Positive Affirmations in the Morning

The Value of Positive Affirmations in the Morning

We’ve all come across the concept of positive affirmations. Some call them assertions to oneself, promises, words that manifest what we want, and a myriad of other phrases. Whatever the name, one thing is clear, positive affirmations are powerful. They have the power to change our lives, make us happy, more fulfilled, and even lead us to the kind of future we want. Continue reading to find out how you can change your life using positive affirmations.
What are Positive Affirmations?

These are phrases that a person repeats to themselves o manifest destiny for something they desire. something they desire. They are short mantras that may not be true, but as they are constantly repeated, the subconscious part of the brain starts taking them to be true, and as a result, they become a reality. A depressed person, for example, could keep telling himself, ‘I am happy’ each day for about a month, then start finding himself happy, amidst some turmoil surrounding him.

What is the Science Behind Positive Affirmations?

Unlike what many may assume, positive affirmations do not work through magic. They transform lives through the power of positive thinking. They begin taking shape by first making a person receptive to change. Telling oneself that you are happy even when you are not shows that you are ready to let go of whatever is causing you pain.

Second, they get rid of the stress and pressure of whatever aspect we want to change about ourselves. Transforming who we are can be a tedious process. It can mean therapy, a series of big steps like getting rid of some people and so much more. Beginning with something as simple as a couple of words eases off the pressure.

Third, they change the perception of relapsing into our old selves. Since change is so hard, many are often scared of taking the first step because the fear of retrogressing to their old habits is so strong. Positive affirmations make people realize that there’s nothing wrong with backsliding for a day, but the most important thing is that in the long run, they will achieve what they put their mind to. They give the motivation to keep going even when things are really hard.

In a nutshell, daily affirmations, especially when said in the morning, prime the brain for a change. This is because of the science of neuroplasticity. This is the science of rewiring the brain for different thoughts. With conscious efforts, people can rewire their brains, though this ability gets harder with age.

Adults are more used to their thought patterns and habits. They are therefore less likely to believe in the power of brain rewiring since changing their thinking could take more effort than younger people. Kids, however, do this quite easily.

Positive thinking has a lot to do with positive affirmations. Imagine a situation where you would like to change consuming unhealthy foodstuffs. Immediately, your brain begins formulating reasons as to why you cannot succeed in doing this. Phrases like :

“But if I don’t take junk food, what will I be eating? Junk is all I have in my house!”

“ I don’t even know how to cook.”

“Healthy food is so expensive.”

“Foods from fast foods save time”

The mind is set in such a way that the negative easily over weighs the positive, especially because the positive takes so much effort to become a reality. With such thoughts, is it surprising that most people continue to consume unhealthy foods even after knowing their harmful effects on the body?

Here are some positive affirmations that many people can use to eliminate their unhealthy eating habits:

My health is more important than tasty junk food.

I will avoid Excess Carbs today.

There is no need for unhealthy fatty of sugary foods.

I have the power to control my eating habits.

Such positive affirmations pave the way for us to achieve whatever we set our minds to. Additionally, they release all self-doubt, pain, fear, negative thoughts, anxiety, and guilt.

Positive Affirmations in the Morning.

Now that you understand how positive affirmations work, setting positive affirmations every morning and repeating them over and over is one of the most important habits anyone can cultivate. They slowly find their way into the mind and start changing the way you think, your habits, and finally change your reality. Despite merely starting as wishes and desires, they could easily become anyone’s reality when mastered well.

To make positive affirmations transform your life, learn to recite them before beginning your day. This way, your positive thoughts set the trend for your day. A good day is seen in the morning, and so is a positive one. When affirmations become the driving force of your day, you can be assured of a great destiny in the future.

Besides this, they counterattack any negative and limiting beliefs that a person may have. Many are the times that self-doubt kicks in amidst daily activities, but after remembering the standards that were set in the morning, a person can easily reset and suppress any negativity they may have. Moreover, the value of a fresh brain cannot be underestimated. After a long rest, the brain is in full-mode in the morning.

In this dawning stage of your day, you have the power to set the bar for the rest of the day. As you recite your positive affirmations, they register in the subconscious mind which then controls how the rest of your day will be. Remember that a habit is a disease, and though the phrase is mainly used for negative behavior, the same goes for positive behavior. It could start on a Sunday morning, and one year down the line, positive affirmations are part of who you are. They give you the power to control your life.

Reprogram Your Brain Today.

Think about who you are and what you want to achieve in life. Think about the things that are holding you back. Set up a list of everything you desire in a list, visualizing who you want to be in the future. These are the things you are determined to achieve. They should keep you in check every morning and should speak to your daily habits until they transform your life.

