Dating mistakes divorced women make

Why only the bad guys seem to stick around.

I am pleased to have another superb guest blogger who happened to specialized with working with divorced women. Enjoy Rosetta Magdalen’s sharing!


divorceMany of my coaching clients worry about the poor quality of men they’ve been meeting on online dating sites. “Is this all there is? Because, if so, I’m done!”

I tell them:  Don’t judge all men by the kinds of guys you may have been meeting lately.  Don’t think that if even the worst losers treat you badly it means that you have to give up Continue reading

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Where Are The Single Men Hiding

Untitled design (2)In this modern day and age where many think it’s easy to pull a one-night stand with a complete stranger in a random club or bar it’s still a very common scenario for a group of single ladies to be in a café or restaurants trying to fish an eligible man.

Are you one of those single ladies who are ready to mingle but can’t find a nice single guy to take you out on a date?  Well, you’re not alone.  Many women have remained single for years and have wondered where all the single men have gone.  You might be thinking that you are already running out of time and feeling afraid to get stuck in your single life.   The scarcity of single guys remains a mystery to be solved.

Continue reading

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Is Friends with Benefits for You

friends with bftThe “friends with benefits” kind of relationship continues to create a fuss in the romantic world.   This setup is very common amongst people in their 20s, 30s as well as in other age groups.  People who engage in this kind of arrangement are the ones who usually don’t want to enter into a committed relationship, those who are afraid of emotional pain and are only looking for an affair to spice up their sex lives.  Many have engaged in this kind of relationship but sadly lots of them fail to turn it into something serious, fulfilling or even lasting.

It’s possible that you have thought of engaging into this kind of friendship but somewhat reluctant for some reasons.  You may also have several questions about this type of friendly arrangement like: Continue reading

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Top Signs He’s Not Into You

he is not into youIsn’t it frustrating to find out that the guy you’re dating or the guy that you like is not attracted to you? In the world of dating, it’s all about chemistry and there are only two possible outcomes – it’s either that he’s into you or not.

It’s pretty easy to detect if a guy likes a girl; you can tell through his body language. If a guy is into you he’ll catch your attention and make his moves. You may encounter guys who are insistent who will openly tell you their intentions and what they truly feel about you. However, not all men are the same. There are guys who are shy and most of these ‘Mr. Shy Guy’ don’t send the right signals. Yes, it can be a struggle to read their minds and tell whether they’re interested. So, whatever your dating experience is, it’s always a good idea to know the signs whether a guy is into you or not. Knowing these cues will help you evaluate if you have that mutual feeling for each other or none. Moreover, this will help you avoid having expectations and even breaking your heart. Continue reading

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Why Men Cheat on Their Girlfriends

Men CheatIf “your guy” seems to be having some fun on the side (his version of ‘how can I find true love on the side’!), you should be concerned. However, the reason for your concern shouldn’t be his apparent promiscuity, but your own part in the equation. Let’s look at some of the things to consider when boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends.

Does He Know You’re His Girlfriend?

Stupid question, right? Well, if you think about it, it may not be that stupid after all. Men aren’t as “aware” or “intuitive” as women, so if your man doesn’t really know whether or not you’re his steady girlfriend, you should probably tell him to his face – or at least ask him what he thinks the status is. And yeah, don’t go by his Facebook status, either, because “in a relationship” could even be a one-night-stand as far as a man is concerned! Talk to him and make certain that both of you are on the same page about where both of you stand on the relationship. Continue reading

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Secrets To Find Your Soulmate

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It’s Not Them, It Is You! Why Women Can’t Find Mr. Right

its you 1If you’re a woman trying to answer the question ‘how to find true love’ and not getting any answers, then you’re not alone. Millions of single women are faced with the same problem, and they can’t seem to find a way out of the never-ending dating cycle.

Are You Too Picky?But there’s a way out. However, you have to be willing to take the blame for it rather than passing the buck by saying that Mr. Right just isn’t out there anymore. Here are a few things that you have to come to terms with.

A lot of women don’t know that there’s a big difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Perfect. The latter doesn’t exist; the former does! Finding a Mr. Right in your life isn’t such a hard thing once you know what standards you want to set. Search for Mr. Perfect and you may be searching your entire life with no success! Continue reading

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2 Incredible Tips to Make you a Top Hit with Men

Man and womanDo you want heads to turn and conversations to stop when you walk into a room? Would you sooner be a super-model with a bevy of beaus swarming around her than a stay-at-home-and-watch-Renee-Zellweger-movies type? Is your age-old question “how can I find true love” still unanswered? Then continue reading carefully because it could give you freedom like nothing else can!

Love Yourself

You’re probably thinking “oh God, this is some kind of esoteric salve they’re trying to apply on me.” Far from it, there’s practical value in valuing yourself. For starters, you’ll begin to understand why men love a self-confident woman over a low-key girl. A woman that exudes confidence can only do that if she’s absolutely in love with herself – and certainly not in the narcissistic “oh look at me I’m so pretty” way. Continue reading

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Dating a Man Over 40

over 40 man-page-001Dating a man over 40 has its pros and cons. One of the good things is that you’ll find this man a lot more open and available since he’s probably starting to realize that his option to play the field is getting shorter with each passing year. Here are some of implications to consider when dating a man over 40.


A guy over 40 has been around awhile and risen through most of the ranks in his career. For one thing, he isn’t paying his student loans back, and he probably owns a car or home.  On the flip side, he’s been paying his own bills for a while and he’s fixed in a lot of ways that he wasn’t when he was younger. You’re not going to change him. Continue reading

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Are you Sabotaging your Relationships without Realizing It?

sabotaging(1)-page-001Scary-big question, isn’t? When you’re going from date to date in a haze and wondering whether finding a soulmate will ever be in your fate, it’s likely that you’ve (hesitatingly) asked yourself this question. You’re not alone.

But the fact that you’re not alone doesn’t absolve you of all guilt. The question still needs to be answered. In fact, you may, over the years, months or weeks (depending on what your situation is), have already attempted to answer that question yourself. Continue reading

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