Weight Loss Affirmations

How Do Affirmations Help With Losing Weight

One of the most difficult things that any of us will ever have to face is dealing with the mental and emotional struggle of losing weight. When faced with the challenge of needing to lose more weight, it often leaves most of us feeling very overwhelmed. More than often enough, most people need a bit more push in order to overcome their limiting beliefs. However, these beliefs usually come when they limit themselves with a negative mindset.

In order to combat the issue at hand, using affirmations to help with losing weight can pay off in the long run. Using affirmations help persons shift their traditional ways of thinking while making the ultimate change to a healthier lifestyle.

How Important Are Affirmations For Weight Loss?

While aiming to achieve permanent weight loss, a conscious lifestyle change must be made. This positive change can come in the form of affirmations. Affirmations leave its users feeling satisfied as they remind themselves that they deserve to be healthy. They finally get the breakthrough that is needed by seeing that they deserve to be at a healthy weight.

Affirmations encourage and allow persons to support themselves through their weight loss journey. Weight loss is only effective when persons are aware of the foods they eat, how often they eat, how regularly they exercise, and their mental attitude about losing weight. Simply put, just about everything a person does in this life affects their weight-loss efforts.

In the case of diets, they are one of the most effective tools for losing weight and are only effective when they are followed with determination. From the moment persons stop their strict diet regime, all the weight comes back at some time or the other. Due to this, lifestyle changes are needed for weight loss to be effective. Affirmations give persons the extra push they’re seeking on their weight loss journey.

One thing that is easily forgotten is the fact that the human body stays at any weight that is comfortable within the mind. In the same instance, if the mind feels that the body needs some weight, the human body is wired to ensure that it happens. Some feel more secure if they are bigger in size and if that pattern is etched into the subconscious, then it becomes harder to lose weight.

For most persons who are trying to lose weight, they must start by fixing their minds. When the mind is fixed, the body can then be fixed. When this happens, no amount of healthy eating will ever be sufficient to lose weight.

So when the aim is to lose weight, the mind must first be changed. Persons seeking to lose weight must ensure that their mind is satisfied with the idea of losing weight especially the amount that they’re interested in losing. By using weight loss affirmations, no amount of weight is ever too much for affirmations to start working.

In addition, affirmations can be used for several other things. They are not only set to weight loss. If more wealth is the goal then there are also wealth affirmations that make people wealthy. Affirmations for losing weight help those interested lose weight just in the same way that health affirmations ensure that they stay healthy.

Adding to the list of affirmations, there are affirmations to help persons with self-love. These ensure that they reassert their love for themselves. Just like those mentioned, self-worth affirmations also aid with persons learning their true value. There are even gratitude affirmations that keep persons humble while appreciating what they already have.

In essence, affirmations keep people in check and ensure that they see things clearer. Affirmations are the little drops of positivity that everyone needs in life to keep them focused on the bigger things in life.

What Is An Affirmation?

Simply put, affirmations are phrases or sentences that have an effect on the subconscious or the conscious mind. They reflect and change the current way of thinking or natural behaviors. Affirmations aid with manifesting the destiny of a person.

In essence, the spoken words of an affirmation crate a crystal clear mental image within the mind. The image then inspires and motivates someone in all of the positive ways. Affirmations are than passed on to the conscious mind where they change a person’s behaviors. Along with behaviors, habits also play a huge part in how these spoken words are reflected in our lives.

How Do Weight Loss Affirmations Work?

Affirmations work when persons are more conscious of how they word them. When making an affirmation, one should never focus on the issue but rather on the solution and how it can be achieved. Instead of constantly thinking of being overweight, it’s best to remind oneself that being slimmer is in the near future.

With a little determination, affirmations can be used to rewire a person’s entire mindset. Rewiring the brain to a new mindset works for increasing both health and happiness. So when working on the following mantras, it’s best to keep in mind that they will become second nature to you and they will become a part of your thinking patterns.

When using affirmations, it’s best to be strong in one’s belief in every step of the way. A newly created mindset is sure to aid with weight loss and keep it off.

Top 40 Weight Loss Affirmations

1 – The most important thing to me is my health

2 – I deserve a beautiful and healthy body

3 – I am committed and dedicated to sticking with my plans for weight loss

4 – I will accomplish all of my goals

5 – I am extremely motivated to become healthy and lose weight

6 – Weight loss is in my future and I believe it

7 – I can and I will achieve everything that I set out to do

8 – I believe in my true self and I love all of me

9 – I will consciously choose the food that is put into my body

10 – I believe that my body is a temple and I will keep it clean

11 – Only I will decide which foods are the best for me

12 – I choose to eat the nourishing, healthier foods

13 – I feel extremely amazing in my own skin

14 – My body flexible, beautiful and healthy

15 – I am proud of me

16 – Exercising every day makes me feel so good and I love it very much

17 – My health increases with each new day

18 – Only I am in control of all that I drink and eat

19 – I am losing weight every day

20 – I’m more comfortable and confident since I’m losing weight

21 – Only I decide how I feel or what I think

22 – I’ve created the best picture of myself

23 – I visualize myself in my slim, healthy and beautiful body

24 – I feel good in this fit body

25 – I feel great about myself

26 – I have the healthy, strong body that I deserve

27 – Every cell, every fiber of my being is healthy

28 – My eating habits are more disciplined than they ever were

29 – These weight loss goals have become easier with each new day

30 – I’m filled with energy

31 – I choose a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating

32 – My main focus is losing weight

33 – I am focused and committed to finally doing something for me

34 – I will always take care of my body so that it may take care of me in the future

35 – I’m in love with nurturing myself and eating healthy foods

36 – I will always respect, love and take care of my body

37 – I deserve happiness, health and to be slim

38 – I can do anything that I set my mind to

39 – I am an unstoppable force

40 – With each new day I’m seeing great results as I get closer to my weight loss goals

How Can I Make My Own Affirmations?

When making affirmations it’s best to apply the following:

* Affirmations can be made in a similar fashion to the top 40 above. When affirmations are made, be sure to become obsessed about them. This ensures that lifestyle changes become positive and influential habits.

* A person’s behaviors and core feelings about what they eat needs to change.

* The first step is to be completely obsessed with healthier foods. The initial feelings about weight loss need to also change in order for affirmations to work.

* Persons, need to ensure that they tell themselves that it is easy to lose weight. In addition, they should also tell themselves that eating healthy and exercising is the best thing that they can do for themselves because it makes them feel so much better and more comfortable in their skin.

When affirmations are applied to everyday life, they ensure that positivity is a huge part of everyone’s day. Affirmations ensure that persons get the most out of their life with a change in mindset. Interested to explore self-esteem affirmations? Check out my recent post to start writing them perfectly.


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