The Health Benefits Retrieved From Burning Sage

Sage is known for its dramatic effects on mental health. The burning of sage often happens in yoga studies, holistic health professional offices, and in many homes to help its users achieve mental clarity and relaxation. While it has quite a strong, yet pleasant smell to many people, it isn’t just an air freshener. You can achieve numerous benefits from simply burning sage every so often. You can also just use it to perfume your home. It’s an ingredient in many top-of-the-line musk perfumes for a reason.

Those with an allergy to smoke should way the pros and cons of burning sage. It is best to talk to a doctor to get their impute before burning sage. For most, burning sage is an excellent way to get many health benefits naturally:

Purifies The Air

Burning sage helps purify the air. Research has concluded that as much as 94% of the inborn bacteria in the home can be cleared according to a study conducted by the Ethnopharmacol. Sage is said to have this reduction effect for around 25 hours. Burning most of the bacteria out of the air instead of the entirety of it may be more beneficial for your physical health in the long run. We build up an immunity to diseases by being exposed to bacteria in small amounts. This process is especially important for young children. Sage is antimicrobial. Antimicrobial substances help fight against fungi and viruses as well.

Protects Against Insects

Burning sage protects against insects as they are deterred by the smell of the smoke it produces. This makes it an excellent addition to any backyard party. Flies, mosquitoes, and any other flying critter will want to flap their wings elsewhere.


Smells can have a positive effect on mental health. Lavender is known for its soothing and calming benefits. Wild orange oil can have an uplifting benefit and improve energy. Sage is known for its ability to promote mental clarity. Those who take a sniff will benefit from a clearer mind if proper mindfulness

May Help Relieve The Symptoms Of Some Allergies

Because of Sage’s ability to cleanse the air, sage may help relieve the symptoms of some common allergies. Sage can rid pollen, pet dander, pollution and mold from the home. Of course, you should check with your doctor before use and consider his recommendations.

Lung Diseases

Asthma, bronchitis, and some other lung conditions may improve with the use of sage. It is important to be aware of what may aggravate your condition. You should not use sage if breathing in smoke is one of them. If you do, waft it around, do not leave it in a bowl burning. Keep all the windows open to be sure that your home isn’t overly covered in smoke.

Spiritual Wellness

Those who burn sage often feel spiritual effects from doing so. Sage has been used in religious ceremonies all across the world. Native Americans, such as Chumash, Lakota, and others, used sage all the time in spiritual rituals. This ritual is known as smudging. It is claimed to rid the air of negative energy. Smudging is often done jokingly in movies to rid the area of ghosts. You may feel more at peace while burning sage.

Sleep Well

Lavender is known for its sleep inducing properties. Sage may be just as effective at easing you into a slumber. We could all benefit from falling asleep earlier as we often don’t have that many hours to do it. Researchers have suggested that there may be multiple compounds in sage responsible for its sleep inducing properties. It’s important to use sage wisely for this purpose. You should start burning the sage an hour or two before bed. Once it has been properly burned, make sure it is extinguished before you climb into bed. You should not attempt to sleep until the sage is completely out. You will still be able to smell the sage as you doz off. Burning sage while you sleep can start a fire. If you are worried about this, it is best just to waft it around for a short period of time.

Help With Yoga

A clear mind and positive attitude are extremely important when practicing yoga. Those who burn incense or sage during a session may find themselves less distracted and better able to relax. Yoga is excellent for its mental health benefits. Those who choose to do yoga will get an added benefit when a little sage is burned as well.

Getting Rid Of Unpleasant Smells

Did you just cook fish? Did your dog mess in the house? You may find using sage as an air-freshener to help get rid of unpleasant odors very useful. Sage has a pleasant fragrance and can help overpower many unpleasant smells. You may just want to do it day to day to sent the air.

Reduced Stress And Physical Pain

Sage may help reduce your stress levels. The compounds found in sage activate receptors that play a large role in creating stress in the body according to a 2016 study done by The University of Mississippi. These receptors also play a large role in the creation of physical pain. Sage may help alleviate your day to day aches. Our physical and mental health are heavily intertwined. Anything that benefits one will benefit both.

