Self-Esteem Affirmations

45 Affirmations for Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is something we could all use a little more of, yet it is almost impossible to silence that little voice in our heads that whispers of our faults and short-comings. Why is it that some people seem to never struggle with this issue? Simply, because some are just naturally more inclined to shutting these whispers off, or ignoring them.

If you have had a hard time struggling with our inner critic, applying self-esteem affirmations can be a good way to restore balance and respond to these mental attacks with a decisive counter strike.

These are very easy to use and must be repeated to yourself confidently, consciously and intentionally until they have become ingrained in your conscience. This will allow subtle changes to be made in your mental processing and this will create better mental habits in the future.

What are Affirmations and How Do they Work

What is an affirmation? Well it is kind of like the consciously created hero that comes to your aid and beats back the monsters that can plague the mind. Quite simply when you are bombarded with negativity in the form of thoughts, habitual phrases or imagery, your affirmations affect a balance.

Affirmations can be phrases, mental images or words that you will use to begin molding and forming your conscious mind. The affirmations you choose will reflect on the pattern of your behaviors and mindsets you hope to affect. Just like negative mental chatter can cause feelings of discouragement, self-pity and self-loathing, positive affirmations have the exact opposite effect.

These words and phrases create positive imagery that passes on to the subconscious where they begin to form the basis of new perspectives and approaches to life.

And affirmations can be used for addressing a wide variety of self-defeating habits and mental frames. For example, those that are afflicted with an attraction to abusive or codependent relationships can change their approach by challenging the beliefs that make them feel less than worthy.

Affirmations of gratitude are a powerful way to humble your mind and make you proud and happy for the things you have and the place you fill. Other affirmations can be used to improve health, increase wealth, boost creativity and countless other purposes. Check out our latest blog on positive health affirmations to make your life even better.

What do Affirmations for Self-Esteem Do?

Self-esteem and self-confidence have an often power to build upon themselves. As your self-confidence grows you will find you are capable of far more than your thought possible. Acting on your self-confidence and self-esteem will allow these values to grow into a strong sense of accomplishment, this is always a good feeling.

The more you accomplish and the more you are capable of the better you feel. But, you can’t do this without that strong reserve of self-confidence that starts with some positive action.

This is the type of power you can tap into when you begin to enhance your life with the power of self-affirmations and the positive habits they create. The benefits are only compounded from there. Those around you will begin to feel the radiance that you bring and this attracts other successful people like yourself.

After applying these habits to your life, you will find that the only thing that was ever holding you back was old frames of mind that kept you convinced you would never amount to much.

But, this is where your affirmations will play a major role in changing your belief systems. As you continue to practice and deftly wield your affirmations as counterweights against these negative attitudes you will actually begin to believe them. As you eliminate the negative attitudes in your life you will finally achieve that better life you so desired – and well deserve.

Self-Esteem Affirmations You Can Practice

Maybe you have felt the pressures of a tough and stressed existence and you are wondering if you will have the strength to make it for another day. All you will have to do to change your potential is change your mind.

Here is how you can apply the magic of a positive affirmation to changing your world. First you will need to select some of the affirmations that best reflect the direction you want to take in your life. You will find some very suitable options at the end of this section. A good number would be between two and three affirmations.

Next apply these affirmations to your life. When you wake in the morning and before you get out of bed take a moment to breathe deeply and connect with yourself in a positive way. Then transmit the message, say the affirmations out loud and with conviction.

If you find yourself in a moment of weakness, call in the cavalry. Step into your office, the bathroom or even the broom closet and connect with yourself. Repeat your affirmations as you did in the morning. Then, find any other moment throughout the day to reaffirm your affirmations and make headway toward your goals for mental altitude.

Affirmations for self-esteem

Feeling like your greatest critic, change your tune with some positive affirmations.

1. Nothing changes how much I love me.

2. I accept who I am

3. I act and think with self-respect

4. I command the respect of those in my life

5. I have made unconditional love connections and they are beautiful

6. I am confident in who I am.

7. I make the choices and decisions that will affect my life

8. I forgive myself as readily as I forgive others

9. I accept the compliments and praise of others

10. I have value in my thoughts and opinions

11. I enjoy a life of high self-esteem

12. I am worth achieving my goals

13. I believe I am capable of anything I set my mind to

14. I am self-possessed

15. I am marvelous

16. I am especially good-looking

17. I am cool

18. I am more than enough

19. I am delightful

20. I am brilliant

21. I am special

22. I am dominant

23. I am unstoppable

24. I am well-organized

25. I am clever

26. I am courageous

27. I am capable

28. I am perseverant in the face of difficulty

29. I am successful

30. I deserve good things

31. I am proud of who I have become

32. I take full responsibility

33. I am happy with who I am

34. I praise myself

35. I give praise freely

36. I am manifesting my destiny for mental and physical control.

37. I let go of all that no longer serves me

38. I improve my self-esteem day by day

39. I am a great person

40. My thoughts and opinions are valuable

41. I am more confident each day

42. I have something special to offer the world

43. I feel great about myself and my life

44. Being confident in myself is part of who I am

45. I will always think positively about who I am

The power to be whatever you want is in your hands all you have to do is make this a reality. To do this just change your mind and begin believing in yourself. Sounds too good to be true? This depends on what you believe to be true about yourself. The good news is that your beliefs can be changed and the positive affirmations you have found here can help.

But, don’t start today! Take some time to connect with how you are feeling and what it is you trying to change and begin an intro to your affirmation log. In three days or so, when you feel you have a handle on your situation, begin your practice of positive affirmations. Track your progress and watch how your life changes


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