Self Worth Affirmations

Things To Know About Self-Worth Affirmations

Everyone needs to realize that they have a value that is unseen but is attached to them. Most of us struggle to acknowledge that we are worth something. The truth of the matter is that we are, and we need to establish and honor our worth. The same way price tags are attached to commodities in the supermarket is the same way we should use to know our worthiness. Are you the commodity that people keep evading at the supermarket, or are you the one everyone prefers to purchase? Think about it. There is no way that we will have high self-esteem or even confidence if all we do is look down upon who we are as a people better yet as a person. How we treat ourselves comes a long way, not to mention how people behave towards us and also treat us. We keep forgetting that we should not the rest of the world any power over us: not to mention their thoughts should not be considered even for a second. All we need is self-affirmations because they can take us from the lowest to the highest point. The points that follow show detailed information about self-worth affirmations.


Self-affirmations refer to the positive things that we tell ourselves while trying to own our value and worth so that we can boost our confidence and self-esteem. There is no way that self-esteem and self-affirmation can be separated. This is because they work hand in hand with one goal in mind. Self-worth, on the other hand, refers to your worthiness as a whole being.

Ways Of Building Self-Worth

Once you notice that you do not value yourself as you should, that is an alarm because we all are valuable. Seeking help is a great idea because the dust in our eyes is going to get carried away, and our vision will be clearer than ever.

Partake In Things That Make You Feel Important

Engaging in activities that include helping people, such as the needy, will leave us feeling like we are people of substance. Start there and do not stop at anything; keep going and give a hand wherever you can. We should not shy away from activities that make us feel alive and strong because under-valuing ourselves is enough to make us feel vulnerable. There is a need to cancel out all that vulnerability and replace it with the strength that we had eliminated a while back. It is never easy, but we have to push ourselves because we can do better. These activities, however, will depend on what you love. If you love giving back to the society, do so with such zeal that you will always want to get back there. With time you will realize your self-worth, but you must practice patience.

Use Affirmations

Many people do not realize how much potential can come out of a, ‘You can make it’ statement. If you are on the journey of discovering your self-worth, you do not have to overcoat all the self-worth affirmations. Take baby steps. We need to tell ourselves affirmations that make sense, not to mention that they should sound believable. There is no way that we can move instantly from zero to a hundred; we have to get to ten then to twenty in that order. This is because when some affirmations fail to become a reality, we can end up hurt. Note that expectations work the same way as self-worth affirmations in the sense that they both hurt when the reality contrasts. Remember that being positive is the key here. Avoid people with negative vibes because their energy can be transmitted easily.

Examples Of Positive Affirmations That Will Keep Us Going

1. I am full of love, and I am lovable.

2. Spirituality and money co-exist in peace.

3. I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made in the past.

4. My dreams are going to be a reality.

5. I am more than enough.

6. I am going to listen to my body without overlooking any red flags.

7. I choose to be healthy and stronger.

8. I am blessed to be alive.

9. I am very supportive in any kind of relationship.

10. I am manifesting my destiny for God’s blessings into my family and friends.

Importance Of Self-Worth Affirmations

We Become Decision-Makers

Not many people love to partake in decision making. Some people prefer it when they follow instead of lead. This is unfortunate because being a decision-maker revolves around being a leader even in the smallest ways possible. If you do not see your value, making decisions even for yourself becomes a hard task, and it will have repercussions in the future. This occurs because we choose to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. Even when we make decisions for ourselves, on most days, they are usually meant to ‘save us’, and we never weigh the options because of fear. The good thing is that once we have self-worth, we will be able to reason out and make decisions considering other withstanding factors. Randomly saying positive affirmations is a way to build our self-worth and making decisions that best suit our needs.

It Enhances Honesty In Relationships

How we relate with other people matters since not everything they do will always impress us. When we lack self-worth, we tend to keep quiet even when we are hurt by those around us. Holding back what we feel is wrong; hence when we have self-worth, we always stand up for ourselves when people cross the line. All relationships, be it girlfriend-boyfriend relationships or friendships, will go a long way because of the key ingredient; honesty. Also, when we have a high sense of self-worth, we always show our true colors, whereas low self-worth shows different personalities.

Know You Are Unique

We tend to forget that we are unique by comparing ourselves to others every other day. It gets uglier because our minds keep moving from one factor to the other. These factors may include wealth, hair, and even bodies. We are so good at bringing ourselves down because the other person is wealthier or has a better body alongside many other things: the list is endless! Everyone does it; it may not be constant, but once in a while, such thoughts pop up. With social media today, many people are suffering from comparing themselves to others because of their flashy lifestyles, which turn out to be fake in most cases. Whenever those thoughts hunt us, it is best if we remind ourselves what we have to offer or rather what we can bring to the table. Making yourself feel like you are not good enough will only ruin you and drag you down.

The above points show detailed information about self-worth affirmations. We need to love who we are more and more every day because there is no way that we can love other people if we do not love ourselves. It all begins from the inside; hence only then shall we be able to reciprocate all the love that we are getting back. Every time negativity tries to get to us; we should hinder it by all means because we are unique in many ways. Remember that we are all worthy and should try to realize this by engaging in activities that remind us of who we truly are. For you to always remember that you are of value, you can even write down all the affirmations that you bear. If possible, you can hang it somewhere, you will see it every day as a reminder. Read about our latest post on Weight loss affirmations and share the knowledge with other people around you.


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