Reduces Fatigue

We all have those little intrusive thoughts running around in our head. They can actually suck up quite a bit of our energy as they use brain power that could certainly be put to more productive use. It doesn’t make sense that something so relaxing could help us feel energized as well. But, if we were all a little more relaxed we wouldn’t feel so sucked out of energy throughout the day. Mental clarity goes a long way in helping us feel up to the task and ready to take on the day.

There are several steps you need to take to burn sage safely and properly. First, you need to decide which type of sage you’d like to burn. Most people use white sage for the purpose. There are also lavender, blue, black, and common sages available. Here are the steps you need to take to effectively burn sage:

1. You will need to gather all the supplies necessary to complete this process. You should buy a sage bundle of the sage type you wish to use. Most go with a ceramic bowl to hold the sage when it is burning. It is very important that you do not choose a wood bowl. These are flammable. A lighter or matches will also be needed. You may find that a fan or feather is useful for dispensing the smoke.

2. If you are just looking to smudge your living space without leaving it for aromatherapy, this can be a great option if you plan to use sage to sleep, direct the smoke all over the living area and objects of the home. Put it out once the living area and objects have been covered. It may be best to use this method if you are simply trying to purify the air. It is a great way to use sage without having to put up with the smoke for a long time.

3. To use it for aromatherapy, or just if you’d like a continued dose of it in the air, light one end on fire and place it in a ceramic bowl. Be sure to remember it is burning. It is very unlikely that you will use the whole thing from the first use as they can take a while to burn down. Safely put out the flame by ashing the bundle in the bowl once you are done using it.

Have You Thought About Eating Sage?

Sage is edible and it may be good for our bodies. It is often used as an herb in cuisines all across the world. Vtamin K intake is difficult to get as the American diet often doesn’t include a lot of foods that contain it. To be sure that you’re getting enough of it, put sage in a salad or sprinkle it on a dish like spaghetti.

It contains a lot of essential minerals our body needs to perform many of its critical functions. Sage is full of copper, zinc, and magnesium. Because you aren’t consuming a lot of it, you won’t experience any weight gain. Even when consumed in high amounts, sage is low in calories just like any other leafy vegetable. In fact, one ounce only contains around three calories.

Drying Sage

Some choose to grow and dry their own sage. Drying sage is extremely simple. Just tie a small piece of wire or rope around the bottom and hang it upside down in the yard or balcony. Getting dried sage can take a few days. The time it will take will largely depend on the climate where you live. Those who live in wet or snowy climates should not try this method and buy it pre-dried.

Bottom Line

Sage has a variety of uses and many health benefits. It helps heal the mind, body and soul. Sage has been used for thousands of years and continues to be a staple product all around the world. It isn’t just for hipsters. Mothers, Doctor Offices, and yoga studios have all taken it up to produce a more relaxing and calming environment for everyone there.

So few know of its ability to detoxify the environment in which we live. Our air fresheners contain harsh ingredients that essentially add toxins into the air rather than get rid of them. While synthetics are appropriate for many things in life, it isn’t wise to use them to help with every problem when a natural alternative is up for the task. It’s just like taking a vitamin C tablet when there are a bunch of oranges waiting in the fridge. In a lot of situations, the natural alternative is the healthier and more sensible choice.

Sage is perfectly safe when it’s used properly for most people. You should discontinue use and ask a doctor if you notice any unpleasant effects from using the plant. This is extremely unlikely. Most people see much added benefit with very little downside. Sage is safe and healthy. Those with any allergy to smoke should be cautious and use it in moderation. It is best not to use the bowl method if this is the case.

Consider how you feel after using sage for the first time. Did you find it relaxing? Do you feel that you have more energy? It’s best to find out what you can get out of it through use. Stay tuned to my Manifesting my destiny site for understanding what is affirmations and making the right use of insights on powerful affirmations.

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