What to Know About the Gemini Sun-Sign


Gemini – the Twins – ( May 21 - June 20)



* Mild

* Affectionate

* Inquisitive

* Flexible

* Fast Learner

* High Creative Energy


* Anxious

* Inconsistent

* Uncertain


* Music

* Books

* Magazines

* Leadership Positions

* Socializing

* Impromptu Celebrations

There is nothing worse than the wrong type of clothing, which is a real issue when it comes to maintaining a good image. Aries people will always love getting their hands dirty and that has a lot to do with their adventurous selves. They will also do the same when it comes to playing sports like tennis or golf. It is all about taking action in their eyes.


* Being alone

* Being restrained

* Repetition

* Unchanging Routines

Getting to Know the Gemini

The Gemini personality is characterized by a sharp wit and versatile expression. You will actually find two very distinct personalities in one person and it will take all your focus, skill and intuition to keep up with who you are facing at any one time. While the Gemini is certainly fun-loving, communicative and social, they can also become serious, restless and pensive in a hurry. The Gemini has an innate fascination for the world and its mysteries and often feel there is simply not enough time to be themselves. Like Aquarius and Libra, Gemini is an air sign and this means that their minds are flighty and limitless in scope and flexibility. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury which presides over the communicative arts like writing, communication and movement. It is not uncommon for Geminis to feel as though a half of themselves is missing and will quest forever to seek that missing part in the company of friends, family and deeper closer relations. Because of their great flexibility and freedom of mind the Gemini is highly artistic and has great success in a wide range of communicative arts. A weightless and buoyant frame of mind allows them to apply these same skills in a wide variety of other trades as well such as team building and team sports. The Gemini is on an eternal quest to learn and experience everything they can in the world and this is always best when their inquisitive, fun-loving and versatile nature has fully flourished. This makes the Gemini an inspiration and there will never be a dull moment in the company of a confident and grounded Gemini.

Gemini – The Caring Twins

One of the most prominent traits of the Gemini is a childish innocence in their natural view of the world. This is symbolized by the brotherhood of the twins and perceived in the deep acceptance they will extend towards their family and closest friends. The Gemini uses their lofty perspective to mend the world and impart a well-being to those they love. An unselfish and sacrificial regard for their loved ones and closest friends is the most natural thing for the Gemini – after all, who would not give their life for their brother?

Gemini Love Relations

Geminis are all about having fun and will expect their partner to challenge their mind as well as their sense of adventure. Under the guidance of Mercury, the Gemini will depend largely on verbal communication to establish that vital primary connection upon which other forms of communications can be built. What does this mean to you, the lucky guy/girl trying to capture the interest of the twins? Conversational skills and mutual interests are mandatory. If you are loquacious, skilled at turning phrases and well-practiced in subtle wordplay, you have a considerable advantage in this fast-paced game. Time to sharpen that tongue! But, this can’t be a platonic conversation. You will need to sprinkle your verbal engagements and flirting with a healthy dosage of contact and an exchange of affection of the physical sort. How heavy the physical contact is depends on the Gemini you are interested in, so keep your focus, because the twins change places quickly. You can expect plenty of excitement and a constant need for variety in music, foods, scenery and activities to keep their inquisitive minds from falling to the effects of boredom. Boredom will be the death of a Gemini's attention span and routine is a much heavier burden for twins than it would be for the Taurus, for example. If your heart has made it this far you are an athlete of considerable endurance and flexibility and your rewards will be of the highest grade. Your friendship and love life with a Gemini will be filled with unexpected wonders, passionate and spontaneous sexual encounters and willingness to adapt to whatever challenges the path of love may bring. Still here? Excellent! As you saw during the early stages of the relationship, it was a spontaneity and sense of adventure that first attracted the flighty Gemini to your inner circle as the object of your most supreme affections. Well, this same ingenuity will ensure that your relationship endures. Nothing terrifies the Gemini like falling into a boring routine, so infusing your life with excitement will be an ongoing process. Repetitive lifestyles will get old fast, but don’t think you will have to plan vacations to the Hindu Kush to keep your Gemini engaged. An afternoon at the farmer’s market and a new meal will spark their childish curiosity and shatter their boring routine. Contrary to popular opinion, the Gemini is not shallow; they have a great depth of character and innate mission that simply can’t be fully conceived by all. The air elemental has a long way to go and the unique capacity to fly over obstacles, details and conflicts that might be very personal to others. This is because they have the tendency to for a bird’s eye view and the relative perspective of the moment. You can expect your Gemini counterpart to make many sharp turns and they will leave behind those that don’t keep pace. But, there are those out there with stamina and flexibility to bring balance to the twin dragons and harness their flighty power. The result will be a relationship that never gets old, brimming with excitement and moments of sheer exhilaration as you seek your thrills somewhere beyond the clouds.