To reprogram your mind, you have to be willing to put in the mental effort to overcome your negative thoughts which often override the positive thoughts. Consider positive affirmations to be the brain food you need to give your brain, and it is beat fed when you’re fresh in the morning. To achieve this, you must have unwavering faith, confidence, and trust that you can do it, that you deserve it, and you’re worth achieving everything you put your mind to. You must let go of painful pasts, regrets, and all habits that lead to self-doubt.

Master the Art of Making Positive Affirmations Work.

To master this art, you have to take full control of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Everything you think, say, and do must be geared towards the kind of destiny that you desire. After you do this, the world will be yours to conquer. You will take on challenges with confidence, set achievable goals, and put all your energies into achieving them.

To do these, you need to repeat the list of affirmations for the goals that you set every morning. Moreover, you could also repeat them any time self-doubt creeps in during the day, as well as right before you sleep. This fills your mind with dreams of everything you could achieve and wakes you up with a new zeal to achieve everything that you desire. Your fantasy will soon become a reality when you consistently keep at it.

Note that there is no set timeline for paradigm shifts in your brain. We are all different, have different baggage, and goals. Each person has to make positive affirmations daily and consistently for as long as it takes to change their mindset. Besides achieving set goals, they will also help take control of emotions and feelings.

Different Positive Affirmations for Various Settings.

The paradigm shift you need may be for a relationship, school, work, health, relationships, spirituality and so many more. At this point, we will explore the various positive affirmations you can set for yourself in various settings.

Positive affirmations for work

Whether you are a small business owner or employee of a company, a positive mindset to achieve your goals is necessary. As an employee, you may not even like your job or the line of work you are in, but keeping yourself positive while affirming yourself for a brighter future is necessary. It will be the spark you need to ignite the future you dream of. As an entrepreneur, you might also not be at the stage you desire to be, perhaps the business seems to be taking too long to be profitable. Whichever the case, positive affirmations will be invaluable.

Here are some daily Positive affirmations for work:

Today, I will have a great day.

I will complete all the work I set my mind to.

I will smile and enjoy my work because it is my stepping stone to a better future.

The tasks I do today will be easy.

I will interact well with my fellow employees.

The sales today will be better than they were yesterday.

I am not inferior. And nobody can make me inferior but myself.

Positive affirmations for Joy.

Joy is not happiness. It cannot be compared to happiness. While happiness is an emotion in which we experience feelings of bliss and pleasure, joy is stronger, long-lasting, and rare. It makes people feel complete.

It goes further than a basic heightening of emotion because of events in our life. It is deeply felt and makes people feel fulfilled. Achieving joy, and merely staying happy for the better part of the day, and our lives, is nearly impossible. Even with our spouses and family, the people we love the most, happiness and joy may seem so hard to achieve.

To prevent the interplay of sad emotions, wariness, depression, and negativity, here are some affirmations to remain jovial:

The world is a beautiful place.

My past has no power over me, the mistakes I made have made me a better version of who I am.

I will make someone smile today.

Even the toughest of situations come to an end.

Sometimes people say mean things, but these do not define who I am.

I am the only one with the power to affect my moods.

I will be happy and joyful because I am grateful for all I have.

Positive affirmations for self-esteem.

Many are the times that people struggle with self-image. To gain confidence in oneself, here are some valuable positive affirmations that can be recited every morning:

I am Beautiful.

I deserve everything I have and more.

Everything will be okay.

I am a winner.

Nobody can do my job better than me.

I will succeed.

Nobody will take advantage of me.

Happiness is within my grasp.

I am not afraid to be wrong.

I can accept corrections.

I dare to be different.

Positive Affirmations for Personal Development

To grow, goals have to be set. There are outcome goals that state the desired end result and process goals that build up to end goals. Every morning, recite your goals until your positive mantras become your reality.

Some examples of personal development affirmations to recite in the morning include:

My goals are simple and achievable.

I will achieve all of them.

Today, I will get more clients until they start flocking.

Every day, my goals get closer to completion.

I will set short objectives to achieve day after day till I achieve my goals.

I have all it takes to achieve my desires.

My priorities are clear.

My goals are my focus.

I am committed to becoming the person I dream of being.

There can be various sets of positive affirmations to recite every morning. From positive affirmations for mourning to personal affirmations about things we are struggling with, the list is endless. They should all be given priority according to their level of importance at the time. Additionally, avoid setting too many to avoid being overwhelmed. With this knowledge, you are now ready to transform your life, just like millions of successful people have! I hope you didn’t miss by recent post on Burning Sage. If you have missed it, visit the link now!


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