All You Need To Know About The Cancer Zodiac Sign


If we are going into the dating vicinity and probably meet a cancer, it is essential that we do our homework. Research about them so that you can know who you are dealing with. It is necessary to ask ourselves if we are up to the task. Dealing with people is never easy, and ensuring we match each other's energy will push us further. Everything comes down to can we relate? Not only in relationships but also in friendships. Cancers are usually born between June 21 and July 22. It is the fourth zodiac sign that is represented by the crab. The traits of cancers are derived from a crab. We will be able to get a deeper understanding, the more we read on. Not everyone believes in zodiac signs, which is okay since no one can judge you for that. It is, however, not such a bad idea to know a thing or two. Always strive to be in the know; it is not a waste of time. All the information about this sign will be broken down to bits, whether it is their likes or dislikes. The points that follow show detailed information that revolves around the zodiac sign cancer.

Personality Traits

Everyone has both the bad and the good side. Here are the traits of a cancer explained.

Positive Traits

They Are Loyal. When it comes to relationships, they give their all. You cannot struggle to date or even marry a cancer because they know that they will not play games with our feelings. Who does not love that kind of certainty? People love to be confident in the person that they are in a relationship with. We are the kind of people who choose to be happy any day as long as deep emotional ties back us. Family is life to us, and anyone who tries to come in between our families and us cannot be excused. Cancers love to ensure that every member of the family is taken care of by all means possible. We feel the need to nurture our relationships with other people, be it family or a soul mate. That being said, we overlook all the red flags in people who are closest to our hearts. This is because the love we have for them always turns us blind. We can get out of the pan and jump into the fire to make sure that our partners are not in any kind of trouble.


They Have A High Level Of Creativity

Our brains have labeled us, creative geniuses. This is because we tend to have imaginations that can be turned into art in minutes. We are artsy in most, if not all, the things that we do. How we express ourselves spells out that we have a strong artistic force. If, for example, we want to show the love or hatred that we have for something or someone, we use poems and any other forms of writings too. It gives us so much peace since we do not have to come at anyone directly stating how we feel.

They Are Soft-Hearted

Since we use art to express ourselves, we never state our real feelings. We tend to hide under the curtains hoping that you will decipher the message we are trying to send across. If you fail to understand us, we will shy from being upfront with you. Whenever things are going south, we always contain our emotions no matter how hurt we are. On most days, we fail to be emotionally mature. If we meet up or get to know each other and notice that you are overly sensitive when it comes to your emotions, we tend to get attached to you. We are so good at putting ourselves in someone else's shoes and understand what they are going through.

They Have Intuition

Playing the manipulative card with us always leaves you drowning; hence do not even think about it. This is because we can read minds and tell what you did. Thus deceiving us is such a bad idea. We tend to make inquiries, which in turn trick you into confessing what you did behind our backs. It, however, makes us feel heavy at heart and also oversensitive.

Negative Traits

They Are Vengeful. If you want to date us, you must accept that we still hold on to our past experiences. Old flames still burn but not as brightly as they did before. We tend not to let go; this majorly goes for things that are sentimental to us. The thought of letting them go does not sit right with us. It would be a bad idea for you to spike a fire that you cannot manage since our feelings are not like switches-once we like you, we become rigid. Whether you are a friend or a partner and you have been in our lives since time immemorial, there is a chance that we will be stuck together for a long duration. If you hurt us, we hold a grudge against you. Forgiveness is alien to us; hence do not anticipate that we would accept your apology-we even go to the extent of plotting for revenge.

They Are Manipulative

Have you ever met someone who knows how to victimize themselves? This is an accurate description of a cancer! Whenever the moon phase changes, they too may change. Do not get it twisted. They are great people to hang out with. We are never dull, but when we are mood-less, things tend to be very different. On the inside, we are very brittle, but we portray a picture that makes us seem unapproachable on the outside. We love the attention that comes with us playing the victim, and we can do so much to maintain that role. It ensures that you listen to us and offer us the support that we need. We get tired of acting up, but on most days, it is all we have got.

They Are Clingy

We love the idea of obsessing over a situation, for example, that does not seem to add up. You can call us CIDs because we can think about a situation until we have found the answers. The fact that we are over-thinkers tends to make us hurt when the truth is unfolded. It can also lead us into trouble. We are clingy about people too, especially if we had a relationship and broke it off.


Careers For Cancers

We find it very hard to settle in one workplace because we change our minds quite often. We love the assurance that our job has a high degree of security in terms of wages and employment. Fitting in the work environment is usually such a struggle, not forgetting that also finding the right environment is often a tall order. If you happen to work with us, you will not fail to notice how hard we will work to put food at the table. Cancers are so reliable that you will find yourself dreading to lose them. Ensure that you have one on your team because they are not the best at leading. We are more on being practical than giving orders. Remember that we are fantastic at caring for other people. That is why service-oriented careers like nursing, interior designing alongside many others suit us well. Our loyalty is, without a doubt, over the top when it comes to our employers.

Advice That Can Help A Cancer

The first step after coming across our characteristics is to figure out which ones we already have. Afterwards, we can identify our strengths and weaknesses. If possible, we can write them down just to be conscious. From there, we can try finding a way of turning our weaknesses into strengths. As you do that, it is necessary to remember that our flaws are beautiful and that we are not fighting to cancel them out but to turn them around. If, for example, we have identified with the intuitive trait, we can try to listen to what our gut tells us more often. People tend to assume that small voice that talks to them whenever they are going astray or in a dilemma only for them to regret later. If we are too emotional, we can wrap our hands around our emotions in the sense that we control what we feel. Try as much as you can to focus on your wellbeing; it is all that matters.

How To Relate Freely With Them

Introverts are hard nuts to crush. They block people from trying to know so much about them. Anyway, who loves to be vulnerable? What you can do is try to discover where they love hanging out or rather where they are most comfortable. Get them a drink and vibe along with them. With time they will slowly remove the lock. It may not occur on the first day because they may end up saying no to your proposal. The secret is giving them time and asking better next time. If you want them to be calm, you can take them to a place that has a small group of familiar people. When we are alone with an individual, it tends to get weird and so quiet; hence we become nervous. If you are serious about getting along with them, you can invite friends or any family member. It will reduce any discomfort whatsoever. Keep in mind that we treasure long-term relationships and friendships. Hence if you are used to on and off attachments, a cancer should not be your go-to. We can come off as rude, and you have to put up with that since it is our nature. To ensure that you win our hearts, you can try to be thankful for the little things that we do for you. Again, we love the assurance that we are making efforts in the friendship. Do not leave us in the dark because this is where we ghost you. The above points describe the nature of a cancer individual. If you are a parent who has cancer children, it is best to give them time to break from the cycle of being shy and sensitive. Rushing things will only make these kids frustrated, and there is no way that they will do better. To anyone who might see this article and interest in reading it, it would be fantastic if you could help people out there. They do not have to be cancers since this information can apply to typical life situations. Also, if you are trying to befriend a cancer you should practice patience. If you never knew why your cancer friend or partner behaves the way they do, you do now. Use your understanding to settle any issues or problems that you may be having.


Cancer Dates: June 21 – July 22

Symbol: The Crab

Mode + Element: Cardinal Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

House: Fourth

Mantra: I Feel

Body Parts: The Stomach, Brain, & Breasts

Colors: Silver & White

Tarot Card: The Chariot