Gemini Sexual Personality

Your initial sexual advances toward the Gemini should include an appeal to the intellect and a display of conversational skills. Get ready to turn on the charm with many a salacious insinuation and display of sexual prowess which is equally tasteful and yet unequivocally dirty – if you can wrap your mind around that? And you will have to because anticipation and mental stimulation is the key to the pleasure stores at your Gemini’s disposal. Get talking, get descriptive and most likely get a costume. Your Gemini will be totally into dress up, fantasy and the IDEA of trying new things. Not sure if he/she will be into something, take the time to talk her/him into it. Role playing will appeal to the imagination and communication skills of the Gemini and this can be taken to its furthest conceivable point. But, BDSM may not be something that they will take much pleasure in practicing. Cages, whips, straps, dungeons and ball-gags are not what the light-hearted and playful Gemini had in mind when they heard the term “playing around”. One important point on this will be to strike when the iron is hot. Don’t build up the mental stimulation and let it sit there. The fantasy and anticipation should be ne’er but a short prelude to the physical exchange. Oh, and don’t wait till you get home either, find a secluded neck of the woods, a haystack in the barn, meadow under the stars or any other unexpected and spontaneous location. Your Gemini will greatly admire and appreciate your courage and sense of adventure and reward you with the ride of your life – hang on and don’t look down!


Friends – Geminis are a very social bunch and love nothing more than spending time in the company of their friends and family, even younger members. You can expect your Gemini to have a large circle of friends with whom they will discuss lofty imaginative topics and share deep intellectual connections. But, their interests will be drawn to fast moving and exhilarating more than the rigid and detailed. So they will always seek to infuse the conversation with inspirational themes or move on to another topic, if it suits their fancy. Expect many friends to be left in the dust if their personality becomes too rigid for the Gemini interests. Family – there is nothing as important to the brotherhood of twins as the family and they will bend backward to create a deep connection with the others in their family especially the younger members. While they may seem to display a lack of consistency and have very high expectations for those in their lives, they will also approach home life with modesty and generosity. It will never be easy for the Gemini to get a thrill from the horrors of routine housework, but once they wrap their mind around it, they will find a magical way of accomplishing everything at the same time – and the quality of the work will surpass your expectations.


If you have felt charmed by a Gemini man, it is probably his incredible energy and capacity to view the world in new and creative ways that has captivated your mind and suddenly a chunk of your heart. He probably amazed you with tales of his many adventures or took your breath away with his practical skills. Now you want nothing more than to spend more with this guy who seems to be nothing but a barrel of laughs and fun. There is a good chance that you met him your first day on the job, at a social event or conference, maybe even a traffic jam. You will soon notice an enigmatic change taking over them as their warm and charismatic nature clouds over with a cool passiveness, yet a consistent charm. This dualism is the very nature of the Gemini. This man will be very hard to cling to as they will need plenty of space but yet demand attention and devotion when they need it – and no they are not afraid to communicate this need. Then you better bring in some healthy supplies of mental stimulation and variety. But, if fun is your thing and you have a knack for bringing excitement and maybe even been criticized by former love interests for never sitting still – Aries and Aquarius I hear you out there – the Gemini Man is going to love you all the more and even take your spontaneity and adventure to heights you never imagined. But, don’t expect him to ever relish the idea of delving into emotional topics and such. To the Gemini, these things are expressed in other ways. Then there is sex with your Gemini man. Expect this to be filled with spontaneity, adventure and plenty of experimentation. Like in most things he will want the liberty to express himself freely and explore new forms of entertainment. If you are the type who prefers routine and are on the way to unlocking subtle energies through mastering the disciplines of Kundalini sexual experience, you may lose his interest. But, something fast and to the point like the Simplified and Illustrated Kama Sutra may be just his thing!


If you have been enticed by the charm, high spirits and intense intellect and skill of a Gemini woman, you may have been suddenly amazed to see a drastic transformation. What was present and attentive one moment can suddenly become aloof and even sharp the next minute. Hope you are the brave and attentive type with a patient streak. In a few moments you will see the sun come out and she will be right back to that energetic and passionate girl you thought you lost. This is not a reflection on her interest in you or anything you said or did, just part of her personal Gemini genius. The Gemini is not a shy girl, but if you hope to get into a serious relationship with her you should take the time to consider what you are getting into. It’s not that a Gemini girl is impossible, she is just unlike anything you have ever seen in your life. She will be most impressed by you if you can appeal to her intellect and teach her new things. Your sex life will be unimaginably satisfying and you are sure to find a level of adventure that will run circles around a Scorpio feeling extra frisky. Be sure to bring your courage, but if you can keep up with her your love life will be something most people only dream about.


Gemini Dates: May 22 – June 21

Symbol: The Twins

Mode + Element: Mutable Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

House: Third

Mantra: I Think

Body Parts: Arms, Hands, & Lungs

Colors: Yellow & Blue

Tarot Card: The Lovers