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Aries Sign Dates & Traits

The Personality of an Aries


Aries is a fire sign and is associated with the color red. It is often connected with lucky numbers such as 1, 8, and 17 while also being close to the planet Mars.

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    • Committed
    • Brave
    • Passionate
    • Truthful
    • Optimistic
    • Enthusiastic

    One of their biggest strengths is being honest in everything they do whether it’s at work or in relationships. They are going to be loyal and it is going to show in everything they do. There will also be a sense of optimism that comes through when they are working hard on a project or dealing with challenges in life.

    • Emotional
    • Short-Tempered
    • Aggressive
    • Reactive
    • Impatient

    When it comes to weaknesses, it is always built around being short-tempered and not knowing when to reel things in with their emotions. This means they end up wearing their hearts on their sleeves and that can lead to a bit of aggression on their part too.

    Aries Likes

    • Cozy Clothing
    • Physical Tasks
    • Individual Sports
    • Leadership Positions

    There is nothing worse than the wrong type of clothing, which is a real issue when it comes to maintaining a good image. Aries people will always love getting their hands dirty and that has a lot to do with their adventurous selves. They will also do the same when it comes to playing sports like tennis or golf. It is all about taking action in their eyes.

    Aries Dislikes

    • Being Late
    • Inaction
    • Menial Tasks

    An Aries person isn’t going to like the idea of overlooking time because it is important to be punctual. Whether this means attending a meeting or coming to a date. They will want to go with someone that is passionate about what they are doing and will focus on being timely. This is noted for being the first zodiac sign, which means there is a burst of energy to how this sign is represented. 

    It is a sign that has a lot of activity, energy, and passion in its roots. As a result, Aries individuals are always focused on competitions and trying to be better than those around them. This is seen in all walks of life whether it is in social gatherings or in relationships. 

    They will be loyal but are always going to have that inner fire that is going to burn forever. It is going to drive them to push forward and keep working hard. Since this is a fire sign, they are also known for being well-organized. This is something you are going to see with any Aries because they are always focused on finishing tasks and being as punctual as possible. This can even be something as simple as packing their lunch in a specific manner. 

    Everything is orderly and it is something that defines their personality. Aries will always work with their head and that is what makes them want to lead others. They will always have their minds running at a hundred miles per hours and that is what pushes them to take risks. 

    There is a youthful surge that goes through them regardless of how old they are. The story behind Aries involves the flying ram. This is a story about a ramp named Fleece, who was supposed to be a hero in his time. He was tasked with the job of helping those who didn’t have as much power as him. He had the power of the ram, which he continued to use as a way to lead. However, being a leader isn’t always easy and it comes with huge challenges that are seen in all walks of life. 

    By having the power of a ram, it becomes possible to do things that others can’t. It is about having physical strength and maximizing the use of energy to get things done. It is the same that was seen with Fleece in his story.

    Romance As An Aries​

    Romance as an Aries

    Romance is something that is all about the initiative for an Aries individual. They are individuals that are going to fall in love and they will express those feelings openly. They are not going to hide behind anything and sometimes they won’t even think about what they are doing. It is just about going ahead and getting the job done to push things forward romantically. 

    This can be charming and ideal depending on who they are speaking to. They are always focused on affection and are going to shower their partner with it when they get the opportunity to do so. They will always show this by going on an adventure with their partner or doing something that is passionate and sexual. 

    The only sign that tends to have trouble mingling with an Aries individual would be a Libra. These are individuals that are diplomatic and patient with everything the do and that can drive a wedge between both parties. 

    An Aries individual may not display the same diplomacy and/or passion that is necessary to win them over. It’s important to note Aries people aren’t reserved when it comes to who they go with. As long as they are enamored by your presence and like who you are as a person, they will be more than willing to take a chance. 

    This is what causes them to persevere even when there are hurdles in their love life. They will continue to work hard to impress you because of their passionate side.

    Friends and Family as an Aries

    With friends, Aries are always going to want to have a social life. They are warm-hearted individuals that are on the lookout for a good adventure. If that adventure can be had with their friends then that is what they are going to do. It can be a great way for them to network and build out a large net of friends that are always willing to have a bit of fun. Even when those individuals have differing views, it is not going to matter to this person because they just want to experience different things. 

