Overview Of The Zodiac Sign Aquarius


The study of astrology has been around for thousands of years. In the past, before the advent of astronomy, people use to look to the stars for answers. They likely noticed that certain configurations always remain the same. In astronomy, these are called constellations. However, in astronomy, these same patterns in the sky are looked at in a completely different way. There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology, and each one is attributed to the personality of each and every one of us. Depending upon what sign you were born under, your personality should reflect the characteristics of that zodiac sign. Let's take a look at what the zodiac sign Aquarius is, and personality traits often associated with those that are born under this 11th sign of the zodiac.

What Exactly Is Astrology?

By definition, astrology is the study of distant stars and planets in the sky that somehow influence our lives. This typically includes the positioning of planets, stars, and also the sun and moon, at the time of a person's birth. This is often confused with the time of conception which plays no role in what zodiac sign you were born under. When they reference being born under a zodiac sign it is referencing when the sun is in front of the different zodiac sign on the day of your birth.

What Are Zodiac Signs?

The zodiac is represented by many different constellations in the sky. They follow what is called the ecliptic. This is the same path that the sun, moon, and all of the planets follow. Although this is only an apparent path, from our vantage point on the earth, they seem to stay in this area of the sky. The different signs include Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Leo, and Aries. Effectively, these are simply representative of a coordinate system in the sky that follows the ecliptic. Each of these signs will have a different configuration in the sky and they also have different meanings. More specifically, they are representative of the personalities that a person may develop as a result of being born under that sign.


What Is A Horoscope?

In astrology, there is something called an astrological chart. It is circular in configuration. On this chart, you will find not only the planets, moon, and the stars, but sensitive angles and different astrological interpretations. Horoscope is derived from the Greek language. It simply means the observer of time. Based on the calculations that an astrologer will use with these charts, they can provide a type of roadmap for people and also interpret how their personality will affect this path. There are some people that literally live their life based upon reading their horoscope daily. It provides them with a type of schema for directing their choices. If they agree that they share many of the characteristics of an Aquarian, this may begin to modify what they do and how they think. These decisions can often be honed and refined by working with someone who is adept at interpreting what are called zodiac signs.

The Zodiac Sign Of Aquarius

If you were born during the latter part of January, through the middle of February, you will have been born under the sign of Aquarius. It is part of a grouping of air signs. In fact, it is the last. It is often represented visually as someone who is a water bearer. They may also represent the sign as someone who is a mystical healer. They are the bestower of life, water, and the healer of the land. Those born under the sign tend to have a personality that is representative of being a humanitarian. Instead of being self centered, these people are all about community. Some of them will even want to change the world. Their primary focus is not only being a rebel but to radically change the world through massive social progress.

Personality Traits Of Those Born Under The Sign Of Aquarius

People that are born under the sign tend to have similar traits. For example, they are often very free-spirited. They are not happy with dealing with authority. Conventional aspects of society are things that they will try to avoid. Some people often look at so-called hippies, and the song age of Aquarius, as being representative of these types of people. They tend to have unusual hobbies, and a distinctly nonconformist attitude, which can have both positive and negative ramifications.


Where Does The Sign Of Aquarius Fit Within Astrology?

From an astrological perspective, these individuals are interconnected to certain celestial bodies. In particular, the planet Uranus is said to rule over Aquarius. This planet is said to be representative of surprising events, technology, and also innovation. Uranus and the zodiac sign Aquarius tend to have similar attitudes. This zodiac sign is also represented by the element air. The color for this sign is light blue. From January 20, all the way to February 19, people born during this time may develop characteristics of this zodiac sign. They are very distinctive, visionaries in their own way that try to accomplish things through nontraditional means. In relationship to other zodiac signs, this one is fixed. This is similar to Scorpio, Leo, and also Taurus. Aquarius is a zodiac sign that is representative of being stubborn. They may have a righteous conviction about their beliefs, and may often present a very egalitarian attitude that is also willing to work with like-minded individuals.

What Is The Main Goal Of Aquarians?

If there is one word that represents people that are born under the sign, it would have to be freedom. Their primary focus is to free society from the confines of conventional thinking. They are against government, or at least governmental control that is to over encompassing, and they have a habit of challenging those that are in power.

Who Are They Compatible With?

Those that are born under the sign tend to have the most campout ability with those that are either a Sagittarius or a Leo. This is because of either complementing traits or similar traits that each of these will represent. In regard to strengths, Aquarians tend to be humanitarians, independent, original thinkers, and are almost always progressive in their activities. They also have weaknesses such as not wanting to express themselves emotionally, can be temperamental, and are often aloof and uncompromising. However, they are also excellent friends to have. That is because they will do everything to help you to the best of their ability. Whether you are fighting a cause, or simply arguing with your neighbor, they will be right by your side. It's also a pleasure to have conversations with these individuals because not only are they intellectually superior in their way of thinking, but they are also very good listeners. Other downsides include the fact that many of them become very lonely, break promises, and can often be extremely condescending. People that disagree with them they will return that negativity many fold. In normal situations, such as talking about average ordinary things, they can be very quiet or even boring. They tend to be shy, with the exception of when they are passionate about some topic which allows them to be energetic or even eccentric. When an Aquarian tries to find a job, this can be a very difficult task. Their personalities do not make it easy for them to stay in one place. However, there are careers that people born under the sign will be very comfortable with. Some of these may include traveling, as well as doing different things on a regular basis.

Careers Associated With Aquarians

Since Aquarians tend to be freethinkers, and those that do not prefer authority, staying at one job is typically not what they will do. They must have a career that involves constant change. Otherwise, they will be very bored and try to find something else to do. They would be right at home with jobs that involve traveling or meeting new people on a regular basis. They may become reporters, diplomats, or any type of professional that requires constant change and movement. The other downfall to this zodiac sign is that Aquarians can be very insensitive or cold. This tends to be some type of a defense mechanism because they don't like to be intimate, nor do they like to be told that they are wrong. Once they set their minds to something, they will pursue this objective with everything that they have. They will literally go through anyone and anything to reach this goal. Unfortunately, despite their need to work with like-minded people, they often find themselves standing out from the crowd. This is what will inevitably lead to a life of isolation unless they find something that they believe is worth living and working for.

Why Aquarians Are So Necessary

People born under this zodiac sign are extremely necessary people. Not only do they often form the backbone of any society, but they are the reason that people become better. They will be the first ones to instigate new ideas, and pursue them, while everyone else wants to remain the same. They are the innovators, those that create new medicines and inventions that eventually become accepted in real life. Until they are able to manifest their thoughts in some physical way, they may be very unhappy. However, they are extremely beneficial for any society on earth because of their progressive and definitively different way of looking at the world. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very unique individuals. If a person has these characteristics in their personality, they can go in one of two ways. In one direction, they will seize the opportunity to do something spectacular which has the potential of changing things in a large way. On the other hand, if they can never find their true purpose, they may become isolationists and will likely not interact with many people at all. The best way to live life if you do share some of these characteristics is to become grounded in some way. Aquarians need to realize that not everyone is going to see life the way that they do and sometimes compromise is the only solution. If they can do that, which tends to happen when they find someone that can complement their personality, then they can become successful and happy individuals. However, it is often difficult to find a partner that shares their passion because of how extreme they can be when pursuing what they believe to be their true purpose.


Aquarius Dates: January 21 – February 18

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Mode + Element: Fixed Air

Ruling Planet: Saturn & Uranus

House: Eleventh

Mantra: I Know

Body Parts: The Shins

Colors: Silver & Blue

Tarot Card: The Star