapt to changes effortlessly.

Your ideal job would be one that gives you freedom without being tied to a routine. You love a job where you travel a lot and take risks. Even better, you love running your own business. You are an excellent salesperson because you can make great speeches and use your powers of persuasion.

6. Personality Number 6

You are symbol of love par excellence. You have a golden heart and are generous. Everyone under your shadow feels protected. You are responsible and understanding since you care for everyone around you. Also, you don’t tolerate injustice. You love order and organization. You get along with your peers and are a great co-worker.

You are very calm in your appearance but are firm when something in your surrounding breaks peace. You are tender and very expressive so you are excellent in relationships. You are also the head of your family because you are attentive to the needs of your loved ones.

With this personality, you are a victim because most people take advantage of your kind and understanding nature. Don’t waste your energy with people who want to take advantage of you. Make sure that your eagerness to protect and advise doesn’t make you a nosy person.

7. Personality Number 7

You have immense spirituality. Other people admire you because of your deep thinking, the constant search for wisdom and superior consciousness. However, some people choose to keep their distance from you because of these characteristics. Basically, you are completely wrapped in an aura full of mystery. You have a great aptitude for research and analysis. You also have a scientific mentality making you a perfectionist when you want to get expected results without any distractions.

You have a charming personality but prefer to be alone instead of being with people. You are very eager to learn so you love studying and reading. You can devote a lot of hours to studying and reading. You love working in ways that relate to other people but make sure your reserved attitude doesn’t isolate you from other people.

8. Personality Number 8

You are the symbol of success and power. You are very self-sufficient and firm in your approaches. You have a great ability of execution. You love an expensive lifestyle and devote a lot of your effort into getting material success so you can have an idea of what you need to maintain it.

With this personality, you are very strong and walk through life with a lot of security. You love reinforcing your image with exquisite clothes. You are very persuasive and can work perfectly in jobs where you push other people to achieve their goals. You can be a great entrepreneur or politician because your success is based on your ambitious and organized character.

However, you need a lot of support from people around you. Also, you are likely to become frustrated if you don’t succeed. You must be very alert so that your security doesn’t make you self-centered. When this happens, you are likely to become cruel and intimidating as well as lonely.

9. Personality Number 9

You have the highest humanitarian sense so you are sensitive to any cause that makes the world a better place. You have an extraordinary presence, are charismatic and elegant. You are a very intelligent being and can influence people by involving them into philanthropic work.

With this personality, you are idealistic but have firm intentions in the fact that nothing will separate you from your altruistic path. In most cases, you will end up putting these goals above your happiness. You will handle any work with your conviction without expecting recognition. You are a creative with amazing artistic talent, especially writing.

You have a hard time relating to people that’s because most of your relationships are superficial besides being extra sensitive and being commitment to other causes. You are very impatient and eager to be a guardian to the world thereby forgetting your own well-being. It's quite dangerous so you need to find a balance.

10. Personality Number 11

You are a symbol of intuition because you can see situations as a whole. Even better, you are always in search of harmonic solutions to every problem. You are a sensitive being and can feel what other people feel in every situation. To others, you appear gentle. You were very shy in your childhood and have had to work hard in your personality to become confident.

People love being close to you because you are warm and harmless. You have some vulnerability so you need to be extremely careful when choosing friends. That’s because your appearance and overall being is a stimulus for bad people who might take advantage of you. You need to be careful with everyone you associate with to avoid being taken advantage of by your family members, colleagues, lovers or acquaintances.