    They are always going to be truthful with their opinions and that is going to stand out from day one. It is this honesty that is going to let them build out a great net of friends that want to be around them. When it comes to their family, an Aries individual is always going to want to remain independent. They will do this by leaving their family early on in life to focus on themselves. 

    Friends And Family As An Aries​

    As children, they are known for being tough to handle and can start to misbehave from time to time. Aries individuals don’t do well with families that are restrictive because it starts to make them feel trapped in a cage. This goes against their desire to be adventurous and try new things. However, if they are born in a liberal family that cultivates their creativity and passionate side, they continue to do well with their families. They aren’t afraid to mingle with their family and are going to get along with them well.

    Career As An Aries​

    Career as an Aries

    Aries are heralded for doing well when it comes to their work life. They are individuals that are passionate about everything they do and that starts to shine through in the workplace. When there are people to lead and things to get done, it is always going to come onto the shoulders of an Aries individual. 

    These are professionals that are able to take their ambition to the next level and start to let the creativity flow through their veins. It can be empowering and it is something they are able to handle better than anyone else. It is something that is ideal for those who have big goals and want to make sure their dreams are reached. Even when there are challenges in the workplace, an Aries individual will be ready to face it head-on and isn’t going to panic. 

    It is due to this passion that they are able to focus under pressure and don’t break down as easily. They tend to do well in high-pressure situations such as being a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, surgeon, or a soldier. Even when there is a challenge in front of them, they will know it is just something they have to work on to get better at. Aries individuals are known for being safe with their funds are and always going to keep an emergency fund under their name.

    It is due to this passion that they are able to focus under pressure and don’t break down as easily. They tend to do well in high-pressure situations such as being a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, surgeon, or a soldier. Even when there is a challenge in front of them, they will know it is just something they have to work on to get better at. Aries individuals are known for being safe with their funds are and always going to keep an emergency fund under their name. 

    They do love the idea of spending money but that doesn’t mean they splurge blindly. They always think about the future just as much as the present. However, there are times when they do get hasty with their decisions and spend more than necessary.

    How to Attract an Aries Man

    To win over an Aries man, you will have to realize it is important to focus on their independence. They don’t want to be forced to do things and will like to have as much control as possible. This is how you are going to appeal to them and become a person they want to be around. 

    If you are not able to make them feel like they are chasing you, the results won’t be the way you want them to be. They want to have someone to catch and that is what will flare-up the adventurer in them. They want to make sure the person they go with is someone they wanted badly. 

    How To Attract An Aries Man​

    You want to focus on grabbing their attention and then letting their independence take over from there. In general, an Aries man is someone that is going to be on the lookout for a challenge and that can be you. If they find someone that is worthy of being their partner, they will take action. This is how they are going to want to be in all romantic situations, which can often lead to situations where they are trying to protect you all the time. Being in a relationship such as this will lead to many adventures and can be quite a bit of fun as long as you are willing to let them lead.


    How to Attract an Aries Woman

    With an Aries woman, it’s all about understanding their desire to be leaders. There is a certain amount of dynamic charisma that is a part of who they are. This leads them to want to take on new challenges and go on adventures all the time. For those who want to capture an Aries woman’s attention, it’s all about letting her come to you so she can take the lead. 

    This is going to make her happy when it comes to her underlying independence. She will also have a certain amount of passion that is a part of who she is. It is going to come out when it comes to making her so appealing in your eyes. There is never going to be a time when she lets you take over because that is not what she wants. If you are able to make her feel like she is in control, she will start to fall in love with you. To attract an Aries woman, you have to understand that showing initiative is good but not when you want to take control of the situation. 

    You want to let her know there is room for her independence and this is an opportunity for her to also play a role in what is happening. This is how you are going to get her to focus on you and your words. The beauty of going with an Aries woman is knowing she will be loyal to you and is going to show affection to the point of possessiveness depending on how long you have been together. 

    While she will love the idea of being independent, this doesn’t mean she is after a man that isn’t confident. She will still want an individual that is strong-minded and is going to have energy. This is what will make sure you can keep up on her adventures

    Aries Dates:
    March 21 – April 19

    Symbol: The Ram

    Mode + Element: Cardinal Fire


    House: First

    Mantra: I Am

    Body Parts: The Head

    Colors: Red & Mustard

    Tarot Card: The Emperor

    Compatible Signs

    • Leo
    • Aquarius
    • Libra
    • Gemini
    • Sagittarius
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