Reasons Why American Men Look For a Filipina Wife

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Interracial relationships are now made possible because of technology and migration. Many people who have asked themselves the questions, how can I find love? or how do I find love? have been answered by dating expats, specifically dating Filipina women. There are many reasons why American men look for a Filipina wife. Here are some of them:

Fiercely loyal. Because of their upbringing, Filipino women are raised by their mothers to be loyal to their mate. This is evident in the number of long lasting marriages from their very own families. It has been said that once you capture a Filipina heart, you should never let it go and this is because her loyalty is to her mate once she gets married. Your Filipina wife will stick it out with you.

Extremely resilient. Dating expats like Filipina women will have you enter a whole new world of culture and norms. Because of the living conditions back home, many Filipino women are very resilient to all types of issues and problems. This is perhaps one of the reasons why an American man should capture a Filipina heart. You can count on your Filipina wife to standby and stay with you when times are tough. This trait has been passed on from mothers to daughters for many generations.

Caring and Understanding. Filipino women have been raised to care for their husband and children. They are very loving and understanding mothers and wives who know how to respect their partners and family. If by now, you are still contemplating on how to answer the questions, how can I find love? or how do I find love? You can start by trying to date a Filipina woman.

Organized and Budget Savvy. Another more common trait of Filipino women is being organized around the house. At an early age, Filipino mothers train their daughters to know how to manage the household and this includes cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids. Many American men like this quality about Filipina women because the house remains very neat and organized. Along with managing the household, Filipino women also know how to work around the family budget. In their home country, women are the ones who usually hold on to the family’s money for the daily living expenses. Filipino women make it a point to get quality but affordable products. You can expect your Filipina wife to make it work especially during these hard economic times.

These are just some of the many reasons why American men prefer to marry Filipino women. You can be sure that when dating Filipino women, your answers to the question, how can I find love? will be answered.

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17 Responses to Reasons Why American Men Look For a Filipina Wife

  1. Lorii Abela says:

    Amende Adidas Supernova Hommes, appreciating the time and effort you shared your great insight on my post making it more appealing to the rest of my readers. As a matchmaker, I always dedicate my time in sharing great tips on helping soul searchers find their lifetime partners successfully.

  2. Lorii says:

    Rick, your happy marriage with a Filipina has been a pathway to cross-cultural relations. Your narrative as a couple is situated in the large contexts of a happy family. It is such a dynamic family model, hence revealing great possibilities of cross-cultural relations. Yes, you are correct in mentioning that marrying a Filipina includes also considering to learn how to love Filipino cuisines.

  3. My lovely Filipina wife and I got married in 1974 and we have three wonderful children and lots of grandkids to keep us company. The kids love being part-Filipino and take great pride in it. We are teaching the grandkids to have the same feelings toward their heritage. Our oldest granddaughter has exceptionally fair skin and bright red hair but she still thinks she is Filipina. :-)

    Our dinners are a mix of Filipino food and others from around the world. The men our daughters married certainly had to learn to like Filipino food or else they wouldn’t be eating very much.

    It hasn’t always been easy but it has always been interesting.

  4. Admiring the dedication you put into your blog and in depth information you present. It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed material. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  5. Lorii says:

    Dear William, Thanks for your query. I do not know the details of what transpired. Why did you send such a text to her in the first place? I suggest you breathe and do not communicate when you are not in your best composure. Identify why do you have such an emotional outburst. Is it a regular occurence? Also, use video calls rather than texting. Texting and emails are the most misunderstood form of communication as the tone is not evident. People in general usually vividly remember the negative rather than the positive experience. You are the only one who can decipher her actions as you are the one who knows her. I can’t vouch for her actuations. If you need further help, you can schedule a consultation. Best, Lorii

  6. william powell says:

    Please answer to my question , about 6 weeks ago I sent my Filipina wife nasty text. Yes, of course she got really upset. She ignore my text and calls for a while but she then come around to her senses , to forgive me. do you think my wife is telling the truth? I cannot answer myself why I’ve done it. I really hurt myself sending nasty text and I want to get it out of my head and make my mind clear. Yes I love her so much. Maybe I am frustrated as I am far away from her and I am living in England, but i am going back to meet up with her very soon. Please tell me honest answer. Will she still be loyal to me as i think she has change towards me. Yours faithfully. William Powell . England.

  7. Larry says:

    I absolutly adore my Filipina wife. Firece loyalty to the relationship is an understatement. And it just makes me love her more every day.

  8. Lorii says:

    Hello Angela. I am pleased to receive your message. You should celebrate. Even though your relationship did not work out, it means you are coming closer to meet your soul mate! That is exciting. Keep on enhancing your list of what you must have so that you are right on target. Keep me posted. 😉 Much love, Lorii

  9. Angela says:

    Hi Lori. I’m a Filipina and my American bf just broke up with me. Well, I think that he better read this article of yours, so he would know what he is missing now. Bitterness aside though, haha, I think that your article is so true. These are the traits that my ex bf liked about me. And honestly, I think, compared to Filipino men, American men are more matured too and they are not as shallow as most Filipino men are (Filipino men are very ‘ma-chismo’). American men are very straight-forward with their feelings too which is another trait that I like about them where as to Filipino men who just love to play mind games with the girl they like, which is just too immature. And although, I’ve had my heart broken by an American, I would still prefer to be in a relationship with an American dude because I prefer an open-communication kind of relationship, the straight-forward type and not the beating-around-the-bush type.

  10. Lorii says:

    If you believe those are true for you and so it is. Like any other race, you have to be cautious. Focus on meeting great people all the time.

  11. Hector Reyes says:

    I married a Filipina. The Filipino men are worthless. I do know this.. I dislike my share of Filipino people for being no better than anyone else. However, my wife as an individual has always been there for me when I needed her the most. Married for 18 years and did not regret it a bit. A woman with moral and pride. Nevertheless, be aware of Filipina women without scruples. They are out there.

  12. Lorii says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Ivy. All in one package – wife, nanny, maid, chearleader and at times, bread winner. (Nurses and the overseas contract workers have also taken the role of breadwinner). Catholicism brought about moral values. Great insight!

  13. Lorii says:

    You are welcome, Susan. I am happy you took time out to comment. Yes, Filipinas have these characteristics. Western women would probably wonder but these attributes make Filipinas attractive to some men.

  14. Lori says:

    Thank you for sharing your input, Betty. Yes, up to now there is no divorce in the Philippines. 90% of the Filipinos are Catholics/Christians. That contributes to the conservative family values. Women would also prioritize the welfare of the children over their own interest even though their relationship with their significant other gets rough.

  15. Betty Nelson says:

    What struck me was the loyalty of the Filipina wife….that is hard to compete with in this country where women jump ship way too soon.. great article!

  16. Thanks, for a great article. I found it very interesting. I have a dear friend who is Filipina who married a guy from the States. She is a lot like you described here, Lori 😉

  17. Ivy Warburton says:

    These are all true! Filipino women are the best wives ever. You forgot to mention, we have “moral values and genuinely authentic in every aspects.

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