How Daylight Savings Time Can Affect Your Finding A Girlfriend

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Remember to “fall back” one hour on the morning of November 6, Sunday. Not doing so could cost a lot, be it in business, or in this case, relationships.


PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 19, 2011
Dating in USA can become quite confusing when “falling back” rolls around.  It may not be as obvious, but the question of “How Daylight Savings Time can affect your finding a girlfriend” could mean finding a soulmate, or losing her when the man had the chance.  How to find love is often a case of showing up at the right place, and more important, at the right time.  In love, as in life, timing is everything.  Running late is not a good idea when men are in the process of finding a girlfriend, as tardiness is often a deal-breaker with women.  To them, keeping accurate time is a basic indicator of acting responsibly.  Not doing so could ruin future chances of how to find love, especially if the couples meeting up are still in the early stages of getting to know more of each other.

Further, it is not considered politically correct to show up late in any other occasion.  Dating at an early stage with the hopes of how to find love in the near future is more like a job interview:  one has to always put his or her best food forward. Finding a girlfriend requires more than just appearance:  attitude matters a lot, and sometimes, matters even more.

The issue with the clock falling back one hour has nothing to do with showing up late.  On the contrary, it has a lot to do with showing up early.  The challenge with how to find love in the context of DST is when the woman, who has arrived early and makes the man “late,” might think that she has been stood up.  Finding a girlfriend this way is definitely starting on the wrong foot.  Men, therefore, should be well advised to keep close tab of time.

This is however, not without precedent.  Year after year, some people are always bound to forget the actual days that times are changed.  Dating in USA around this time can indeed be confusing, along with many other time-related confusions (like crossing time zones when flying east to west, and vice versa). One might think that with DST well-entrenched in the American culture, the populace would remember when to “fall back.” This is not always the case.  On the morning of Sunday, November 6, when the clocks will be moved back, expect that Americans will still require time to psychologically adjust.  Changing times affect humans’ circadian rhythms and length of sleep, and that usually requires up to two weeks to keep in sync.  How to find love, however, does not keep to a timeline.

On the other hand, when couples go out for a date on Saturday night, November 5, they would have enough time to enjoy each other’s company before the clock strikes midnight.  Of, if the date is scheduled on the morning of the time change itself, there will be enough time to relax the night before, and pick up some flowers and other items before the date.  This is especially helpful when the date has been set up around breakfast.  It helps to be fresh when one is finding a girlfriend.

The reverse is also true.  Consider the consequences of not keeping close tabs of DST on November 6.   The other date may wait impatiently, fidget with thoughts of feeling stood up, and end restless, anxious and far from relaxed when the other person finally shows up.  Women are easily agitated, especially when they are hoping of finding a soulmate over a breakfast meet-up.  Therefore, it pays to keep time and act gentlemanly when one is in the process of how to find love.

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  5. Finding the right partner is crucial to our well being. It doesn’t matter if we have all the money in the world, without relationships its empty. When we die, we live on through our the people we have touched.

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